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Mosella Quaker Silverfish Winter Series 15/1/2017
Woodland Lakes, Wagtail, Curlew, Kestrel & Skylark Lakes (48 pegs)
1 Steve Fern, Yarm, 25-13-0, Wagtail peg 4 maggot 14.5m roach skimmers,,,,,2 Pete Close, Mosella Quaker, 24-6-0 Curlew peg 8 maggot 13m roach skimmers,,,,,3 C Gowling, Mosella Quaker, 17-2-0,,,,,,4 S Wood, Newcastle, 12-7-0,,,,5 N Stead, Browning Ossett, 12-2-0,,,,,6 J Murphy, Woodland Tackle, 11-6-0

Basingstoke Canal Teams of Four Winter League 14/1/2017 
Basingstoke Canal 
1 Mike Berntsen, Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 8-10-7 tins below swing bridge breadpunch 12m roach skimmers,,,,2 M Palk, Andre’s Anglers, 7-6-0,,,,,,3 B Kirk, Sensas Oakwood Angling, 6-12-0,,,,,,,,4 P Rogers, Tubertini Old Boys, 6-4-0,,,,,,,,5 M Howells, Sensas Oakwood Angling, 6-1-8,,,,,6 L Glynn, Mosella Homestores, 5-9-0
Teams:,,,,1 Mosella Homestores and Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, both 14pts,,,,,,,3 Garbolino Blackmore Vale MG, 21,,,,,,,4 Old Windsor AC, Sensas Oakwood Angling and Arun MG, all 23

None Go Bye Farm Silverfish League 15/1/2017
Middle Lake (19 pegs)
1 Peter Wilson, Tri-Cast Calder, 3-12-0 maggot 13m roach skimmers,,,,,,,2 Steve Michaels, Tri-Cast Highfield, 2-7-0 maggot 12m roach,,,,,3 I Dawson, Tri-Cast Calder, 1-0-0,,,,,,4 T Peters, Tri-Cast Calder, 0-14-0,,,,,5 B Saunders, Leeds and R Kendall, Bradford, both 0-12-0  

Bait-Tech Viaduct Fishery Teams of Five Winter League (Sun)
All lakes
1 Colin Dyer, Balti Boys, 154-11-0 Cary peg 102 bomb popped-up bread carp 8lb,,,,,,2 Tim Clarke, Future Networks, 150-6-0 Campbell peg 113 bomb meat carp 9lb,,,,,,,,3 P Greenwood, M5 Angling, 111-9-0,,,,,,4 C Collins, Somerset Angling, 96-0-0,,,,,,,5 T Rixon, Future Networks, 94-2-0,,,,,,6 M Wynne, Colmic South West, 67-12-0
Top silverfish weight: S Powell, Tackle UK, 18-0-0
1 Future Networks, 76pts,,,,,,,,2 Garbolino Blackmore Vale MG, 75,,,,,,,,3 Somerset Angling, 65-0-0,,,,,,,4 Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 61,,,,,,5 South West Nomads, 60,,,,,,,6 Colmic South West, 59

SSP Tyler’s Common 14/1/2017
Ash & Willow Lakes 
1 John Hunt, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 61-0-0 peg 9 Ash pellet 14m carp 3lb,,,,,,,,2 Micky Hood, SSP Tyler’s Common, 46-0-0 peg 8 Ash maggot 13m carp 3lb,,,,,,,3 G Foreman, Maver Matchpack, 42-0-0,,,,,,4 G Manoli, Angling Direct, 36-0-0,,,,,,,5 B Fraser, Coleman’s Cottage, 12-0-0,,,,,,6 J Eldrid, SSP Tyler’s Common, 3-4-0

Northallerton DAC 15/1/2017
River Swale, Scruton 
1 Fred Hardcastle, Colmic Woodlands, 41-10-0 feeder and steak chub,,,,,2 Kev Weighell, DH Angling, 33-3-0,,,,,,3 C Burnside, Durham, 29-0-0,,,,,,4 N Smith, Aireborough, 8-1-0

Scunthorpe DAA Spring League 15l1/2017 
River Ancholme, Springs & Cake Mills (34 pegs)
1 Andy Denny, Castleford, 9-14-0 peg 19 breadpunch 13m roach skimmers,,,,,2 Graham Bunnage, Lincs County, 5-10-0,,,,,,3 G Thornton, Brigg, 5-8-0,,,,,,,4 L Harrison, Drennan Barnsley Blacks, 4-12-0,,,,5 T Goldby, Brigg, 4-6-0,,,,,6 C Batchelor, Brigg, 4-2-0

Drennan Lake John Winter League 15/1/2015
Top lake (28 pegs)
1 Ken Farrell, Oakwood Angling, 16-12-0 peg 33 waggler and 13m pellet skimmers,,,,,2 Geoff Penny, Lake John, 16-8-0 peg 8 maggot and pellet 14.5m skimmers roach,,,,,3 C Vandervliet, Drennan/Bait-Tech, 13-12-0,,,,,4 S Willsmore, Drennan/D&A Tackle/Spotted Fin, 12-8-0,,,,,,4 R Dean, Lake John, 12-8-0,,,,,6 T Stanley, Lake John, 10-0-0 

Climax Wold View Fishery Winter League 15/1/2017 
Silver Lake 
1 S Sykes, Wold View, 38-12-0,,,,,2 G Garrod, Wold View, 38-0-0,,,,,3 S Burns, Wold View, 24-12-0

Coleman’s Cottage Fishery Spring League 
All lakes 
1 Pemb Wrighting, Guru/Bag ‘Em Baits, 68-8-0 peg 25 Pathfield dobbed maggot 14m and 16m carp F1s,,,,,,,,2 Chris Kelly, Angling Direct, 54-8-0 peg 15 Copse maggot 12m carp F1s,,,,,3 R Grimes, Drennan Bordon Angling Centre, 47-0-0,,,,,,,4 A King, Bill’s Tackle, 43-8-0,,,,,,5 R Heath, Chestnut Pool, 42-0-0,,,,,,6 K Hollick, Coleman’s Cottage, 41-0-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery 15/1/2017
Moat Pool 
1 J Skipper, Gainsborough, 29-12-0,,,,,,2 P Miles, Doncaster, 18-15-0,,,,,,3 S Clark, Mansfield, 15-2-0

Decoy Lakes 15/1/2017
Yew Lake 
1 K Rawlings, Oakham, 41-12-0,,,,,,,2 A Patton, Dynamite Baits, 27-7-0,,,,,,3 S Palmer, Maver Cardinals, 17-7-0

HAJAC Winter League (Sun)
Factory Bank, Old River Nene, Benwick & 20ft Drain, March (66 pegs)
1 Martin Roper, Sensas Mark One, 36-5-0 20ft Drain 5m whip to hand maggot over pinkie roach,,,,,,,,2 Alex Bates, FabtraysTackle & Bates, 35-0-0 20ft Drain waggler and 12m pinkie roach rudd,,,,,3 A Watling, Stanjay Gold, 32-4-0,,,,,,,4 J Woodgett, Sensas Mark One, 27-1-0,,,,,,,5 B Jackson, RAF, 21-3-0
1 Sensas Mark One White, 27pts,,,,,,2 Tackle & Bates and Stanjay Gold, both 29,,,,,,4 Fabtrays Tackle & Bates, 32,,,,,,,,5 Stanjay Silver, 35

Ockendon Bait & Tackle15/1/2017
Puddledock Farm, Snake Lake 
1 Martin Andrews, SSP Baits, 110-0-0 peg 11 maggot 14m carp 6lb,,,,,,,,2 Albert Bowers, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 65-11-0 peg 7 maggot 12m carp 5lb,,,,,3 J Dean, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 60-8-0,,,,,,,,4 P Sene, Maver Cardinals, 55-8-0,,,,,,5 T Scinhiou, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 32-12-0,,,,,,,5 G Dack, Maver/SSP Baits, 32-12-0

Larford Lakes Classic Qualifier 15/1/2017
Specimen Lakes 
1 R Lamb, Larford, 50-1-0,,,,,,,,,,2 R Lawson, Matrix Total Angling, 27-4-0,,,,,,,3 P Briscoe, Larford, 21-2-0

Meadowlands Fishery Winter League (Sun)
Warren & Lambsdown Lakes (42 pegs)
1 Charlie Merritt, Cockney Rebels, 131-0-0 Warren peg 35 bomb pellet carp,,,,,2 Mark Griffiths, Team Guru, 34-2-0,,,,,,3 L Davis, Ginger Ninjas, 26-6-0,,,,,,4 C Mullen, Lane’s Bait, 23-8-0,,,,,,5 N Smith, Meadowlands, 23-0-0,,,,,6 G Maxwell, Lowdown, 21-6-0
1 Ginger Ninjas, 14pts,,,,,2 Captain Jack, 15,,,,,,3 Lowdown, 16
1 Captain Jack, 33pts,,,,,,,2 Maver Milton Keynes, 35 (weight),,,,3 Ginger Ninjas, 35

Rushmoor League 15/1/2017 
Gold Valley Lakes, Gold, Syndicate, Bat & Bungalow Lakes
1 Shaun Solski, Blackwater, 68-12-0 Gold peg 57 bomb meat carp,,,,,,,2 Chris Fields, Apollo Guildford MG, 50-8-0 Syndicate peg 118 bomb pellet carp,,,,,,,,,3 C Meadows, Gold Valley, 48-8-0,,,,,4 D Guntrip, Spring Lakes, 41-0-0,,,,,5 G Barbato, Apollo Guildford MG, 37-8-0,,,,,6 L Vallance, Spring Lakes, 31-12-0
Teams:,,,,,,1 Apollo Guildford MG, 157-5-0,,,,,,,,2 Blackwater, 153-12-0,,,,,3 Gold Valley, 133-2-0
League:,,,,,,1 Apollo Guildford MG, 4pts,,,,,,,2 Farnborough DAA, 6

Moorlands Farm (Sun)
Silver Pool (16 pegs)
1 M Watson, Daiwa Gordon League, 58-1-0,,,,,,2 R Kings, Mosella, 45-14-0,,,,,,3 P Bailey, Moorlands, 27-3-0

Preston Innovations Woodland View Winter Pairs Series 15/1/2017 
Front & Back Deans & Arles Pools (38 pegs)
1 Steve Brown, Maver Harescombe, 104-13-0 peg 35 Back Deans bomb maggot carp 8lb,,,,,2 Ronnie Pharoah, Maver Harescombe, 97-8-0 peg 62 Back Deans,,,,,3 G Kirkham, Mosella, 56-14-0,,,,,4 O Boswell, Mosella, 55-8-0
1 Simon Beck and Dave Williams, 2pts,,,,,2 P Bishop and S Brown, 4 (weight),,,,,3 S Lawrence and M Westley, 4
1 Steve Brown and Phil Bishop, 31pts,,,,,,2 G Clark and E Grey, 31 (section countback),,,,,3 S Lawrence and M Westley, 32

Stu Pular’s Superleague 15/1/2017
Tunnel Barn Farm, New & Extension Pools 
1 Paul Holland, Guru, 44-11-0 Extension peg 17 dobbed bread and maggot 13m F1s,,,,,,,2 Stu Pulsar, Guru, 43-3-0 New peg 33 maggot 13m, 10m and 9m F1s,,,,,,,3 J Jones, Maver, 39-3-0,,,,,,,4 A Wakelin, Preston Innovations, 37-3-0,,,,,,,5 P Moore, Rugeley Miners, 32-2-0,,,,,6 P Black, Milo, 29-0-0

Tony Evans’ Winter League 15/1/2017
Decoy Lakes 

1 Jon Whincup, Frenzee/Bait-Tech, 110-7-0 Elm peg 9 pellet and maggot 14.5m carp F1s,,,,,,2 Tony Evans, Decoy, 99-0-0,,,,,3 S Godfrey, Decoy, 54-9-0,,,,4 M Freeman, JVAC, 45-8-0,,,,5 G Butler, Tackle & Bates, 40-4-0

Tunnel Barn Farm 15/1/2017
Top Pool 
1 M Bingham, Mosella, 54-6-0,,,,,,2 S Lovell, Mosella, 30-8-0,,,,,3 D Jukes, Sensas Strike, 28-14-0

Wensum Valley Angling Winter League 15/1/2017,,,,,Reepham Fishery 
1 Glen Mason, Cillit Bang, 91-1-0 peg 34 Long Lake maggot 14.5m carp 5lb,,,,,2 Simon Parker, Angling Direct Black, 84-2-0 peg 4 Lily Lake maggot and pellet 13m carp 5lb,,,,,3 I Ingram, Reepham Fishery, 80-4-0,,,,4 B Smith, Matrix Wensum Valley Angling Pools Fodder, 66-10-0,,,,,,5 R Finch, Also Rans, 66-0-0,,,,,6 S Elmar, Matrix Wensum Valley Angling Pools Fodder, 62-2-0
1 Cillit Bang, 10pts,,,,,2 Matrix Wensum Valley Angling Pools Fodder, 11,,,,,,3 Angling Direct Black, 12,,,,,,4 Reepham Fishery, 12,,,,,4 Norwich DAA, 12,,,,,6 Special Ones, 13
1 Cillit Bang, 56pts,,,,,2 Angling Direct Black, 67,,,,,3 Matrix Wensum Valley Angling Pools Fodder, 68,,,,,4 Norwich DAA, 84,,,,,5 Poker Players, 90,,,,,6 Reepham Fishery, 94

Wigston AS Mick Holohan Memorial 15/1/2017 
Grand Union Canal, Kilby Bridge & Glen Parva 
1 Martin Lane, Chiltern Baits, 19-1-0 Kilby Bridge reeds caster and pinkie 11m perch odd skimmer,,,,,,,2 Steve Fletcher, Wreake AC, 8-2-0 Glen Parva Manor breadpunch 12m roach skimmers,,,,,,3 H Blair, Wigston AS, 6-5-0,,,,,,4 P Tirrell, Wigston AS, 6-4-0,,,,,5 P Wootton, Wigston AS, 5-8-0

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