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 Monday 9/12017

Partridge lakes

Monday 09.01.17 OAP & Disabled Open Match Results; 
Held on Spey, Marsh with 17 anglers fishing.

1. Martin Kershaw – Spey peg 2 – 66.00 lbs,,,,2. Dave Blears – Spey peg 4- 29.05 lbs,,,, 3. Alan Talbot – Spey peg 8 – 24.14 lbs,,,, 4. Les Steele – Marsh peg 7 – 24.04 lbs,,,, 5. Stuart Bryan – Spey 12 / Mick Bown – Spey 15 – 16.03 lbs,,, 6. John Armitt – Spey peg 10 – 15.09 lbs

(Winner Martin only had one keep net in so his weight was capped at 66lbs – but he actually caught over 76 lbs by dobbing bread!)

Tuesday 10/1/2017 matches 

tuesday 10/1/2017 starlet vets match was on little gearys,Annie's ,siblings and grats with 51 fishing
1/John Burt Mcgann 51-2 peg 2 Annie's f1s on pole and maggot shallow,,,2/ Philip Hull 35-11 peg 9 LG f1s on pole and pellet ,,,3/Keith Deaner 26-4 peg 4 grats carp on bomb and pellet,,,4/Roy Reece 19-4 peg 3 LG f1s on maggot feeder


partridge lakes

Tuesday 10.01.17 Open Match Results; 
Held on Covey 4 & 5 with 22 anglers fishing.
1. Ste Openshaw – peg 121 – 61.11 lbs ,,,2. Ian Latham – peg 131 – 61.10 lbs,,,, 3. Ste Eckersall – peg 114 – 56.15 lbs,,,, 4. Kev Clarke – peg 83 – 48.02 lbs,,, 5. Dave Hunt – peg 118 – 38.07 lbs,,, 6. Paul Coyle – peg 100 – 34.01 lbs


Tuesday 10th Jan ash lake 
1st John Light 69.10.0 peg 6,,,2nd Dave Askew 56.9.0 peg 1,,,,3rd mad 56.7.0 peg 27

1st Ken Taylor 20,,,,2ndTerry Lancaster 16,,,3rdPete Archer 12,,,4thPop up stubbing 8

Johns lakes wed 11/1/2017
He's at it again..... Micky Scan is smashing it peg 10 today and 69lb of silver fins on the wag 6mm pellet blah blah blah the same as Sunday and the week before, still not drawn on the back. bank and why would you when you is on fire, second spot Trevor Stanley 41lb peg 36 and great to see angling legend Dicky Carr pip a third place with 32lb from peg 34, well done to Oakwood Rod Mick Scanlan

Green man ac 
Winter league 

Jam factory 
Ash pool
Round 6 
1st Trevor Burton 96lb,,,2nd carl stevens 76lb,,,3rd Steve Morgan 46lb-14oz,,,,4th Matthew Prosser 46lb-4oz,,,5th martin 41lb 

Green man ac 
Winter league standings after 6 rounds
 1st carl stevens 11pts 456lb,,,2nd Matthew Prosser 17pts 225lb,,,,3rd martin 18pts 263lb,,,,4th Matt Price 20pts 221lb,,,,5th Trevor Burton 24pts 232lb,,,6th steve jones 24pts 144lb,,,7th shaun smith 24pts 188lb,,,,8th Adrian Westwood 24pts 152lb,,,,9th Keith Bradnick 25pts 116lb,,,,10th Steve Morgan 26pts 176lb,,,11th gary romain 27pts 145lb,,,,12th Charlie Jeavons 28pts 155lb,,,13th Paul Riches 30pts 115lb
6 matches to go so all to go for lads


Kdaa float only 11.1.2017
Results from today's match.
1st Mark Blackburn WMD Maver 10lb 11oz Peg 61 1barbel 1chub,,,,,2nd Mark Traves Sensas Strike 10lb 10oz Peg 47 1berbel 2chub,,,,3rd Andy Tate KDAA 10lb 00oz Peg 58 1 Barbel,,,4th Phil Baker Willow Creek 9lb 6oz 1Barbel
16 fished
A hard downstream wind made this a difficult match,on a slightly rising river. Next match is all method on sat 14th ,9.00 draw Wribbenhall social club ,to book in phone the KDAA nos 07376100196.


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