Westwood Lakes Winter League Match 
– 8th January 2017 on Falcon The 6th Match in the Westwood Lakes Winter League – 8th January 2017 on Falcon with 12 Anglers.

League on Falcon lake. Results on the Day: 
Brian Harding – peg 37 – 69lb 2oz 
Richard Kinnersley – peg 13 – 67lbs 10oz 
Steve Lane – peg 35 – 61lbs 4oz
League Results So Far: Luke Morley 
(Westwood Lakes) – 288 lbs. 0 oz. – 12pts 
P Harsley (Dave’s Peg) – 236 lbs. 15 oz. – 12pts 
Mick Stamp (Preston Innovations) – 240 lbs. 12 oz. – 14pts 
Rich Kinnersley – 213 lbs. 6 oz. – 15pts
Adam Swain – 244 lbs. 10 oz. – 18pts 

Heronbrook Fisheries, 
Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sat, Match Lake, Canal & Meadow Pools. 1st D. Childs (Rugeley) 54-2-0;
2nd M. Lockwood (Heronbrook) 51-2-0;
3rdD. Webster (Heronbrook) 40-10-0.
Sun8/1/2017, All Pools. 
1st I. Sinker (Stapeley Cudmore) 81-2-0; 
2nd J. Brown (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 68-12-0;
3rd C. Shelley (Trentside Angling Centre) 68-8-0; 
4th A. Langton (Stoke) 52-4-0; R. 
5th O’Connor (Drennan NW0 48-9-0; 
6 th P. Holmes (Heronbrook) 47-14-0. 
Beechdale AC, Coppice Lane Pools, 

Hammerwich, Staffs. Sun8/1/2027., Becketts Pool
1st D. Parr (Beechdale AC) 58-12-0;
2nd M. Appleby (Beechdale AC) 34-3-0; 
3rd N. Hampton (Beechdale AC) 24-12-0. 

 Hampton Springs, Hampton Malpas, Ches. Sun8/1/2017 . Poplars, Alice, Meadow & Rock Pools.
1stR. Denny 26-14-0; 
2nd J. Cheetham 25-8-0; 
3rd I. Gaskell 24-4-0;
4th P. Roberts 23-10-0. 

Result from Acorn Fishery 8/1/2017 
1.Eddie Wynne. 52-08 p11
2. 2. Bob Smith. 50-14 p27
3. 3. Paul Haines. 40-02 p6
4. 4. Rich Heatley. 39-13 p13
5. 5. Mark Walsh. 33-07 p15 
6.6. Bob Warren. 31-02 p5 
7.Silvers …..1. Mike Laird. 8-02 p3 

Cudmore Fisheries, Whitmore,. Sun 8/1/2017., Moors Canal & Arena Pool.

1st G. Billinge (Cudmore) 21-7-0;
2nd B. Hanley (Cudmore) 18-7-0;
3rdA. Billinge (Cudmore) 17-8-0.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Sun 8/1/2017., Match Pool.
1st D. Lutwyche (Hawkesbury) 42-8-0; 
2nd I. Shirley (Warwick) 35-2-0;
3rd R. E. Grant (Hawkesbury) 31-11-0.
Norwood Fishery open 
match Sunday 8th January 
1st Jon Thompson peg 28: 47 lb 10oz. 
2nd Mick Scott peg 19: 23lb 8oz. 
3rd Leon Wood peg 21: 23lb. 
4th Stuart Lucas peg 7: 21lb 12oz ( all silvers ).

Messingham sands 
Kyle Hartley scored his second win of the series in the Drennan Silver Fish Winter League on the Swan Pond on Saturday. Drawn on peg 45 on the Swan Pond, like many he found bites hard to come by, but by targeting Perch with chopped worm and caster he caught some really good fish to head a very tight field, less than 1.5lbs separating the top four individuals, Kyle leading the way with 23lbs 13oz.
Once again a week of fluctuating temperatures has also seen results going up and down. With many of the lakes iced over for several days in a row and sudden increases in air temperatures causing the ice to melt quickly, the water temperatures in the lakes have plummeted, subsequently fish feeding activity has been predictably unpredictable.
One angler who didn,t let the wintry conditions dent his confidence in catching Carp even in the most adverse circumstances was Barnsley’s Sean Sanders. He won the Goldthorpe Winter league on the Swan Pond last weekend with over 60lbs of Carp on bomb and meat from peg 54 and returned to repeat the performance on Wednesday, this time on peg 27.
Grimsby’s Simon Piggot also found a few sizeable fish on Sunday on the Swan Pond to win the Open with 42lbs from peg 10, this time bomb and 11mm hard pellet proving to be the recipe for success.
The most consistent angler of the week and displaying his ability to scratch a few fish out under hard conditions was Dave Mountford. Dave scored two firsts, a second and a fourth in the 4 matches he fished, although his 21-09 winning weight of Perch and Roach on Tuesday on the Swan Pond was a shared prize as John Holt had exactly the same weight of Carp at the next peg
Drennan Silverfish League Swan Pond Saturday.
1 Kyle Hartley Scunthorpe 23-13
2 Keith Harrison Brigg 22-14
3 Lee Harrison Scunthorpe 22-11
4 Dave Mountford Grimsby 22-07

Sat Open Tripp Lake
1 Steve Bingham Upton 21-04
2 Paul Appleyard Hull 11-04
3 Alan Bell Grimsby 9-01
Tripp Winter League Sun
1 Carl Swetnam Rotherham 52-03
2 Gary Hansford Grimsby 48-02
3 Nick Houghton Hull 44-05
4 Tommy Grice Doncaster 38-10

Sun Open Swan Pond

1 Simon Piggot Grimsby 42-11

2 Fran Harrison Grimsby 13-14
3 Bernard Hook Grimsby 12-05
4 John Bolton Scunthorpe 8-02
Tues Open Tripp Lake
1 Dave Mountford Grimsby 11-03
2 Ian Coatham Scunthorpe 9-14
3 Stewart Buckley Scunthorpe 8-12
4 Tony Hepburn Grimsby 7-07
Wed Open Swan Pond
1 Sean Sanders Barnsley 64-08
2 Andy Chipchase Barnsley 33-02
3 John Bolton Scunthorpe 28-11
4 Tom Bolton Scunthorpe 18-07
Thurs Open Tripp Lake
1 Dave Mountford Grimsby 19-10
2 Tony Hepburn Grimsby 16-01
3 Stewart Buckley Scunthorpe 15-14
4 Graham Buckley Scunthorpe 11-00
Fri Open Swan Pond
1 John Holt Goole 21-09
2Dave Mountford Grimsby 21-09
3 Wayne Smith Scunthorpe 13-01
4 Mick Brumpton Scunthorpe 12-13

Monkhall Fisheries, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Thurs., Lark Pool.
1st B. Stanford (Monkhall/MH Floats) 28-15-0;
2nd S. Owen (Monkhall) 21-1-0;
3rd M. Griffiths (WAC) 20-0-0. 
Sat., Swallow Pool. 
1stS. Davies (Monkhall) 48-5-0;
2nd A. Kyte (Middle Severn Angling) 44-10-0; 
3rdP. Davidson (Monkhall/OAC) 34-1-0. 
Sun., Hawk Pool.
1st A. Rumble (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 65-10-0;
2nd M. Lloyd (OAC) 53-13-0;
3rd M. Cope (Bilston Angling Centre) 35-13-0.

Sherwood Forest
Holmedale Lake 
Sunday 8/1/17 
12 fished 
1st Nigel Shipman Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 32, 61-4-0
2nd Phil Carline Alfreton Angling peg 17, 41-7-0
3rd Andy Birkin Phil’s Bait & Tackle peg 30, 32-7-0
4th Martin Thackery Woodhouse Angling Centre peg 38, 32-14-0
5th Neil Bradshaw Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 9, 23-12-0
6th Paul Unwin Gateford Angling Supplies peg 3, 22-12-0
Nigel alternated between the bomb and bread cast to the lily pad and the pole fished at 14m with pellet for 61lb 4oz of carp – 7lb.
Sherwood Lake
Silver fish league Round 3
18 fished
1st Rob Perkins Matrix Dynamite Trentman peg 44, 15-4-0
2nd Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 42, 12-11-0
3rd Geoff Mawby Gateford Angling Supplies peg 25, 11-9-0
4th Matt Bailey Kinky Maggot Club peg 13, 11-8-0
5th Colin Perry Mansfield old Boys peg 52, 9-4-0
5th Lance Buckle Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 23, 9-4-0
A flat calm day made it a little harder than usual but everybody caught. In top spot Rob fished the pole and maggot on 3 lines taking a fish from each putting a mixed net of mainly small skimmers and ide – 2lb in his 15lb 4oz catch
League after 3 rounds
Matt Bailey 3 points
Mark Bower 5 points
Ian Boyd 6 points

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools,Bridgnorth, 
Shrops. Bank Holiday Mon., Willow & Chestnut Pools. 
1stS. Forest (Nottingham) 38-8-0; 2nd D. Doughty (Woodend) 30-1-0; 3rdD. Pritchard (Preston Innovations Boldings) 21-12-0.
Sat., Willows, Ash & Sycamore Pools. 
1st S. Roberts (OAC) 23-11-0; S. 2nd Owen (Monkhall) 21-12-0; D. 3rd Doughty (Woodend) 16-0-0. 
Sun., Larch, Chestnut & Oak Pools. 1st E. Bancroft (Rod & Gun) 22-0-0; 
2nd D. Lloyd (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 18-10-0; 
3rdS. Owen (Monkhall) 17-10-0.


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