canals and still waters weekending 8/1/2017

Canals and still waters 

Saltaire AA, Leeds and Liverpool canal open, Monday 2nd Jan.

With 41 anglers in attendance and untried pegs needing to be used this was always going to be an interesting match. Leading the way and pictured was Adam Jagger, Ted Carter Preston Innovations with a level 13ln from regular peg 10, 
2nd John Meredith, Tricast Rochdale, 9lb 14oz peg 6, 
3rd Alan Crook, Maver North West, 8lb 11oz peg 9,
4th Tony Bowater, Saltaire AA, 6lb 12oz peg 44 Hirstwood 
5th Tony Price, Ted Carter Preston Innovations, 5lb 8oz peg 11 6th Robert Thornton, Idle and Thackley, 5lb 2oz peg43

Thornhill open 31.12.2016
calder and hebble canal, Dewsbury. the ice up to an inch thick had to be broken before the start and it was all hard going. 
1st Richard Jackson maver nw 1lb 4oz peg 4, pole fished bread at 10 metres for small roach. 
2nd craig ellis tri-cast calder 9.5oz peg 2, pole fished bloodworm and joker for small roach and perch.
3rd neal pickett Thornhill ac 7.5oz 
4th paul McMillan matrix Halifax 6oz
5th nigel storr matrix Halifax and steve crossley maver nw both 2oz. 

Thornhill pairs 7.1.2017 round 1.

calder and hebble canal, Dewsbury. 22 fished. a cold clear canal fished hard.
1st mick sharpe Thornhill ac 2lbs 1oz peg 1a. pole fished pinkie and bloodworm for small roach plus perch to a 1lb 
2nd martin blagborough slaithwaite aa 1lb 1.5oz peg 7, pole fished bloodworm for 2 perch. 
3rd craig ellis tri-cast calder 11oz 
4th john Sedgwick tri-cast calder 9oz 
5th brian kellett Thornhill 6oz 
6th= frank szakaley trix Halifax and steve crossley maver nw both 4oz top pairs mick sharpe and brian kellett Thornhill 12pts. robbie schindler tri-cast calder and terry Guthrie matrix Halifax 9pts 

Wolverhampton AA Open, Shropshire Union Canal, Gnosall, Staffs. Sat 7/1/2017 
1sy E. Gardner (Team Eclipse) 2-12-6; 
2nd D. Williams (Team Eclipse) 1-11-2;
3rd K. Hulland (Team Eclipse) 1-9-12.

Wolverhampton AA Individual Winter League, Round 4, 
Staffs & Worcs Canal, Deepmore Lane & Four Ashes, Calf Heath, Staffs. Sun 8/1/2017
1 C. Shepherd (Sensas Strike) 5-2-15; 
2W. Kneller (Bilston Angling Centre) 2-7-2; 
3N. Clayton (Browning Lifestyle) 1-7-12. 
League: N. Clayton (Browning Lifestyle) 15; D. Holbrook (Four Ashes AC) 18; P. Murrin (Browning West Midlands) 20; B. Williams (Bilston Angling Centre) 22; W. Kneller (Bilston Angling Centre) 22; R. Guest (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 23.
Compton canal Wolverhampton 8/1/2017
1st b.banks 4.0.0 
2nd r.Wilson 3.9lb
3rd j.roalph 2.13 lb 

Saltaire AA Leeds and Liverpool canal open 8/1/2017 . 

After weeks of producing the best canal weights in the country, the cold and clear conditions have eventually reduced weights.
1st Mark Bolderston, Eccleshill Angling, 4lb 10oz 
2nd Richard Mailer, Saltaire AA, 2lb 10oz, 
3rd Dave Chadwick, Matrix Halifax, 1lb 14oz, 
4th Tony Bowater, Saltaire AA, 1lb 4oz, To book on for next week's match, please ring on 07815 092966. 

Sensas Commercial House League, Round 5,

Kennet & Avon Canal, Garage Pond to Bathampton, Bath, Somerset. T. Moretti (Preston Innovations Thatchers A) 20-12-0; R. Randall (DW Builders) 18-13-0; M. Nowiki (Mosella Bathampton B) 15-7-0; M. Challenger (Mosella Bathampton B) 14-0-0; N. Evans (Preston Innovations Thatchers A) 13-11-0; N. Wyatt (Stand & Deliver Promotions) 12-10-0; C. Dance (Preston Innovations Thatchers A) 11-13-0; L. Sorokin (Preston Innovations Thatchers B) 10-15-0. Teams: A Division: (Joint 1st) Preston Innovations Thatchers A 23; Mosella Bathampton B 23; Preston Innovations Thatchers B 22; Mosella Bathampton A 13; M&N Electrical 9. B Division: Maver 16; (Joint 2nd) DW Builders 15; Stand & Deliver Promotions 15; Sensas Nomads 13. A Division League: Preston Innovations Thatchers B 18.5; Mosella Bathampton B 16; Preston Innovations Thatchers A 14.5; Mosella Bathampton A 13.5; M&N Electrical 12.5. B Division League: Sensas Nomads 14; DW Builders 13.5; Maver 12.5; Stand & Deliver Promotions 10. Goodyear AC, Staffardshire & Worcestershire Canal, Shawhall Lane, Coven, Staffs. Sun 8/1/2017. 1st B. Jones (Goodyear AC) 10-13-0; 2nd M. Bethell (Goodyear AC) 7-3-0; 3rdR. Campbell (Sankey’s) 4-4-0. Still waters Blackfords Progressive Monthly Open, Calf Heath Reservoir, Calf Heath, nr. Gailey, Staffs. 1st Sat. C. Brown (JCB) 15-15-0; 2nd D. Shaw (Blackfords) 13-2-0; 3rd T. Gilbert (B’ham) 10-11-0.

Weds open worsbrough res 4/1/2017 

1st j preston peg40 11.06lb 
2nd n.benwell peg35 11.02
3rdj.atkinson peg43 7.03lb 
4th t.renwick peg33 6.09lb

Sundays 8/1/2017 open worsbrough res 
1st andy beach p36 17.08lb
2nd john kelly p40 15.13lb
3rd gary holland p37 15.00lb
4th tommy pickering p33 10.11lb 
5th brett clark p46 10.09lb


manor farm Open Match Results – Wednesday 11th January – Windmill & Boundary Pools

1ST BARRY DUGGAN 53-8-0Baileys of Warwick Peg 29 Windmill

2ND GREG DOVEY 47-6-0 MFL Peg 22 Windmill

3RD COLIN WOODWARD 25-6-0 Smithy’s Peg 12 Boundary

8 fished. Commons, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet.

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