marukyu baits

marukyu baits


MARUKYU's main feature is that it is focused solely on catching fish. Each ingredient, even down to the size of the grains are carefully controlled. MARUKYU takes into account these changes when producing the baits and adjusts for them to ensure a consistent high level of quality. Maintaining the quality and specifications of the bait is very important for competitive anglers where even a slightest change can affect the outcome of a match.

Secrets to the ingredients and products of fishing baits

  Gluten Bread Mash Gluten Sea Weed UDON Silkworm Chrysalis Pellets Extracts  
  Liquid to preserve bait and Prevent discoloration Yeast Corn Wheat Shrimp Powder Bran  
  Spices Shell Fish meal Bread powder Bean curd lees Kirara Molasses  

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