Angling match results brought to you by David Marshall from around the country for clubs…rivers….still waters… canals ,If you would like your results included here, please contact David Marshall by  Email at:

Monday 13th feb 2017

Tunnel Barn Farm
Bottom Pool (18 pegs)
1st J Johnson Notts AA 32 – 4 15
2nd P Moore Rugeley Miners 17 – 5 21
 3rd M Chapman TBF Vets 12 – 15 32
4th P Hancox TBF Vets 12 – 1 27
5th D Ashby Banbury Gunsmiths 11 – 2 10
6th C Chamberlain Tunnel Barn Farm 10 - 6 12

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools,  Ash Pool.
M. Egerton (Preston Innovations Boldings) 39-13-0;
J. Harston (Tri-Cast Weston) 35-1-0;
D. Doughty (Preston Innovations Boldings) 27-11-0.

Tuesday 14th feb 2017

Tunnel Barn Farm Over 50’s Jenny’s & Club Pools
1 Pete Hancocks, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 38-7-0 peg 20 Jenny’s pellet 9m F1s
2 Barry Carr, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 27-14-0 peg 6 Jenny’s pellet 6m F1s
3 D Ashby, Banbury Gunsmiths, 27-4-0
4 A Lynes, Banbury Gunsmiths, 18-10-0
5 D Todd, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 18-0-0
6 C Constable, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 16-2-0

Starlets Packington Somers Vets Molands Mere & Little Geary’s Pools
1 Ron Savage, Lane’s Bait, 55-6-0 peg 27 Molands maggot 13m carp F1s
2 Michael Gibbs, Packington Vets, 30-0-0 peg 10 Little Geary’s caster 14.5m F1s
3 J Smith, Packington Vets, 22-5-0
4 D Atkins, Solihull Angling Centre, 21-4-0

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Front & Back Deans Pools
1 Kevin Saxelby, Northfield, 73-8-0 peg 37 Back Deans maggot 12m carp 8lb
2 Alan Darling, Northfield, 58-0-0 peg 25 Front Deans
3 D Adcock, Northfield, 43-8-0

 Messingham sands,  Swan Pond
1Tony Hepburn Grimsby 10-04
2 Martin Young Grimsby 7-03
3 Bruce Waddingham Grimsby 7-01
4 Stewart Buckley Scunthorpe 6-04

KDAA Bewdley float only open - winner's tactics factfile:
Date: 14-02-17
Name: Jim Rivers
Club / Sponsor: Tubertini
Peg: 72
Catch: 2 barbel and 3 chub for 24lb 6oz (biggest barbel 8lb 9oz)
Where: 2-3 rods out
Method: stick and wag
Rods: stick - 15ft Shakespeare Superteam, wag - 14ft Shakespeare LXL
Reels: Shimano Stradic 2500
Main line: 4lb Maxima
Hook length: 0.11mm Preston Powerline
Hook size 17 Kamasan B711
Stick: 5 no 4 alloy stem
Wag: 4AAA speci wag
Feed: 1pt hemp, 1.5pt maggot
Hookbait: 1 or 2 white maggots

Wendnesday 15th feb 2017

 Manor Farm Leisure Boundary & Middle Pools

1ST CHRIS TELLING 90-4-0 Colmic Peg 27
2ND COLIN WOODWARD 70-4-0 Smithy’s Peg 2
 3RD BARRY DUGGAN 65-2-0 Baileys of Warwick Peg 8
 4TH IAN McCULLOH 64-0-0 Browns Angling Peg 25
Commons, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet.

Sherwood Forest,Holmedale Lake
1st Craig Brazier Gateford Angling Supplies peg 8, 36-1-0
2nd Geoff Mawby Gateford Angling Supplies peg 36, 32-1-0
3rd Mick Langton Drennan Sherwood Fishery peg 39, 31-6-0
4th Ray Marsh Gateford Angling Supplies peg 54, 21-8-0
Craig fished the pole and pellet at 14 & 16m at peg 8 landing 11 carp and 1 bream for 36lb 1oz. In 2nd place Geoff had 7 carp – 8lb for 32lb 1oz on the bomb and bread enough to take the nugget off 3rd placed Mick Langton

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools,
  Beech & Oak Pools.
S. Owen (Monkhall) 68-11-0;
S. Hall (Oswestry) 60-6-0;
S. Aston (Swan AC) 34-6-0.

Results for todays float only match

1st Jim Rivers Tubertini peg 72 24lb 6oz barbel and chub
2nd Mark Traves Sensas Strike Peg 86 10lb 8oz 3 chub
3rd Mick Wilkes Barford Peg 92 8lb 12oz chub
4th Paul Evans Kdaa Peg 120 5lb 9oz chub
15 fished
The river was steady at 0.8 weather conditions were perfect with upstream wind and overcast.
The next match is the Field memorial on sat 18th draw at 9.00 at the wribbenhall social club. To book in for this match call the kdaa phone on 07376100196 .

Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, Extension, New & House Pools
1 Dave Atkins, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 51-5-0 Extension peg 9 pellet 6m and 10m F1s carp
2 Roy Winfordale, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 39-8-0 New peg 38 maggot edge and pellet 9m F1s
3 D Draper, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 35-4-0
4 J Eagles, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 34-9-0
5 J Stockton, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 34-2-0
6 T Musticone, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 31-6-

Messingham sands,  Swan Pond
1 Kyle Hartley Scunthorpe 43-00
2 Kevin Johnson Messingham 22-14
3 Don Hudson Scunthorpe 20-13
4 John Belton Scunthorpe 15-07

Thursday  16th feb 2017

Messingham sands, Tripp Lake
1 Stewart Buckley Scunthorpe 43-12
2 Barry Osborne Grimsby 25-08
3 Mark Lidgard Brigg 24-05
4 Trevor West Goxhill 19-12

Packington, Vets, Siblings, Annies, Grats & Willow Pools
1 Ray Durrant, Packington Vets, 48-14-0 peg 16 Siblings A maggot 12m carp F1s ide roach
2 John Bushell, Redditch, 36-0-0 peg 2 Annies pellet 14m F1s
3 J McGann, Packington Vets, 34-3-0
4 K Wynn, Lane’s Bait, 23-10-0

Hodnet AC Open, Hammersley Spring Pools,
R. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 4-15-0;
N. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 3-8-0;
K. Peate (Hodnet AC) 0-10-0

 Manor Farm Leisure Boundary & Middle Pools
1ST BEN SUTOR 55-0-0 Astwood Bank Peg 37 Boundary 2ND TONY KNIGHTS 51-2-0 MFL Peg 2 Middle 3RD FRANK DONACHIE 43-8-0 Colmic Peg 27 Middle 4TH BARRY EUSTACE 37-8-0 Golden Oldies Peg 25 Middle 5TH TONY BROOKS 35-14-0 Stratford Fishing & Outdoors Peg12 Middle 13 fished. Commons, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet.

Sherwood , sherwood lake
1st Andrew Kitt Worksop Juniors peg 26, 22-11-0
2nd John Urruty Alfreton Angling Centre peg 22, 15-3-0
3rd Fred Bispham Peg One Angling peg 27, 14-5-0
4th Ken Ryder Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 12, 13-7-0
Half term so15 year old Andrew Kitt came to give the adults a lesson, the Mansfield Woodhouse angler drew peg 26 and fished the pole and maggot on two lines at the side of the weed beds for a mixed net of Ide, Roach and skimmers – 1lb for a total of 22lb 11oz.

Tunal barn farm

1st D Atkins TBF Vets 51 – 5 E9
2nd R Winfindale TBF Vets 39 – 8 N38
3rd D Draper TBF Vets 35 – 4 N25
4th J Eales TBF Vets 34 – 9 N31
5th J Stockton TBF Vets 34 – 2 H14
6th  T Musticone TBF Vets 31 - 6 E2

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth,
Sycamore, Chestnut & Willows Pools

S. Owen (Monkhall) 73-7-0;
 E. Bancroft (Rod & Gun) 52-0-0;
S. Davies (Shrewsbury) 40-12-0

Friday  17th feb 2017

Tunal barn farm  Pools:   JENNY’S No F/Man:  19  
1st P Moore Rugeley Miners 108 – 5 16
 2nd P Hancox Birmingham 89 – 3 6
3rd I Taylor York Tackle 75 – 3 18
4th P Holland Guru 59 – 5 8
5th L Wetton Tunnel Barn Farm 50 – 12 11
6th P Caton Banbury Gunsmiths 43 - 2 24

Messingham sands Open Islands
1 Ken Pacey Gainsborough 69-01
2 Tim Chapman Grimsby 59-13
3 Don Hudson Scunthorpe 55-12
4 Dave Mountford Grimsby 51-15

Summerhayes Friday Silvers League - Longs Lake and 9 fished.
1st Bruce Hunt 8lbs 4oz Skimmers off Peg 34 gb and maggot / pinkies
2nd Roy Hughes 7lbs 9oz Peg 37
3rd John Barker 5lbs 10oz Peg 30
Next match Friday 24th Feb draw 09.15


Saturday 18th feb 2017

Blackfords Bi-Monthly Open, Kingswood Lake,
J. Burns (Blackfords) 9-9-0;
S. Preece (M & S Joinery) 8-8-0;
D. Nicholls (Walsall) 7-2-0.

Messingham sands
Sat Open Tripp
1 Tommy Grice Doncaster 105-01`
2 Gary Briggs Grimsby 46-01
3 Phil Deitch Grimsby 44-14
4 Tony Dukes Barton 23-02

Messingham sands Drennan Silverfish Spring League Islands Lake
1 Kyle Hartley Scunthorpe 45-03
2 Graham Mumby Scunthorpe 29-10
3 Danny Taylor Crowle 26-08
4 Rob Chaffer Hull 26-03

Woodlands view
Saturday round 7 of the silverfish league 40 fished on deans high and Arles
Andy power. Pi. A8. 28.8lb
Dave brown. Maver midlands. A34. 20.2lb
Carl hopps. Peg one. A22. 19.6lb
Jon dale. Peg one A17. 18.8lb

Andy fished caster at14 and 6 meters. Catching perch skimmers and roach
League to date with one round remaining
C hopps 11
J Harvey. 12
S Nickolas & k woodfield. 14
L Edwards. 15
C Valender & a pollard 16
All very close going in to the last match

Tunal barn farm  Pools:  JENNY’S / CANAL No F/Man:  30
1st P Holland Guru 129 – 12 J19
 2nd P Moore Rugeley Miners 84 – 11 C1
3rd S Palsa Guru 67 – 0 J21
4th P Caton Banbury Gunsmiths 59 – 15 J4
5th S Collett Guru 57 – 15 C21
 6th M Bingham Mosella 56 – 5 C13
7th A Tompkins Marston 54 – 14 C8
8th  S Page Marston 52 - 2 C24

Result from Shrewsbury river
 1st Hadrian Whittle 70-6-0 (460fish)Starlets (71),
2nd Paul keeley (Liverpool)40-13-0(55),
3rd Derron Harper (Hereford)40-12-0(70),
4th Phil Davies 39-9-0(57),
5th Ian Courtney ( Liverpool) 32-12-0,sections phil davies 39-9-0,mark wilton 31-5-0 and Ed warren 23-14-0, A big well done to hadrian for breaking his own record at this great venue , fantastic performance, next match next sat ,book on early with total angling , water temp was 6.5-7.8 degrees

Bonehill Mill Fishery,  Dale’s Pool.
 C. Stephens (Bonehill Mill) 71-10-0;
 N. Jackson (Bonehill Mill) 47-1-0;
M. Sheedy (Bonehill Mill) 41-4-0.

Kidderminster and District Angling Association
Results from KDAA John Field Memorial Bewdley Open

1st Pete Edwards (Jessar) 48-1-0. Six barbel and three chub on stick and maggot . Peg 58
2nd Gary Weaver (Halesowen RBL) 42-14-0. Six barbel on maggot feeder. Peg 114
3rd Mark Traves (Sensas Strike) 36-13-0. Five barbel on maggot feeder and one chub on stick. Peg 89
4th Jez Williams (KDAA) 30-4-0. Five barbel on pellet feeder. Peg 66
5th Geoff Brierley (Willow Creek) 27-0-0. Three barbel on pellet feeder and three chub on bread feeder. Peg 111
6th Chris Dixon (Stourport) 22-8-0. Three barbel and one chub on maggot feeder. Peg 1

A section (1-29) Chris Taylor (Bromsgrove) 16-6-0. Peg 5
B section (32-63) Colin Harvey (Upton upon Severn) 19-4-0. peg 61
C section (66-81) Ian Hingley (Sensa Strike) 18-4-0. peg GM1
D section (82-120) Steve Rowen (KDAA) 17-4-0. Peg 94
44 fished.
River – 0.7m and steady, 5.5 degrees with slight colour.
Well done Pete and thanks to everyone who fished.
It looks like we're going to have a great end to the season so come and join us.
The next match is a Bewdley float-only open on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 - 09.00 draw at the Wribbenhall Social Club. To book a place please call or text Geoff Maguire on the KDAA phoneline: 07376 100196.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, Lark Pool.
J. Hall (Middy/Bag’em) 84-14-0;
J. Turner (Sensas Strike) 46-5-0;
C. Shepherd (Sensas Strike) 35-0-0.

Manor farm
Winter League Final Round 6 – Saturday 18th February, Island, Middle & Boundary Pools

Colmic Peg 35 Island
MFL Peg 23 Island
Colmic/Marukyu Peg 12 Middle
Baileys of Warwick Peg 8 Boundary
MFL Peg 23 Middle

Preston Innovations Peg 19 Boundary
22 fished. Commons, mirrors, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet. The Colmic father and son duo, Frank and Gary Donachie, shared first place on 17 points each to narrowly beat Steve Partington, Ian McCulloch, Glen Picton and Neil McKinnon, who all tied on 18 points.

Packington  18 fishing molands
1/Daniel Tresigne 40-13 peg 56 f1s on pole and maggot
2/Ronald Savo Savage 35-4 peg 2 f1s on maggot feeder
3/Aaron Wells 21-14 peg 58 f1s on pole and maggot
4/Dave Elliott 20-0 peg 29 carp on bomb and water

Cudmore Fisheries, Moors Canal.
 J. Glover Jnr. (Cudmore/Nathan’s Tackle) 25-11-0;
 B. Gilchrist (Cudmore Garbolino) 22-10-0;
G. Kirby (Cudmore) 21-14-0.

Larford lakes

1st on the day from peg 28 on the Match grass was Peter Jones (Colmic) who caught 79-01-00 all carp upto 11lbs catching on method feeder down his edge.
2nd was Phil Reynolds (PR Floats, Marukyu & Colmic) on peg 35 match burr with weight of 68-07-00 all carp. Phil caught on 13m soft pellet.
3rd was Ben Lockwood (Larford) on peg 47 his weight was 57-05-00 catching 21-05-00 of skimmers, the rest in carp. Ben caught on 14.5m pole and xpander
4th John Hannan (Cumbran Knobblers) Peg 56 with a weight of 53-06-00. John caught 17lbs of roach topped up with carp at 5m and down his edge
5th Chris Sheppherd (Ponty Pandy A/C) peg 50 with 38-09-00 a mix of silver & carp, he caught on 5m pole and maggot.
6th Harry Harris (Larford) Peg 19 grass bank with a weight of 36-02-00, catching on pole at 14m and pellet.
Furnace Mill Fishery, Bewdley, Mucky Meadow Pool.
 D. Randle (Furnace Mill) 65-12-0;
 C. Matthews (Furnace Mill) 61-0-0;
 D. Sheldon (Foster’s) 40-9-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth,
Beech & Oak Pools.
J. Atwell (Kingswinford) 42-3-0;
R. Allen (Oswestry) 31-8-0;
G. Morris (Preston Innovations Boldings) 30-6-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, Canal, Bridge, Match & Meadow Pools.
 C. Newton (Stoke) 84-12-0;
M. Dennis (Ultimate Pellet) 76-6-0;
P. Truman (Rugeley) 71-14-0;
S. Williamson (Edgeley Sports) 71-8-0;
R. Lofthouse (Manchester) 70-12-0;
J. Brown (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 65-8-0.

Sunday 19th feb 2017

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops.
 Sun., Willows & Chestnut Pools.
S. Christian (Sedgley) 114-10-0;
 L. Thompson (Matrix) 55-15-0;
 E. Bancroft (Rod & Gun) 52-8-0.

Quarry Pool, Aston Eyre, Shrops, Rover.
 R. McKee (Polepushers) 48-0-0;
 T. Edwards (Swan Elite) 34-8-0;
 N. ‘Tyson’ Park (Little Dawley) 20-0-0.

woodlands view,Sunday 20 fished deans
Simon Nickolas. Sensas Black Country 62.8lb. D38
Gary Clark. Sensas strike 60.12 lb. d28
D Roberts. Sealine Ac. 49lb. D25
Glin Clarke. Browning 47lb. D7
Simon had a mixed bag of fish with carp to 8lb and f1 and silvers at 12 & 6 m

Manor farmOpen Match Results – Island, Ash & Middle Pools
Fosters Peg 20 Ash
MFL Peg 18 Ash
MAP Bait Tech Peg 33 Island
Middy/Old Ghost Peg 6 Island
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 3 Middle
21 fished. Commons, mirrors, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet

Tunal barn farm  pool :  EXTENSION / NEW  No F/Man:  40
1st P Holland Guru 84 – 14 E38
2nd A Hicks Colmic 61 – 9 E23
3rd P Moore Rugeley Miners 60 – 15 N36
4th P Caton Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 55 – 7 E25
5th R Biggs OHMS 55 – 2 N38
6th M Taylor Guru 50 – 2 N19
7th J Ward Tunnel Barn Farm 43 – 1 N7
8th  L Wetton Mosella 43 - 0 N41


Packington Fisheries.
 Frenzee winter league round 9 was on molands ,little gearys,gearys and siblings with 58 fishing
1/Ben Lockwood 85-11 peg 25 LG f1s on pole and pellet
2/Daniel Tresigne 83-0 peg 29 LG f1s on pole and caster
3/Ronald Savo Savage 67-14 peg 11 LG f1s on pole and caster
4/Chris Toal 66-6 peg 7 LG f1s on waggler and pellet
5/Duncan Clarke 63-6 peg44 molands f1s on pole and maggot
6/Daniel Wooding 55-10 peg 46 molands f1s on pole and worm
League Standings
1/Phil canning 19pts
2/Dave Elliott 22pts
3/Chris Toal 29 pts
4/Jon Newton 35pts
5/Steve Edwards 39 pts

Messingham sands Tripp Winter League Sunday
1 Carl Swetnam Rotherham 52-01
2 Mark Lidgard Brigg 51-00
3 Tommy Grice Doncaster 49-05
4 Graham Mumby Scunthorpe 42-09

Heronbrook Fisheries,Individual Winter League, Round 5, All Pools.
 P. Gibson (Nathan’s Tackle) 101-5-0;
 J. Rowan (Fitton Hill) 97-6-0;
G. Bowers (Heronbrook) 85-7-0;
A. Dawson (Stone) 81-8-0;
S. Norris (Edgeley Sports) 79-0-0;
S. Simcox (Stoke) 76-12-0.
J. Rowan (Fitton Hill) 12;
(Joint 2nd) D. Lockett (Stoke) 14; P. Gibson (Nathan’s Tackle) 14;
 (Joint 4th) J. Brown (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 15; A. Hulme (Maver Gold Dynamite) 15; A. Dyson (Maver Gold Dynamite) 15.

Solhampton Fishery - Winter League Round 6
+ Badger
1st Lofty 143-6
2nd A Danks 85-2
+ Valley
1st A Sherwood 107-0
2nd C Hill 94-12
1st J Millard 104-12
2nd J Lowe 70-14
+ Dragon
1st K Stephens 102-4
2nd A Welding 76-14

Biggin Result top 8 placings
Silver,s only Open today. All pegged on the woodside from 38 to 52. Everyone had a busy day catching roach-perch-skimmers and crucians. Was close between the top 3 but Rob Chamberlain ran out the winner with a mixed bag for 18-1just ouncing Trev Tester
Rob Chamberlain 18-1
Trev Tester 17-15
Keith Baines 17-6
Roy Coleman 16-10
Dave Hill 12-3
Lee Marlow 11-5
Pete Russell 11-5
John Emerson 10-6

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, Swallow & Owl Pools.
 K. Butler (Turbertini) 56-3-0;
(Joint 2nd) M. Davidson (Monkhall/OAC) 51-6-0; K. Hayes (Monkhall) 51-6-0

Patshull Park, Great Lake, The Boards Section,
 K. Tipton (Sensas) 12-4-0;
D. Biddle (Rod & Gun) 10-6-0;
 G. Johnson (Sensas) 7-7-0.

Green man ac,Winter league,Hawford bridge,Broomhill,,Round 9
1st Trevor Burton 56lb 11oz
2nd Matthew Prosser 54lb 9oz
3rd martin Williams 53lb 2oz
4th Carl stevens 52lb 13oz
5th Gary romain 46lb 11oz
Great weather great banter real close match to be fair ....3 matches to go all to go for lads ....cheers to all who helped weigh too

Shipston angling club result from river Stour.
20 fished.
1 R Reynolds 16 lb 10 oz
2 Stuart Fleming 11 lb 12oz
3 Tony Avery 11 lb 09 oz
4 Ade Agar 10 lb 07oz
5 led Haines 8 lb 06 oz

Hampton Springs, Hampton, Meadow, Rock Pools.
P.Roberts (Brymbo AC) 42-8-0;
M.Potter 33-2-0;S.Davies (Chester Tackle Locker) 30-6-0;
C.Davies 29-4-0.

sherwood forest Holmedale Lake

1st Richard Carline Alfreton Angling Centre peg 17, 112-0-0
2nd Andy Birkin Phil’s Bait & Tackle peg 27, 63-1-0
3rd Carl Brown Woodhouse Angling Centre peg 54, 57-6-0
4th Matt Stanhope Gateford Angling Supplies peg 19, 55-2-0
5th Nigel Shipman Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 47, 51-3-0
6th Geoff Mawby Gateford Angling Supplies peg 42, 49-10-0
A mild spell and the carp are showing all around the lake, Richard drew peg 17 a peg that has shown no form this year fishing the pole and soft pellet over micros he landed over 40 carp with his biggest going 8lb in his total of 112lb.
Silver fish League final Round 6

Sherwood Lake
1st Matt Bailey Kinky Maggot Club peg 26, 28-12-0
2nd John Urruty Alfreton Angling Centre peg 14, 22-10-0
3rd Colin Perry Mansfield old Boys peg 19, 22-2-0
4th Dave Round Woodhouse Angling Centre peg 8, 21-12-0
5th Mark Bower Sherwood Forest Fishery peg, 23, 18-14-0
6th Rich Bonson Wants2baTrentman peg 17, 18-1-0
Winning the league with one round to go Matt drew end peg 26 and there was only one outcome fishing the waggler and maggot he had a fish most casts putting 28lb 12oz of skimmers, Ide and roach on the scales for the lake win
Final positions after dropping one
Matt Bailey 5 points
Michael Elliott 7 points
Mark Bower 8 points

Cudmore Fisheries, Moors & Suez Canal.
S. Bates (Guru/Cudmore) 42-12-0;
 G. Skerritt (Nathan’s of Burslem) 35-10-0;
A. Gregory (Atomic Baits) 28-14-0.



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