match results week ending 22-1-2017 Midlands

week endind 22-1-2Midlands

Heronbrook Fisheries21-1-2017 , ., Match Lake, Island, Canal & Meadow Pools.1st  R. Pedlar (Heronbrook) 46-12-0,,,,,;2nd  B. Clarke (Heronbrook) 25-14-0,,,;3rd  K. Dennis (Ultimate Pellet)23-8-0.
22-1-2017 , Individual Winter League, Round 1, All Pools. M. Halliwell (Bag’em) 89-10-0; M. Kearns (Browning Lifestyle) 69-12-0; M. Fox (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 58-12-0; D. Lockett (Stoke) 53-10-0; C. Shelley (Trentside Angling) 42-14-0; J. Chapman (Ted Carter Southport) 42-0-0.
Thornhill pairs 21 .1.2017
round 3
calder and hebble canal, Dewsbury.
22 fished.

cold overcast day.
1st = john Sedgwick tri-cast calder and Richard Jackson maver nw both 3lbs
john on peg 1a, pole fished pinkie for roach, skimmers and perch.
Richard on peg 18, pole fished bloodworm for 3 skimmers and roach.
3rd craig ellis tri-cast calder 2lbs 10oz
peg 11, roach and skimmers on bloodworm
4th kyle ackroyd wakefield 1lb 12.5oz
5th alan davies tri-cast calder and neal pickett Thornhill both 1lb 3oz
top pairs on the day
jim burke and ben davies both tri-cast calder 11pts
john Sedgwick and kyle ackroyd 11pts
Robbie schindler tri-cast calder and terry Guthrie matrix Halifax 10pts
steve crossley and Richard Jackson both maver nw 10pts
top pairs after 3 rounds
mick sharpe and brian kellett both Thornhill 30pts
Robbie schindler and terry Guthrie 25pts
john Sedgwick and kyle ackroyd 20pts
steve crossley and Richard Jackson 19pts
KDAA Bewdley Open – Saturday 21st January 2017
Results from today’s match:

1st Dave Foxall (KDAA) 11-14-0. Two barbel on maggot feeder. Peg 86
2nd Barry Cooper (Whitchurch) 11-0-0. One barbel and one chub on maggot feeder. Peg 63
3rd Brian Preece (Bridgnorth AS) 10-7-0. One barbel on maggot feeder. Peg 12
4th Jim Rivers (KDAA) 5-14-0. One barbel on maggot feeder. Peg 89
5th Andy Tait (KDAA) 4-11-0. Four chub on maggot feeder. Peg 5
16 fished.
River – 0.78m and dropping. Water a good colour but very cold. Weather approx 2 degrees and cloudy.
Well done Dave and thanks to everyone who fished.
The next match is a float only open on Wednesday 25th January 2017 - 09.00 draw at the Wribbenhall Social Club.
There will definitely be a match every Wednesday and every Saturday until the end of the season. Wednesdays will be float only if conditions allow or all-method otherwise. Saturdays will be all method.
There will also be an all-method match on the final day of the season – Tuesday 14th March 2017.
You are very welcome to come and join us.
To book a place please call or text Geoff Maguire on the KDAA phoneline: 07376 100196.


Top Pool (16 pegs)
1st S Harwood, Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths, 68-10-0,,,,,2nd  P Moore, Rugeley Miners, 30-15-0,,,,,3rd  J Johnson, Notts AA, 18-12-0

17-1-2017 New & Extension Pools (30 pegs)
1 Barry Duggan, Bailey’s of Warwick, 58-12-0 New peg 33 pellet 6m F1s,,,,,,2nd  Clive Nixon, Maver Gold, 48-7-0 New peg 28,,,,,3rd  P Hancocks, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 41-8-0,,,,,4th  P Todd, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 30-9-0 ,,,,,5th  A Lynes, Banbury Gunsmiths, 28-13-0,,6th  J Berry, Swan Baits, 27-15-0

Sportsman AC Open,21-1-2017  Walsall Canal, Bull Lane, Wednesbury, W. Mids. 1st K. Perry (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 4-7-4;,,,,,2nd  D. Arnold (Sportsman AC) 4-5-8; ,,,,3rdS. Broome (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 2-15-8.
Preston Innovations Woodland View
 Front & Back Deans Pools (31 pegs)

1 Tony Dudley, West Bromwich, 64-4-0 peg 35 Back Deans bomb corn bread carp
Thursday 19 Jan 17,,,,,,13 anglers fished High Pool
1st John Chambers H8 35-10,,,Lead with corn, bread and meat for Carp,,,,,,,,,,,,2nd Tim Guise H6 34-12,,,,,,,3rd Mel Salter H23 31-2,,,,,,4th Dave Adcock H12 29-12,,,,,,5thRichard Read H10 19-0,,,,,6th Mick Taylor H18 15-0,,,,,7th Tony Dudley H29 14-0,,,,,,,8th Dave Bates H25 13-9
SHREWSBURY OPEN,,sat 21-1-20171st Jason Owen (Walsall)12-9-0 (80)roach/bread feeder/,,,,,,2nd Mick Francis (Wolves)4-4-0(81)Roach/Bolo,,,,,,,3rd Stuart Price 2-1-8(73)Roach/Feede,,,,,4thDerron Harper (Hereford)1-15-8 (70) dace/bolo ,,,,,5th Scott Geens (Preston Inn)1-15-0 (83)roach/line
Hayfield Lakes open match 22/01/2017 - Danny's Island & Little Adams.
1st Graeme Wall 42lb - peg 60 Island.,,,,,2nd Richard Tooner 40lb - peg 23 Island,,,,,3rd Sir Geoff Wilde 31lb - peg 34 Island.,,,,4th Young Danny 26lb - peg 32 Adams,,,,5th Les Marshall 25lb - peg 25 Island,,,,,,,,,,Ice on the lakes causing major problems throughout the match.,,,,,,,Really cold day, hard as nails match.,,,,,,Well done To Sir Geoff.. qualifying for the Winter Carpa.

15-1-2017   was on molands and only 7 fished after breaking ice
1/Chris Newton ninja 28-3 peg 56 f1s on pole and maggot,,,,,2/Jon Newton 16-14 peg 52,,,,,,3/Ian Keywood 15-11 peg 44,,,,,4/Ronald Savo savage 10-14 peg 46
Packington 17-1-2017starlet vets match saw 54 fishing on molands,little gearys and willow
1/Ronald Savo Savage 34-13 peg 15 molands carp,f1s and roach on maggot feeder,,,,,2/Dave Atkins 34-2 peg 27 LG f1s on pole and maggot,,,,3/Ray Quiney 33-13 peg 43 molands f1s and carp on maggot feeder,,,,4/john Burt Mcgann 27-6 peg 25 molands f1s on pole and pellet
Packington 18-1-2017 solihull angling centre open match was on molands with 15 fishing
1/Daniel Tresigne 44-0 peg 58 f1s on pole and maggot,,,,,2/Steve Edwards 30-12 peg 43 carp and f1s on pole and maggot,,,,,,3/John Burchell 21-10 peg 15 carp on waggler and pellet,,,,,4/Derek Hartshorn 20-4 peg 56 f1s on Pole and maggot
Packington 19-1-2017 Packington vets match saw 36 fishing Annie's,grats and siblings
1/Allan Dolby 73-4 peg 2 Annie's f1s on pole and pellet,,,2/Terry Gibbons 37-8 peg 6 grats bream and skimmers on Pole and pellet,,,3/Raymond Durant 36-10 peg 2 Sibs A cap ,f1s and roach on pole and maggot,,,4/John Bushell 30-7 peg 17 Annie's f1s and roach on pole and maggot
Packington 20-1-2017 Open was on molands and only 7 fished after breaking ice
1/Chris Newton ninja 28-3 peg 56 f1s on pole and maggot,,,,2/Jon Newton 16-14 peg 52,,,,3/Ian Keywood 15-11 peg 44
,,,,,,/Ronald Savo savage 10-14 peg 46
Izaak Walton (Stafford) AA Open, Trent & Mersey Canal, Hoo Mill Lock, nr. Gt. Haywood, Staffs. 1st, F. ‘the Bread’ Cheetham (Team Eclipse) 8-12-6;2nd,,,, D. McCall (Shakespeare Superteam/Bait-Tech) 6-11-2;3rd,,, P. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 5-6-3.

packington 22-1-2017 was the 7th round of the frenzee winter league with 52 fishing on molands,little gearys,gearys and siblings after breaking ice

1/Mark Sidwells 48-0 peg 56 molands f1s on pole and maggot,,,,2/Jon Newton 37-2 peg 52 molands f1s on pole and pinkies,,,,3/Ian Crossman 36-13 peg 8 molands f1s on pole and maggot,,,,,,4/Chris Toal 33-0 peg 16 Sibs a carp and f1s on pole and pellet,,,,,5/Chris Newton 28-6 peg 13 LG f1s on pole and maggot,,,,6/Daniel Tresigne 28-4 peg 10 Sibs B f1s ,roach and ide on pole and maggot
League Standings
1/Philip Canning 17 pts,,,,,2/Dave Elliott 19 pts,,,,3/Chris Toal 24 pts,,,,,4/Pete Heaven 27 pts

Blake Hall 22-1-2017   Peninsula lake
1st Derek Plant 32lb ,,,,2nd Steve Cocksey 21lb ,,,,3rd Steve Sandy Dunn. 15lb ,,,,4th Sam Bates 11lb ,,,,Lake was half frozen a real struggle for most

Les ‘O’ Open,22-1-2017  Trent & Mersey Canal, Mill Lane, Middlewich, Ches. 1st  S. Preece (Crewe Match Angling) 4-6    2nd  S. Fogel (Crewe Match Angling) 3-7-10;,,,,3rd  M. Manson (Browning Lifestyle) 2-10-10.
1st Jason Owen (Walsall)12-9-0 (80)roach/bread feeder/,,,,,2nd Mick Francis (Wolves)4-4-0(81)Roach/Bolo,,,,,,3rd Stuart Price 2-1-8(73)Roach/Feede,,,,,4thDerron Harper (Hereford)1-15-8 (70) dace/bolo ,,,,,,5th Scott Geens (Preston Inn)1-15-0 (83)roach/line
 Walkley Winter League 21-1-2017
Bank End - West and Match Lake - 47 Fished. Saturday 21st January
1st - Carl Roberts - Peg 21 Match Lake - 87lb 0oz,,,,,2nd - Steven Forster - Peg 17 West Lake - 84lb 6oz,,,,,3rd - Chris Lee - Peg 6 West Lake - 70lb 0oz,,,,,4th - Mick Todd - Peg 16 West Lake - 51lb 8oz,,,,,,,5th - Jack Shilitoe - Peg 8 West Lake - 36lb 10oz,,,,,6th - John Forster - Peg 10 West Lake - 35lb 8oz,,,,,,Next Match - 28th January Saturday - Swanlands -
Wolverhampton AA Individual Winter League, 22-1-2017 Round 5, Shropshire Union Canal, Brewood, Staffs. 1st  D. McCall (Shakespeare Superteam/Bait-Tech) 10-6-14;,,,,  Garbett (Bilston Angling Centre) 7-3-3; E. Gardner (Team Eclipse) 6-12-0. League: D. Holbrook (Four Ashes AC) 22; (Joint 2nd) R. Guest (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 25; N. Clayton (Browning Lifestyle) 25; B. Williams (Bilston Angling Centre) 27.
Manor farm Open Match Results – Sunday 22nd January – Windmill Pool
Marukyu Peg 29,,,,,2ND GARY PHIPPS 9-6-0
MFL Peg 26,,,,,3RD TONY SHEPHERD 6-2-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 11
Commons, mirrors, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet. All anglers had to break ice in very cold conditions.

Canal Kings Open,21-1-2017  Birmingham Main Line Canal, Soho Loop Section, Winson Green, B’ham. 1st . M. Conlon (Canal Kings) 8-5-1; T.,,,,, 2nd Foster (Sensas Dams & Lock) 8-4-8;,,,,3rd ,,, K. Clark (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 8-1-0.

Blackfords Progressive Bi-Monthly Open21-1-2017 , Kingswood Lake, Cannock, Staffs. 1st  K. Tipton (Sensas) 7-15-0,,,,,,;2nd  T. Gilbert (B’ham) 4-11-0;,,,,,,3rd  J. Burns (Blackfords) 3-11-0.
Barford Lakes (Sat)
Railway & Willow Lakes (10 pegs)
1 M Jermyn, Barford Tackle, 44-5-0,,,,,2 J Gill, Daiwa Angling Direct, 43-15-0,,,,,,3 S Elliott, Waveney Valley Angling, 39-4-0

Climax Wold View Fishery (Sat)
Gold Lake (13 pegs)
1 D Gowshall, Wold View, 45-0-0,,,,,,,2 I Sadler, Wold View, 39-8-0,,,,,,,,3 R Dixie, Wold View, 33-4-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery (Sat)
Moat Pool (21 pegs)
1 Pete Miles, Doncaster, 40-15-0 peg 42 pellet and maggot 13m skimmers and a carp,,,,,,2 Paul Golding, Worksop, 34-11-0 peg 40 bomb pellet and maggot carp,,,,,,3 M Malia, Dynamite Baits, 24-6-0,,,,,,4 B Holmes, Dynamite Baits, 22-15-0,,,,,,,,5 A Oldham, Frenzee, 21-9-0

Decoy Lakes (Sat),,,,,,,,Elm, Cedar, Oak & Yew Lakes (35 pegs)
1 Rob Charlton, Decoy, 53-11-0 peg 10 Oak pellet 13m and Method feeder carp F1s,,,,,,,2 Andy Quarmby, Middy/Bag ‘Em Baits, 25-9-0,,,,,,3 S Godfrey, Decoy, 17-8-0,,,,,4 S Bracey, Shimano/Dynamite Baits, 12-2-0,,,,,,,,5 D Lewis, Drennan Bordon Angling, 7-15-0
Tunnel Barn Farm Winter League (Sat),,,,,Jenny’s, High, Top, House, New, Extension & Canal Pools (104 pegs)
1 Matt Barwell, Maver Gold Dynamite Baits Oak, 62-8-0 Jenny’s peg 18 dobbed maggot 11m F1s,,,,,,,2 Jamie Hughes, Matchfishing Draw Bags, 62-2-0 House peg 6 dobbed bread and maggot 13m F1s,,,,,,,3 M Taylor, Shakespeare Bait-Tech, 45-5-0,,,,,,,4 S Harwood, Yorkies, 43-10-0,,,,,,,jt5 L Davies and W Ainsworth, both Ridgemere Elite, both 43-4-0
1 Ridgemere Elite, 72pts,,,,,2 Maver Gold Dynamite Baits Youth, 71,,,,,,3 Maver Midlands Dynamite Baits Bag ‘Em Baits, 68,,,,,4 MAP/Bait-Tech, 67,,,,,5 Shakespeare Bait-Tech, 65,,,,,,6 Drennan Oxford, 64
1 MAP/Bait-Tech, 635pts,,,,,2 Guru, 606,,,,,,3 Shakespeare Bait-Tech, 559,,,,,,4 Matchfishing Draw Bags, 546,,,,,,,5 Matrix You Five, 536,,,,,,6 Maver Midlands Dynamite Baits Bag ‘Em Baits, 531

Willow Lakes (Sat 21-1-2017 ),,,,,Match Lakes (14 pegs)
1 H Bossman, Stanton Hill, 46-0-0,,,2 G Eden, Mansfield, 38-0-0,,,3 M Wyatt, Notts, 13-8-0

Garbolino Silverfish Winter League (Sat)
Meadowlands Fishery, Warren & Lambsdown Lakes (42 pegs)
1 Roly McEneany, Dynamite Baits, 27-8-0 Warren peg 18 pellet and maggot 13m skimmers,,,,,,2 Phil Bardell, Maver Milton Keynes, 24-8-0 Warren peg 19 maggot 13m skimmers,,,,,,3 N Bull, Shakespeare Bait-Tech, 22-4-0,,,,,,4 S Hemingray, Drennan/Sensas, 19-8-0,,,,,,,,jt5 P Newell, Redditch and C Dicks, Maver, both 16-2-0

Kidderminster DAA (Sat)
River Severn, Bewdley (16 pegs)
1 Dave Foxall, Kidderminster DAA, 11-14-0 peg 86 maggot feeder two barbel,,,,,2 Barry Cooper, Whitchurch, 11-0-0 peg 63 maggot feeder a barbel and a chub,,,,,,3 B Preece, Bridgenorth AS, 10-7-0,,,,,,4 J Rivers, Kidderminster DAA, 5-14-0,,,,,5 A Tait, Kidderminster DAA, 4-11-0

Little John Lakes Winter League (Sat),,,,,Friar Tuck Lake (20 pegs)
1 G Kitchener, Little John, 79-3-0,,,,,2 M Crewe, Little John, 48-1-0,,,,,3 P Tatley, Little John, 30-15-0.
League: 1 G Kitchener, 9pts,,,,,,,jt2 M Crewe and C Brown, both 10

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools (Sat),,,,,,Chestnut Pool (10 pegs)
1 M Stevens, Steven’s Tackle, 85-15-0,,,,,,2 D Cole, Bronx, 36-12-0,,,,,,3 R Allen, Oswestry, 32-1-0
Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery Teams of Four Silverfish League (Sun),,,,,,Moat, Bridge & Croft Pools (32 pegs)
1 Andy Oldham, Frenzee, 18-4-0 peg 20 Croft maggot over groundbait 12m roach skimmers,,,,,2 Phil Morgan, Northern Inn, 16-7-0 peg 43 Moat pinkie 13m roach skimmers,,,,,3 S Plant, Max Tackle, 13-8-0,,,,,4 G Gibson, Max Tackle, 13-3-0,,,,,,,5 S Clark, Mansfield, 12-15-0
Guru/Bag ‘Em Baits Winter League (Sun),,,Decoy Lakes, Beastie Lake (22 pegs)
1 J Whincup, Frenzee/Bait-Tech, 47-10-0,,,,,2 A Leathers, Browning Hot Rods, 24-3-0,,,,,3 J Smalley, Decoy, 21-2-0
Final league:,,,,,1 M Freeman, 7pts,,,,,,2 J Brooks, Middy, 8 (section countback),,,,,,3 J Whincup, Frenzee/Bait-Tech, 8

Guru Pole-Only Winter League (Sun),,,,,Guru Makin’s Fishery, Lizard, Lagoon & Lake 1 (42 pegs)
1 Wayne Sharman, Matrix/Lane’s Bait, 21-10-0 peg 3 Lagoon pellet 13m carp skimmers,,,,,2 Dave Ashdown, Tusse’s Tackle, 11-8-0 Lake 1 maggot and pellet 12m skimmers,,,,,,3 S Desmond, Dynamite Baits, 11-0-0,,,,jt4 G Cook, Mosella and M Hancock, Elephant & Castle, both 8-0-0,,,,,6 A Inglesant, Lane’s Bait, 7-14-0
League:,,,,1 Wayne Sharman, 3pts,,,,2 Lee Farmer, 4,,,,,jt3 C Horsley and S Desmond, both 6

Larford Lakes Winter League (Sun),,,,,Match & Specimen Lakes (56 pegs)
1 Steve Ford, Garbolino, 100-6-0 Match Lake peg 28 Method feeder and 13m pellet carp F1s skimmers,,,,,2 Perry Mountain, HT Angling, 91-7-0 Specimen Lake peg 78 Method feeder maggot and pellet skimmers carp,,,,,3 M Taylor, HT Angling, 74-7-0,,,,,,4 C Senter, Cookie Monsters, 59-8-0,,,,,,,5 P Briscoe, Larford, 51-4-0,,,,,,6 D Crandon, Tredegar Tackle, 50-4-0
1 HT Angling, 16pts,,,,,2 Brian’s Boys, 18,,,,3 Cookie Monsters, 23,,,,,4 Tredegar Tackle, 25,,,,,,,6 Muffers, 26
Final league:
1 Muffers, 136pts,,,,2 Cookie Monsters, 149,,,,3 Larford Golden Reel, 151,,,,,4 Tredegar Tackle, 154,,,,,5 Bag ‘Em Baits, 156,,,,,,6 Garbolino, 160

March DAA (Sun),,,,,,Old River Nene, March (90 pegs)
1 Rob Hewison, Sensas Mark One, 18-13-0 Clock Tower breadpunch 6m roach,,,,,2 Rob Wright, Garbolino, 16-8-0 above Bypass Bridge squatt and pinkie 11m roach perch3 D Cooper, Sensas Mark One, 12-9-0,,,,,,4 P Wills, Tackle & Bates, 12-8-0,,,,,,5 J Orwin, Browning Ossett, 11-4-0,,,,,,,,6 M Pollard, Matrix/Dynamite Baits/Stanjay Tackle, 10-8-0

Marukyu Tri-Venue Series (Sun),,,,,Warks Avon, Bidford, Common & Ferry (36 pegs)
1 Joe Oakes, Middy, 38-2-0 Bidford peg 28 groundbait feeder worm maggot bream,,,,,,,2 Wayne Swinscoe, Drennan/Bait-Tech, 11-9-0 Ferry peg 75,,,,,,3 D Nosworthy, Bidford, 10-13-0,,,,,,,,4 J Curtis, Daiwa Gordon League, 8-7-0,,,,,5 L Gardener, Shakespeare Bait-Tech, 8-1-0

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools (Sun),,,,,Sycamore & Chestnut Pools (16 pegs)
1 S Owen, Monkhall, 37-14-0,,,,,2 C Reynolds, Bilston Angling Centre, 31-8-0,,,,,,3 C Jones, Crewe, 29-2-0

Preston Innovations Woodland View (Sun),,,,,Front & Back Deans Pools (20 pegs)
1 Owen Boswell, ABC Baits, 66-8-0 peg 35 Back Deans waggler and maggot to spinner carp,,,,,2 Rob Pemberton, Express, 47-4-0 peg 44 Back Deans,,,,,3 G Clarke, Woodlands, 46-0-0,,,,,,,4 M Westley, WMT, 42-0-0

Sensas Canal Masters (Sun),,,,,Loughborough Canal (34 pegs)
1 Pete Kitwood, Sensas North, 7-15-0 Littlemore Bridge breadpunch 12m and 9m roach,,,,2 Andy Beasley, Sensas Dams & Lock, 6-13-0 bloodworm and joker 12m roach perch,,,,,3 R Packwood, Leicester, 5-6-8,,,,,4 D Jackson, Dams & Lock, 4-12-8,,,,,5 D Guest, Drennan Leicester Sensas, 4-7-0
Qualifiers: A Beasley, I Sharratt, D Bickerton, D Johnson, D Malby and P Kitwood

Sherwood Forest Fishery (Sun),,,,,Holmedale Lake (12 pegs)
1 R Littlewood, Kinky Pellet Club, 52-1-0,,,,,2 D Austin, Woodhouse Angling Centre, 25-6-0,,,,3 A Birkin, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, 17-3-0

Stu Pulsar’s Superleague (Sun),,,,,,,Tunnel Barn Farm, New & Extension Pools (34 pegs)
1 Phil Taylor, Tunnel Barn Farm, 55-11-0 Extension peg 38 dobbed bread 14m F1s,,,,,2 Matt Bingham, Mosella, 42-4-0,,,,,,3 P Caton, Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths, 40-9-0,,,,,4 L Porter, Tunnel Barn Farm, 36-9-0,,,,,,5 A Wakelin, Preston Innovation, 33-8-0,,,,,6 P Holland, Guru, 28-2-0

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