Match results week ending 5-2-2017 ( NORTH )

NORTH ,,,, WEEK ENDING 5-2-2017

Monday 30-1-2017

Partridge Lakes OAP & Disabled (Mon)
Spey, Marsh & Ribbon Canal Lakes (25 pegs)
1 Alan Talbot, Harry’s Tackle, 44-15-0 Spey peg 20 maggot 12m and edge F1s
2 Martin Kershaw, The Owls, 39-1-0 peg 8 Spey
3 A Whalley, Partridge Lakes, 36-10-0
4 L Steele, The Owls, 26-5-0
5 E Battersby, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 25-13-0
6 K Wilson, Widnes Angling Centre, 24-12-0

St Helen’s AA (Mon)
Carr Mill Dam (19 pegs)
Jt1st  Mark Harris, Ringer Baits and Steve Wooding, St Helen’s, both 9-12-0 pegs 147 and 80 groundbait feeder maggot skimmers roach,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3rd   S Ward, Manchester, 8-15-0


Tuesday 31-1-2017

Partridge Lakes (Tues)Covey Canal Lakes (31 fished )
1 Rob Rigby, Partridge Lakes, 66-0-0 peg 156 Canal 6 dobbed bread 12m F1s
2 Harry Billing, Garbolino, 50-12-0 peg 103 Canal 5
3 C Weeder Snr, St Helen’s Angling, 45-12-0
4 A May, MAP, 35-4-0
5 P Tickle, St Helen’s Angling, 35-12-0
6 D Mottershead, Tameside Anglers, 30-14-0

NuFish Southfield Reservoir MG, Southfield Reservoir, Doncaster, S. Yorks.
1st M. Axon 10K 690g;,,,,,2nd  M. Fawcett 8K 750g;,,,,,3rd  G. Owen 8K 500g;,,,,,4th  A. Renton 7K 850g;,,,,,,,,,,,5th  T. Tarff 7K 390g.


 worsbrough res wednesday 1-2-17
1st john kelly peg 14 17.00lb
2nd g holland peg 20 14.12lb
3rd paul wright peg 12 8.04
Fished a little better no blanks


Brookside open match result top 6 from wednesday 1-2-17

1st micky rogerson peg 31 snake 1 73lb 6oz,
 2nd Andy may peg 38 snake 2 43lb 10oz,
 3rd Mark lucas peg 53 snake 2 33lb,
 4th colin mullholland peg 3 snake 1 26lb 2oz,
 5th Rob orme peg 24 snake 1 24lb,
 6th Damian bracken peg 50 snake 2 22lb 2oz well done to micky rogerson on the win with a great winter weight.

BRADSHAWS HALL OPEN ON LAKES 8/9 wednesday 1-2-17

1st Daddy Jowett 40-00 p22
2nd Geoff terry 35-02 p32
3rd Alan Menzies 22-00 p39

Partridge Lakes OAP & Disabled (47 fished ) wednesday 1-2-17
1 Mick Bown, Partridge Lakes, 57-11-0 peg 42 Canal 2 bread 12m and maggot 6m F1s
2 Tony Mayoh, Bolton, 42-12-0 peg 1 Canal 1
3 A Richards, Partridge Lakes, 42-8-0
4 D Ockwell, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 40-7-0
5 A Talbot, Dave’s Tackle, 41-10-0
6 B Whittle, Dave’s Tackle, 35-14-0

Partridge lakes   Thursday 02.02.17 Open Match Results;
Held on Covey 1, 4, Spey, Willow & Piper with 43 anglers fishing.
1. Chris Jenks - Covey 1, peg 6 - 83.04 lbs Partridge Lakes Fishery Tackle & Bait Shop
2. Mark Lucas - Spey peg 4 - 56.12 lbs Mosella UK
3. Andy May - Covey 4, peg 97 - 56.10 lbs MAP Fishing Bait-Tech
4. Micky Rogerson - Spey peg 20 - 51.03 lbs Preston Innovations Limited Ashton Angling Supplies Ltd
5. Franek - Covey 4, peg 89 - 48.12 lbs Maver UK
6. Paul Blinkhorn - Spey peg 2 - 48.01 lbs Trafford Angling Supplies

Fleetsdam Silverfish Thursday February 2nd
1 Dave Kaye 14-7 Tip and pole peg 29
2 Stephen Taylor 10-31/2
3 John Hall 7-91/2
4 Steve Billups 6-51/2


Bradshaw Hall
 1st Phil Bradshaw 40-00 p12,,,,,,,,,,,,2nd Neil Thorndyke 36-12 p37,,,,,,,,,,3rd John Battersby 34-12 p33,,,,,,,,,,,4th Paul Lahay 34-06 p21

Yorkshire Ouse, Hunter’s Lodge & Linton (45 fished)
1 Eddie Bridon, Maver/Dynamite Baits, 140-4-0 peg 224 Hunter’s Lodge Bungalows groundbait feeder worm and maggot bream,,,,,,,,,,,2 Ricky Bonas, Mirfield AC, 9-6-0 peg 260 Linton Top groundbait feeder maggot roach,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 Dave Miles, Aireborough, 6-8-0,,,,,,,,,jt4 S Haigh, Angler’s World Holidays and R Knox, Aireborough, both 6-4-0,,,,,6 I Bowman, Drennan Barnsley Blacks, 5-6-0

St Helen’s AA ,,,Carr Mill Dam (30 fished)
1 Paul Swift, St Helen’s, 11-12-0 peg 4 groundbait feeder maggot skimmers roach,,,,,,,,,2 Jimmy Evans, St Helen’s, 9-12-0 peg 160,,,,,,,,,,3 R Ranson, St Helen’s, 9-10-0,,,,,,,,,4 R Pennington, St Helen’s, 9-0-0
Brookside Fisheries
1 S Conroy, Kamasan, 52-0-0,,,,,,,,,2 P Jones, Brookside, 38-2-0,,,,,,,,,,,3 J Lindsay, Lowhills AC, 38-0-0

Thornhill AC Pairs League, Round 5, Calder & Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, W. Yorks.
1st D. Kershaw (Matrix Halifax) 8-2-0;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2nd  C. Ellis (Tri-Cast Calder) 2-10-0;,,,,,,,3rd  R. Schindler (Tri-Cast Calder) 1-1-0;,,,,,4th  S. Crossley (Maver NW) 1-0-8;,,,,,,,5th  F. Zackaley (Matrix Halifax) 0-14-8;,,,,,,,,, (Joint 6th) P. McMillan (Matrix Halifax) 0-13-8; K. Marshall (Tri-Cast Calder) 0-13-8

Doncaster & District AA Open, Southfield Reservoir, Doncaster, S. Yorks.
1st  G. Lambert 12-13-0;,,,,,,,2nd  C. Robinson 10-9-0.
.Cudmore Fisheries, Whitmore, Staffs. Sat., Moors Canal.
1st    G. Kirby (Cudmore) 20-12-0;,,,,,,,2nd  M. Kearns (Browning Lifestyle) 14-14-0;,,,,,,3rd  B. Gilchrist (Cudmore) 8-12-0

Moorfields Farm,, Match Lake
1 Merv Baxter, Moorfields, 37-8-0 peg 25 pellet 13m F1s roach perch skimmers,,,,,,,,,,,2 Lee Wherritt, AJ Tackle, 35-0-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 S Hoyle, Moorfields, 30-14-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 M Lumley, Marshlands AC, 29-0-0,,,,,,,,,,,,5 D Fielder, Moorfields, 23-8-0

Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs.Meadow Pool.
1st D. Hallam (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 88-14-0;,,,,,,2nd  K. Dennis (Ultimate Pellet) 54-12-0;,,,,,3rd  S. Brown (Congleton) 33-2-0.

Risby Park Fisheries, Beverley, E. Yorks.  Folly Pool.

Overall: 1st M. Parker 24-13-0; J. Ashman 23-14-0;,,,,,2nd  A. ‘Addy’ Scott 22-5-0;,,,,,,3rd  J. Fletcher 18-3-0.
 Silvers: S. Pulford 8-7-0; N. Robinson 8-3-0; M. Parker 7-13-0.

Woodland Lakes,Partridge & Skylark
1 S Cooper, Woodland Tackle, 65-2-0,,,,,,,,,,,2 I Exley, Daiwa Dons, 41-0-0,,,,,,,,,,,3 D Geldart, Woodland Tackle, 29-10-0

Partridge Lakes Winter League Teams of Four (52 fished)
1 Chris Weeder Jnr, Maver NW Red, 84-15-0 peg 50 Canal 3 dobbed bread 13m F1s,,,,,,,,2 Connor Barlow, Guru, 64-3-0 peg 95 Canal 4 dobbed bread 12m and maggot 6m F1s,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 J Green, POHAS, 61-3-0,,,,,,,,,,,4 H Billing, Garbolino Select, 57-14-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 J Howarth, Tri-Cast/Drennan, 49-2-0,,,,,,,,,,,,jt6 S Knowles, Tri-Cast and G Willis, Eddie’s Bait Supplies, both 39-10-0
Teams:,,,,1 Garbolino Select, 17pts (147-2-0),,,,,,,2 Team Drennan, 17 (136-14-0),,,,,,,,,,,,,3 Maver NW Red, 23 (151-5-0),,,,,,,,,4 Guru, 23 (120-1-0)
League:,,,,,,1 Guru, 112pts,,,,,,,,,2 Maver NW Red, 130,,,,,,,,,,,3 Tri-Cast/Drennan, 133

Blundell’s Fishery Rover
1 Steve Hart, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 49-13-0 peg 49 Trio maggot 12m carp 4lb F1s,,,,,,,,,,,2 Lee Gibbon, Matrix Leigh Tackle & Bait, 47-11-0 peg 47 Trio pellet 18m carp 4lb F1s,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 M Rawlinson, Fishing Republic, 40-0-0,,,,,,,,,,,,4 A Musgrove, Edgeley Sports, 38-8-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 M Kaye, Elton Tackle, 27-10-0,,,,,,,,,,,6 D Williams, Cheshire Angling, 25-3-0

Sunday 5-2-2017

Saltaire AA Open, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Shipley, Bradford, W. Yorks.
1st  N. Storr (Matrix Halifax) 16-1-0;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2nd  P. McMillan (Matrix Halifax) 9-8-0;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3rd  G. Colbran (Keighley) 6-4-0;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4th  B. Mason (Saltaire) 5-14-0;,,,,,,,,,,5th  G. Watson (Saltaire) 5-10-0;,,,,,,6th  M. Payton (Saltaire) 3-15-0.

Blake Hall peninsula Lake
1st Paul Moore 19lb 4 peg 56,,,,,,,,,,,,,2nd John Kearns 15lb 8,,,,,,,,,,,3rd Jeff keeling 8lb peg 55

Coudmore Suez Canal.
1st M. Kearns (Browning Lifestyle) 14-11-0;,,,,,,,2nd  P. Clements (Maccy Lads) 13-0-0;,,,,,3rd  A. Billinge (Team Cudmore) 11-7-0.

Leeds Individual Winter League, River Ouse, Hunters to Linton Bottom,
1st D. Armitage 9-7-0;,,,,,,2nd D. Miles 6-13-0;,,,,,,,3rd  D. White 5-14-0;       4th C. Turbitt 5-11-0; ,,,,,5th R. Knox 5-8-0; (Joint 6th) P. Baron 5-7-0; E. Bridon 5-7-0
Rotherham UAF Open, River Don, Sprotborough, Doncaster, S. Yorks.

1st J. Murray (Maltby Mafia) 11-1-0;,,,,,,,2nd  P. Goulding (Daiwa Team Dons) 10-4-0;,,,,,,,3rd  I. Exley (Daiwa Team Dons) 8-4-0;,,,,,,4th R. Subaicius (Sensas North) 7-5-0

Hayfield Lakes, Doncaster, S. Yorks, Dannie’s Island & Little Adams Pools.
1st  G. Wall 81-0-0; K. Smith 55-0-0;,,,,2nd  M. O’Neill 43-0-0;,,,,,3rd  T. Briscoe 41-0-0;,,,,,4th ,,,, R. Hempshall 39-0-0;,,,,,4th  A. Kinder 38-0-0.

Chester Tackle Locker Silver Fish Only Open, Hampton Springs, Hampton Malpas,
1st  S.Boyd (Saints) 35-12-0;,,,,,,,2nd  A.Hughes 32-2-0;,,,,3rd  A.Spencer (Chester Tackle Locker) 25-0-0;,,,,,4th  R.Denny 23-8-0.

Bradshaw hall fisheries round 4 of the silverfish winter league at  on lakes 2 4 5 6
1st Andy Bennett 31lb 09oz (lake 5 peg 8),,,,,,,,,,2nd Lee Addy 30lb 14oz (lake 6 peg 10),,,,,,,,,,,3rd Mark Morris 28lb 13oz (lake 2 peg 6),,,,,,,,,,,4th Phil Simpson 27lb 06ox (lake 2 peg 11)
Section winners,,,,,,Lake 2 Josh Turnbill 26lb 06oz,,,,,,,,,,Lake 4 Toastie 27lb 04oz & Mick Booth 23lb 07oz,,,,,,,,,,,Lake 5 Franek 21lb 07oz,,,,,,,,,,Lake 6 Darren Morris 24lb 13ozTop
 Bradshaw silver league Top 20
1st Andy Bennett 101.12,,,,,,,,2 nd Jimmy 95.15
3rd lee Addy 88.11,,,,,,,,,4 th George Fogg 81.2,,,,,,,,,,,,5 th mark Webb 78.11,,,,,,,,,,,6 th Mick Booth 77.1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,7 th Scot Walsh 76.11,,,,,,,,,,,,,8th Carl Lowe 74.2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,9 th Ian Blackly 70.11,,,,,,,,,,,,,,10th Mark Morris 68.8,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,11th mat Forster 68,,,,,,,,,,,,,,12th Phill sim 67.10,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,13th Kerry Kir 66.7,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,14th Rizby 64.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,15th John flech 62.14,,,,,,,,,,,,16th Adrian goo 61.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,17 th james place 61,,,,,,,,,,,18 th Cantello 60,,,,,,,,,,,,,19 th Clegg 59.9,,,,,,,,,,,,,20 th Josh turn 57.0

Partridge Lakes  (63 fished)
1 John Nugent, Ashton Angling Supplies, 70-0-0 peg 80 Canal 4 maggot 8m F1s,,,,,,,2 Colin Shaw, Garbolino, 66-0-0 peg 72 Canal 3 dobbed bread 13m and maggot 6m F1s,,,,,,,,,,,,3 S Kay, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 59-0-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 S Roberts, Partridge Lakes, 57-10-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 A Stoner, Partridge Lakes, 47-3-0,,,,,,,,,,,,6 J Jones, Garbolino Elton, 43-4-0

Kings of the Canal ,Lancaster Canal, Rufford - Plox Brow (52 fished)
1 Simon Wain, Maver NW White, 13-9-0 peg 10 Plox Brow bloodworm and breadpunch 12m and 9m roach skimmers,,,,,,,,,,,2 Dave Bradley, Sensas NW Blue, 11-9-8 peg 13 Plox Brow bloodworm 12m roach skimmers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 M Rimmer, Lancs NG Red, 9-4-0,,,,,,,,,4 D Turner, Tri-Cast Rochdale, 8-12-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 A Sagar, Sensas NW Green, 8-6-2,,,,,,,,,,,,6 S Paddon, Sensas NW Green, 5-15-0
Teams:,,,,,,,1 Sensas NW Green and Tri-Cast Rochdale, both 10pts,,,,,,,,,,3 Wigan MG Green, 11,,,,,,,,4 Sensas NW Black, 12,,,,,,,,,,,,5 Lancs MG Red, 13,,,,,,,,,,,6 Maver NW Red, 14
League:,,,,,,,1 Sensas NW Black, 34pts,,,,,,,,(JT) 2 Wigan MG Green, 37,,,,,,2 Maver NW Black, 37,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 Maver NW Red, 41,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 Sensas NW Green, 43,,,,,,,,,,5 Tri-Cast Rochdale, 43

Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, Individual Winter League, Round 3, All Pools.
1st I. Sinker (Stoke-on-Trent) 58-4-0;,,,,,,2nd  J. Rowan (Manchester) 57-12-0;,,,,,,,,,3rd D. Lockett (Heronbrook) 57-6-0;,,,,,,,4td  T. Robinson (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 56-10-0;,,,,,,,5th A. Langton (Dynamite Stapeley) 54-2-0;,,,,,,,,,6th  C. Shelley (Trentside Angling Centre) 50-13-0.
 League: 1st P. Shone (Stoke-on-Trent) 7; (Joint 2nd) C. Shelley (Trentside Angling Centre) 8; I. Sinker (Stoke-On-Trent) 8; (Joint 4th) P. Haynes (Ultimate Pellet) 9; A. Dawson (Stoke MG) 9

Bannister House Fishery ,,,,,New Match Canal Lake
1 P Bottomley, Bannister House, 52-0-0,,,,,,,,,,,2 A Houghton, Bannister House, 23-0-0 ,,,,,,,,,,3 D Bolton, Bannister House, 22-12-0
Blundell’s Fishery Rover,All lakes (36 fished)
1 Mike Thompson, , 46-9-0 peg 49 Trio corn 13m carp 4lb F1s,,,,,,,,,,,2 Steve Giblin, Widnes Angling Centre, 45-3-0 peg 43 Trio Method feeder corn carp 4lb F1s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 A Howarth, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 39-9-0,,,,,,,,,4 G Moore, Tackle Saver, 39-3-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 M Rawlinson, Fishing Republic, 37-10-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,6 S Boyd Snr, Mersey Dockers, 36-5-0

Oaks LakesAsh, Beech & Sycamore Lakes (23 fished)
1 Ant Stock, Colmic Woodlands, 83-2-0 Beech peg 2 maggot 12m carp 4lb,,,,,,,,,,,,,2 Andy Nelson, Mosella Quaker, 78-10-0 Beech peg 14,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 D Irons, The Oaks, 59-3-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 T Moran, The Oaks, 58-1-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 C Hall, The Oaks, 57-7-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,6 M Courtney, The Oaks, 51-8-0

Brookside Fisheries Snake, Meadow & Kingfisher
1 Paul Casson, Ted Carter Preston, 51-0-0 peg 23 Snake maggot and pellet 14m F1s,,,,,,,,,,,2 Wayne Kearney, Tri-Cast Rochdale, 50-2-0 peg 2 Kingfisher,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 S Carrier, Widnes Angling Centre, 49-14-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 M Pleavin, Lionel's Tackle, 47-0-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 S Knowles, Ted Carter Southport, 44-6-0,,,,,,,,,,,6 C Weeder Jnr, Maver NW, 41-8-0

Bob-Co Tackle None Go By Farm Fishery Silverfish Series
1 Steve Allen, Leeds, 6-8-0 peg 7 maggot 12m roach skimmers,,,,,,,,,2 Steve Michaels, Tri-Cast Highfield, 6-7-0 peg 11,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 C Kendall, Middy/Bob-Co Tackle, 5-11-0,,,,,,,,,,,4 T Peters, Tri-Cast Calder, 5-7-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 J Sedgwick, Tri-Cast Calder, 4-8-0,,,,,,,,,,,,6 D Briggs, Tri-Cast Calder, 3-14-0

Scunthorpe DAA Ancholme Spring League
1 Graham Bontoft, Scunthorpe Tackle, 23-6-0 peg 30 maggot 13m skimmers roach perch,,,,,,,,,2 Wayne Easter, Scunthorpe Tackle, 15-10-0,,,,,,,,,,,,3 L Harrison, Drennan Barnsley Blacks, 15-4-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 C Lealand, Daiwa Dons, 13-12-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 G Bunnage, Lincs County, 12-2-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jt6 M Tamms, Pelham and T Tarrff, Daiwa Dons, both 11-4-0


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