Hi Guys ,just a quick brief off myself.Ime individually sponsored by vic bush ,Mossela U.K. ,I team fish occasionally with sensas team strike.Mosh of my winter fishing is done at woodlands view fishery on silver league and pairs league with Simon nickless.In the spring it's Gloucester canal league and then Worcester canal matches till rivers open.I will send a weekly blog on a Sunday

Only fished today,and my bad run continues,drew end peg in my section back deans 50.Had to fish 16 mts for a bite.Well 5 off them had 2 carp and a roach and lost a big old munter and missed a bite with a minute to go.well done tony Whitcher on my left for a match win with 84lb off carp on the straight led on the maggots,which I gave him.


Only fished on Saturday this week,and it was  round 5 of silver fish league at woodlands view.There were 41 fishing.I drew peg 15 on ghost,started off on a 4x10 chianti short on the pinkie and has 2 pairs off eyes.fed to my left short with casters and a long caster/worm line and a pinkie line.Nothing long on both lines apart from 25 to the pound roach,after a hour and half went on to my short caster line,first 8 fish were carp.Then started to catch better roach to end up top weight in my bank with 7-9-0.Young Kane woodfield won section with 12lb .Well done to Charlie vallender Maver lobbies on a cracking net of skimmers that went 31 lb from back deans 37.Lee Edwards won his bank off back deans with 15lb on peg 55.Top off league is jon Harvey with 6 points,carl-lee-hopps with 8 then Si nickless and lee Edwards with 9.


Well it's been a weekend to forget for me,drew same peg as last week high pool8 on silver league,same result as last week 2lb for last in section.Well done carl-lee-hoops on winning with 20 lb off big skimmers on barley 8 and Luke capewell with nearly 15 lb from Arles 17,and lee Edwards 3rd with 13 lb on barley.Today has been a shocker drew peg 28 front deans and had 2 bites and 8oz Last in section and last in match.Well done steve Laurence winning with 70lb on back deans 53,also 2 other weights over 50lb on back deans on the deep water and Simon Richardson on winning Arles pool and 4 th in match with 47lb


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