match results week ending 29-1-2017 THE NORTH

North week ending 29-1-2017


Saltaire AA Open, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Shipley, Bradford, W. Yorks. Sun 29-1-17
1st . G. Colbran (Keighley) 14-14-0;,,,,,,,,2nd  J. Meredith (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 9-15-0;,,,,,,,,,,,,3rd  A. Price (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 5-1-0,,,,,,,;4th  R. East (Matrix Halifax) 4-4-0; ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5th S. Allinson (Tri-Cast Calder) 0-8-0;,,,,,,,,6th  N. Storr (Matrix Halifax) 0-1-8

Thornhill AC Pairs League, Round 4, Calder & Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, W. Yorks. Sat 28-1-17
1st . C. Storey (Matrix Halifax) 3-0-0; ,,,,,,,,,,,,,2nd D. Pierson (Thornhill AC) 0-11-0;,,,,,,,,3rd  N. Storr (Matrix Halifax) 0-9-0.,,,,,,, Joint 4th T. Guthrie (Matrix Halifax,,,,0-8-0; B. Davies (Tri-Cast Calder) 0-8-0; B. Kellett (Thornhill AC) 0-5-0.
Pairs: B. Kellett (Thornhill AC) & M. Sharpe (Thornhill AC) 10; R. Schindler (Tri-Cast Calder) & T. Guthrie (Matrix Halifax) 9; J. Sedgwick (Tri-Cast Calder) & K. Ackroyd (Wakefield) 7. League: B. Kellett (Thornhill AC) & M. Sharpe (Thornhill AC) 40; R. Schindler (Tri-Cast Calder) & T. Guthrie (Matrix Halifax) 34; J. Sedgwick (Tri-Cast Calder) & K. Ackroyd (Wakefield) 27; S. Crossley (Thornhill AC) & R. Jackson (Maver NW) 25.
Sunday 29-1-17 Saltaire AA Leeds and Liverpool canal open fished a lot harder for most due to a lack of colour. The roach are still there but are refusing to feed in the clear water. 14 anglers.
1st George Colbran, Keighley, 14lb 14oz from peg 20 which consisted of Roach, skimmers and perch all on caster.,,,,,,,,2nd John Meredith, Tricast Rochdale, 9lb 15oz of skimmers from peg 16,,,,,,,,3rd Alan Price, Tricast Rochdale, 5lb 1oz from peg 1,,,,,,,,,4th Richard East, Matrix Halifax, 4lb 4oz peg 19,,,,,5th Steve Allinson, Tricast Calder, 8oz peg 12,,,,,,,,,6th Nigel Storr, Matrix Halifax, 1oz 8dr, peg 6,,,,,,,Pegs 18 and 22 caught but did no
Newton-le-Willows AA (Sun)
Sankey Canal, Upper Pound (15 pegs)
1 E McLorie, Newton-le-Willows, 7-5-0,,,,,,,,2 P Hill, Widnes, 6-9-0,,,,,3 E Hankinson, St Helen’s, 5-13-0t weigh, 6banks. Let's hope for a boat next week.



St Helen’s AA (Sat)
Carr Mill Dam (30 pegs)
1 Simon Stott, St Helen’s, 7-3-0 peg 147 groundbait feeder maggot roach skimmers,,,,,2 Paul Cliburn, St Helen’s, 6-14-0 peg 6 groundbait feeder maggot roach skimmers,,,,,,,3 M Harris, Ringer Baits, 5-3-0,,,,,,,4 D Bennett, Preston Innovations, 3-13-0



 Northallerton AC, River Swale, Far Fairholme, W. Yorks. Sat 28-1-17 .
1st  I. Kirton (Yarm) 31-0-0;,,,,,,,,,,,2nd  D. McAllister 27-0-0;,,,,3rd  K. Mottram (Aireborough) 23-0-0.
River Steeping Opens, Dovecote, Wainfleet, Lincs. Sun 22-1-17
1st . A. Rawlings 13-11-0;,,,,,,,,2nd  S. Reid 13-9-0; ,,,,,3rd ,S. Miles 11-12-0;,,,,,4th  B. Smith 10-12-0;,,,,,,5th  M. Cook 9-13-0;,,,,,6th  A. ‘Beany’ Sawyer 8-15-0.
 Sun 29-1-2017
1st  A. Rawlings 15-11-0;,,,,,,,,2nd  B. Smith 10-11-0;,,,,3rd  R. Kinning 9-10-0;,,,,,,,4th  D. Skinner 9-1-0;,,,,5th  M. Cook 8-4-0;,,,,,,6th  A‘Beany’ Sawyer 6-15-0.
Rotherham UAF Open, River Don, Sprotborough, Doncaster, S. Yorks. Sun29-1-2017
1st . S. Gallagher (Team Normanton) 11-14-0;,,,,,2nd  I. Exley (Daiwa Team Dons) 10-7-0;,,,,,3rd  J. Cameron (Team Normanton) 10-3-0; ,,,,4th J. Murray (Maltby Mafia) 8-10-0.

Scunthorpe DAA Spring League (Sun)
River Ancholme,

1 Lee Harrison, Drennan Barnsley Blacks, 18-10-0 Springs breadpunch 11m and caster 13m roach perch,,,,,,,,2 Paul Cannon, Mosella, 12-1-0,,,,,,3 M Storey, Scunthorpe Tackle, 11-0-0,,,,,,,4 R Pulford, Hull DAA, 8-6-0,,,,,,,5 C Leyland, Daiwa Dons, 8-0-0,,,,,6 W Easter, Scunthorpe Tackle, 7-15-0
Yarm AL Adams Cup (Sun),,River Tees,
1 Steve Maitland, Maver NE, 28-13-0 peg 145A groundbait feeder maggot skimmers dace perch,,,,,,,,2 Jimmy Messer, Mosella Quaker, 17-0-0 peg 146,,,,,,3 P Rambow Jnr, Darlington Angling Centre, 2-10-0  ,,,,,,,,4 R Hughes, Yarm, 2-8-0  ,,,,,,,,,5 G Keech, Yarm, 1-2-0  ,,,,,,6 D Fox, Maver NE, 0-6-0
Mud puddles
Lingmere Fishery Over 50’s (Weds)

1 Kev Fishwick, Lingmere, 29-0-0 peg 36 Main Lake Method feeder maggot F1s carp skimmers,,,,,,,,2 Les Picken, Connah’s Quay, 23-0-0,,,,,3 C Billing, Cammell Lairds AC, 22-1-0,,,,,,,,4 J Rodgers, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 20-4-0
Burley fields silvers match 25 1 17 results well after last weeks record catch of 72lb this weeks weights came tumbleing down big time with 12 anglers turning up we put 6 on each lake for intrest the match lake result
1st martin chandler with 5lb peg 5,,,,,2nd mike mawlett 4lb 14oz peg13 ,,,,,3rd reid whitmore 4lb peg 6 ,,,,,,4th ted isherwoood 1lb 8oz

Main lake result
1st Kevin Chandler with 11lb 3oz peg 24 ,,,,,,2nd nick willis with 5lb 10 peg 23 ,,,,,3rd s vines with 4lb 8oz peg 17 ,,,,,,,4th davd isherwood 2lb peg 15 ,,,,,,,5th Jamie Read peg 1lb 14oz peg 18
Bitter cold wind for the wednesday open at brookside today its been on snake 2, well done to tony worral coming 1st with 37lb 2oz off peg 56 which included some big mirrors,here's the top 6 anglers. 1st. Tony worral 37lb 2oz peg 56 2nd. Paul jones 31lb 12oz peg 50 3rd. Micky rogerson 30lb14oz peg 38 4th. Chris ruscoe 21lb peg 59 5th. Jeff lindsay 15lb peg 53 6th. Pete mahoney 8lb peg 46.
Ulley Reservoir (Sat)
1 Pete Allott, Poleking, 15-4-0 peg 11 groundbait feeder maggot bream skimmers,,,,,,,,2 Roy Palmer, Rotherham, 13-13-0,,,,,,,,,,,3 J Farmer, Tri-Cast Calder, 8-12-0,,,,,,,,,,,,4 M Hope, Ripon, 6-2-0,,,,,,,,,,,5 A Anderson, Normanton, 5-6-0
Tom’s Ponds (Weds)
1 P Wilson, Tri-Cast Calder, 32-0-0,,,,,2 C Thompson, Bradford, 28-6-0,,,,,,3 T Marsh, Tri-Cast Calder, 19-12-0
Bradshaw hall 29-1-2017 was round 3 of the Silverfish winter league at Bradshaw Hall Fisheries on Lakes 2, 4, 5 & 6
1st Jimmy Hines 33lb 00oz (lake 2 peg 2),,,,,,,2nd Kerry Kirkwood 23lb 00oz (lake 2 peg 4),,,,,,,,3rd Andy Bennett 20lb 00oz (lake 2 peg 5),,,,,,4th George Fogg 17lb 05oz (lake 5 peg 1)
Section winners
Lake 2 Matt Forster 16lb 01oz,,,,,,,,Lake 4 Lee Turner 7lb 00oz & Ste Clegg 11lb 11oz,,,,,,,,,Lake 5 Ian Blakeley 11lb 02oz,,,,,,,,,Lake 6 Joe Cartwright 13lb 02oz
Bannister house farm29-1-2017  open match;
1st on Peg 46 Steve Hall with 25.14 lb
Best fish about 6 lb fished about 12 mt on pellet and bread,,,,,,2nd on Peg 4 Paul Bottomley with 23 lb,,,,,,3rd on Peg 48 Steven Rance with 18 lb
Bannister House Fishery (Sun)

1 S Hall, Bannister House, 25-14-0,,,,,,,,2 P Bottomley, Bannister House, 23-0-0,,,,,,,,,,3 S Ramm, Bannister House, 18-0-0
BRADSHAW HALL 25 January  
1st Alan Battersby 24-04 p22,,,,,2nd Tom brownbill 24-02 p15,,,,3rd graham Walsh 24-00 p60,,,4th Eddie hegarty 23-08 p33
Bradshaw hall sat 28th jan
1st ste burgess 27-00 p12,,,,,,,,2nd Phil Bradshaw 24-08 p31,,,,,,,,,3rd Chris Oliver 22-14 p22

M.A.M Interclub Team Match 28,1,2017
Well done to Todmorden AC on winning today's team match on Bradshaws Lake no4
Probably the wettest day on the year!!!!!!! Fantastic turn out as always!
It's finished as:
1st Todmorden AC 16pts,,,,,,2nd Tonge Moor AC 17pts ,,,,,,,,3rd Bury Bridge AC 18pts
Sec Winners ,,,,,,,Sec 1: Paul Cryer Todmorden AC ,,,,,Sec 2: G Fogg Tonge Moor AC,,,,,,Sec 3: J Mellor Todmorden AC ,,,,,,Sec 4: S Walsh Tonge Moor AC ,,,,,Sec 5: Josh Turnbill Bury Bridge AC
Already looking forward to the next one!
Thanks to everyone who took part today and also Bradshaw Fisheries who reduced the peg fee to £5 which help raise £35 for kids in fishing .

Blundell’s Fishery Rover (Sat)

1 Alan Howarth, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 26-11-0 peg 63 Pine waggler pellet carp 4lb,,,,,,,,,2 Lee Clancy, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 22-13-0 peg 46 Ash waggler and bomb bread carp 4lb,,,,,,3 S Boyd Snr, Mersey Dockers, 20-13-0,,,,,,4 P Roys, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 16-0-0,,,,,,,,5 M Kaye, Elton Tackle, 13-2-0,,,,,,,6 M Sykes, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 13-0-0

Blundell’s Fishery Rover (Sun)

1 Dave Hancox, Warrington Guns & Tackle, 41-9-0 peg 17 East Lodge bread 16m carp F1s,,,,,,,,2 Adrian Wood, Hazel Grove Angling Centre, 23-7-0 peg 8 Oak bread 6m down edge carp,,,,,,,,,,3 L Clancy, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 17-12-0,,,,,,,,,,,4 G Morgan, Iceland, 17-10-0,,,,,,,,,,,,5 A Sparrow, Warrington Guns & Tackle, 16-14-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,6 A Musgrove, Edgeley Sports, 14-13-0
Partridge Lakes (Tues),,,,,,,
1 Paul Blinkhorn, Culcheth, 48-11-0 peg 93 Canal 4 maggot 7m F1s,,,,,,2 Mick Rogerson, Preston Innovations/Ashton Angling Supplies, 41-7-0 peg 133 Canal 5,,,,,3 A Levey, Partridge Lakes, 37-12-0,,,,,4 C Dumphy, Partridge Lakes, 32-9-0,,,,,5 P Coyle, Preston Innovations, 29-3-0,,,,6 D Meadows, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 27-0-0
Partridge Lakes OAP & Disabled (Weds),,,
1 Alan Wright, Partridge Lakes, 21-15-0 peg 25 Canal 1 maggot 6m F1s,,,,,,,2 Mick King, Partridge Lakes, 18-13-0 peg 1 Canal 1,,,,,3 A Talbot, Dave’s Tackle, 17-8-0,,,,,4 D Stanley, Partridge Lakes, 17-2-0,,,,,5 M Bown, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 15-6-0,,,,,,6 A Whalley, Wigan, 14-1-0
Partridge Lakes (Thurs)

1 ‘Dink’, 31-8-0 peg 4 Spey,,,,,,,,,,,2 Damien Mearmen, Partridge Lakes, 26-9-0 peg 20 Spey,,,,,3 M Astbury, Poplars AC, 24-4-0,,,,,,,,4 C Dumphy, Partridge Lakes, 23-15-0,,,,,,5 Z Buckley, Partridge Lakes, 23-9-0,,,,,6 P Jones, Brookside, 22-12-0
Partridge Lakes (Sat)

1 A Twist, Matrix Leigh Tackle & Bait, 28-1-0 peg 101 Canal 5 maggot 12m and 6m F1s,,,,,,,,,,,,2 Colin Mulholland, Burt Baits, 19-0-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 C Dumphey, Partridge Lakes, 18-8-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 A Stoner, Partridge Lakes, 18-0-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,jt5 M Rogerson, Preston Innovations/Ashton Angling Supplies and D Rigby, St Helen’s Angling, both 16-14-0

Partridge lakes Sunday 29.01.17 Open Match Results;
Held on Covey 1, 2, 3, 4 with 48 anglers fishing.
1. Ste Openshaw – peg 20 – 35.11 lbs Lingmere Fishery,,,,,2. Mike Hayes – peg 62 – 33.13 lbs Castle Construction,,,,,,,3. Ste Ashworth – peg 16 – 32.01 lbs Maver UK,,,,,,,4. Les Picken – peg 75 – 30.02 lbs Connahs Quay AC,,,,,,,5. Colin Dumphy – peg 1 – 20.08 lbs Partridge Lakes Fishery,,,,,6. John Green – peg 60 – 19.00 lbs Penketh & Old Hall Angling Society
(Ste Openshaw is the 4th angler to qualify for the Partridge High Flyer Match! The winner Ste caught on Bomb & bread/maggot down the track

Partridge Lakes Teams of Four Winter League (Sun)
Covey, Spey, Marsh, Ribbon, Willow & Piper Canals (80 pegs)
1 Connor Barlow, Tri-Cast/Guru, 41-11-0 Willow peg 15 maggot 13m carp F1s skimmers chub,,,,,2 Alan Foster, Weekend Warriors, 40-11-0 Piper peg 22,,,,,,3 S Physick, Mosella NW Black, 36-8-0,,,,,,,4 S Cooke, Garbolino Elton, 35-9-0,,,,,,5 M Rogerson, Tri-Cast/Guru, 34-14-0,,,,,,6 D Thornton, Patricroft AC, 34-2-0
1 Garbolino Elton, 8pts (106-3-0),,,,,,,,2 Garbolino Select, 8 (83-13-0),,,,,,,3 Joney’s Twins, 8 (50-9-0),,,,,,,,4 Weekend Warriors, 9 (92-8-0),,,,,,,,,,5 Mosella NW Blue, 9 (59-6-0),,,,,,,,,6 Tri-Cast/Guru, 10
1 Tri-Cast/Guru, 45pts,,,,,,,,,2 Garbolino Elton, 53,,,,,,,,,3 St Helen’s Angling A, 54,,,,,,,,,4 Garbolino Select, 55,,,,,,,,,,,5 Matrix Leigh Tackle & Bait, 62,,,,,,,,,6 Patricroft AC, 64
Hampton Springs Fishery Silverfish Only (Sat)
1 S Loyley Chester Tackle Locker, 13-4-0,,,,,,,,2 J Osbourne, Hampton Springs, 12-9-0,,,,,,3 J Davies, Hampton Springs, 10-6-0
Mosella Quaker Silverfish Series

1 Rob Harbour, Mosella Quaker, 23-8-0 Mallard peg 4 maggot & pinkie 12m skimmers,,,,,,,2 Chris Gowling, Mosella Quaker, 18-6-0 Mallard peg 18 maggot & pinkie l11m skimmers,,,,,3 S Fearn, Yarm, 13-14-0,,,,,,,4 J Maddison, Mosella Quaker, 13-10-0,,,,,,,,5 G Poole, Woodland Tackle, 12-12-0,,,,,,,,6 E Willans, Woodland Tackle, 12-10-0
,Bait-Tech Canal Championships Final (Sun)

1 Adam Dowd, Leeds, 18-15-0 peg 175 caster and bloodworm 14.5m bream skimmers,,,,,,,,,,,2 Ian Leach, Drennan NW, 17-14-0 peg 168 caster and bloodworm 13m bream skimmers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 J Freeborn, Sensas North, 15-4-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 N Hughes, Nathan’s of Derby, 13-12-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 L Kerry, Preston Innovations, 12-0-0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,6 S Fields, Drennan Barnsley Blacks, 10-12-0
Cudmore Fisheries (Sun)

1 P Clements, Team Cudmore, 16-3-0,,,,,,,2 R Marson, Team Cudmore, 15-7-0,,,,,,,,,3 M Reynolds, Rugeley, 11-10-0


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