Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Started fishing aged 9. Fished for Alrewas and Izaak Walton Stafford juniors. Won West Midlands championships,numerous inter county matches and opens with Stafford. We were first ever junior side to win a senior winter league which was SHAC league around Stafford/stoke canals. Had England youth trials at 15.  Fished with Alrewas senior squad from age 13 onwards before moving to Colmic. Fished colmic couple seasons before moving to Sensas Dams & lock. Fished canals all over country on various leagues/matches. Enjoy fishing commercials now so last few years these have been my interest. Won numerous opens all over country.  Main venues now over last few years I've won/framed at are Tunnelbarn farm, Heronbrook,Moorlands farm, izaak Walton Chebsey, Cudmore fisheries, Curborough fishery. Fishing my first festival this year at Tunnelbarn the daiwa masters in summer.  Grew up learning to fish on rivers then canals dominated early years. Last few years all commercials

12 March
Fished round 5 of individual league at Tunnelbarn today. I've drew peg 26 on extension pool. Fancied been in bottom bowl as a lot of fish down there now as warmed up. Damage limitation was the key today. Caught all over my peg on pellets. Weighed 92.6lb for a section win and 5th on lake. Best rig was a 0.2 TH slim Jim to 18 guru pellet on white hydro. Took 5 points today which has dropped me to 2nd in league with 1 round to go. Massive well done to Adam Wakelin on the win with a massive 160+ weight. Congratulations to all framers. #MaverGoldDynamite

9 March
Fished heronbrook today on open with 33 on match been pegged on bridge,match,meadow. I've drew peg 18 on bridge. Caught on pellets all over peg but could not string any f1s together. Caught 90 stockies few f1s and a bonus carp of 10.6lb which was highlight of day. Weighed 87.10lb , nowhere near today as some big weights across complex. Enjoyed day as plenty of bites. Best rig was a Th slim Jim 0.4 in 5ft of water to a 18 guru pellet orange hydro. Wind been a nightmare but weather been nice. Well done to all the framers. #MaverGoldDyamite

8 March
Fished Tunnelbarn today on the open which has been on Club pool. First match fishing under my new team Maver Gold Dynamite. Drew peg 13 so was well happy as love this peg. Fished accross on pellets for 4 hrs before having last hour long down right hand edge. Caught 5 carp and 73 f1s to weigh 161.10lb and a match win. 2nd peg 15 72lb 3rd peg 20 67lb. Best rig today was a TH slim Jim 0.2 to a 18 guru pellet white hydro. Used micro pellets as feed and 4mm expander hook bait. #MaverGoldDynamite

6 March
Fished open today at Tunnelbarn which has been on High pool. Drew peg 47. Been windy so made fishing accross difficult so decided to try and catch down middle. Caught steady all day rotating lines between 5&6m on pellets feeding balls of micros and 4mm soft expanders. Caught 109 fish f1s,ghostie f1s and stockies. Weighed 110.8lb for second in match.well done Alex Harper on winning off peg 18 with 118lb and Steve harwood 3rd with 105lb peg 27. Been some 80s and 70s today fish have had a good munch. Fished a TH 0.4 pencil float to a 18 guru pellet hook.

5 March
Fished Tunnelbarn today on open match which has been split across house and extension pools. First match since Monday since my daughter was born. Drew myself peg 19 on house. Caught at 6m then tight accross for most match before last hour catching few down edge on pellets. Had handful of f1s mainly caught stockies. Weighed 75.12lb to finish third in match. My travelling partner Nath Matthews won match of house 31 with 87lb well done buddy. 2nd was 76.8lb off house 1. Best rig today was a TH slimjim o.3 to a size 18 guru pellet and white hydro. Loving these floats Tom Hardy

27 February
Fished Tunnelbarn today on open which has been on Jenny's lake. I've drew myself peg 2 so well happy. Weather been horrid very windy and wet with hail. Much colder today than of late. Caught tight over on pellets then late down right edge on maggots. Couldn't fish to left edge as wind and rain in my face so had edge my bets to right. Weighed 91.6lb for match win. 2nd was 88lb peg 20 then peg 8 third 70lb. Used a TH slim Jim 0.2 across in 3ft on an 18 guru pellet

26 February
Fished Tunnelbarn individual league round 4 today. On rotation I was on extension pool and drew myself peg 26. Started dobbing for 4 fish before quickly switching to pellets as felt they wanted feed. Caught at 14&16m steady for 3 hours before going down long edge to finish with some nice big f1s. Weighed 74.15lb to win my lake and finish 2nd in match. More importantly gaining 1 point to move me to joint 1st in league tied on 10 points with Adam Wakelin. Best rig today was a TH pencil float 0.2g 18 guru pellet 0.11 hook length. Well done to Mark Taylor on the match win

25 February
Finally home after a very long day on the winter league final at decoy. Got given peg 19 on horseshoe. Had good company brad parkes next peg and the info was we where up against it as bank behind us was where the weights would come from. The wind was horrible couldn't hold pole except for fishing the edge. Spent 2 hours on the bomb no bites, got bitted out by micro roach on maggots ended up fishing 6mm banded hard pellet feeding micros to catch 12 f1s and 2 carp for 17.850kilo which was best on my bank but only beat 2 on other side so kind of pleased with performance but gutted being on wrong side lake but hey that's fishing. Best rig was a TH slim Jim o.3. Not sure how team got on as had get back. Congratulations to all winners

24 February
Fished Tunnelbarn open today which has been on canal pool. Drew myself peg 5 so ok but weights being better on opposite bank. Started dobbing for a few f1s then fished 3 lines on pellets accross. Caught odd fish till last hour which has been dreadful. My side of pool completely switched off with us all struggling for bites. Ended up with 58.8lb which won my bank and 3rd in match. Top two weights 65lb peg 21 and 60lb peg 16. Well done them Caught best on a THardy slim Jim 0.2g on orange hydro size 20 guru pellet hook. Off to Decoy in morning for winter league final hope the draw gods are kind

22 February
Fished Tunnelbarn today on open which has been on canal. Last peg in bag for me was canal 16. Been funny day really as for 3hours 45minutes never caught an f1. Had 136 stockies in this period all on pellets off 3 lines from middle to tight over on shelf. Last 1hr15mins caught 29 f1s on maggots. Had 50.1lb of stockies and 65.6lb of f1s caught so quick last hour was like summer. Finished with 115.7lb for third. Not catching any f1s early part match has been costly but every line I tried caught stockies where as the other lads caught f1s steady all day. 124lb won then 120lb second. Fished megger today
19 February
Fished open today at Tunnelbarn which has been on extension and new pools, I've drew myself peg 36 on new pool. Started on bread for two small stockies felt this was wrong so switched to pellets. Caught off 6 lines rotating frequently as couldn't hold them for long. Had odd f1s and stockies steady for the duration to weigh 60.15lb. This has won my lake and also put me third in the match. Top two weights came off extension with a 61.5lb second and a brilliant 89lb off paul Paul Holland to win match.

18 February
Fished the open today at Tunnelbarn which has been pegged across canal and Jenny's pools. I've drew myself peg 1 on canal. Struggled first hour only catching 1 roach and 1 f1. Finally found some fish long down edge dobbing. Caught some f1s and carp here before switching to pellets. Last 35mins I've had 12 big f1s and a chub on maggots out my hand. Finished with 84.11lb to win my pool and finish second in match. Well done Paul Holland on winning match off Jenny's 19 with a massive 129lb. 3rd was off Jenny's 21 with 67lb

 17 February
Fished open today at Tunnelbarn which has been on Jenny's pool. Drew myself peg 16. Caught on 5 lines dobbing and pellets catching 6 carp and rest f1s. Weighed 108.5lb to win the match. Peg 6 second 87lb and peg 18 third 75lb. Hope weather stays mild now so fish can have a good munch.

Fished open today at Tunnelbarn on a very frozen rock hard top pool. Last peg in bag was peg 20 so was happy as that end of lake been good of late. Broke ice out to pot and another channel slightly to left. Well managed 9 f1s & 1 barbel and some silvers which weighed 24.7lb which put me second in match. Peg 31 won with 27.14lb. Think peg 11 was third with 16.5lb. Never missed a bite or lost any fish so couldn't have made that 7oz up so happy with my day. Waiting so long for a bite swapping to multiple lines. Extremely cold wind today coldest day I've fished in for a while.


Fished open today at heronbrook which had been over 3 pools match,bridge,meadow as there's been 30 of us. Drew myself meadow 15. Not knowing megger amounts of the lake kept it simple. Caught 6 fish dobbing first 2 hours then 3rd hour struggled to catch mainly silvers in this period. Changed swims pushing 14.5m to my left same depth in deep water and caught steady on pellets before moving 16m last hour to follow them. Caught 6 carp and rest f1s with fewsilvers all on pellets bar 6 fish. Weighed 82.14lb to win meadow and finish 3rd overall. There was two 90lb weights off bridge and an 80 off match. Fished Tunnelbarn open yesterday on canal. Drew 24 caught mostly on pellets for 36.15 and 3rd in match.

14 February
Fished Tunnelbarn over 50s today as a guest only. Can't win any money just enjoy fishing a match. The match has been on Jenny's and club pools. I've drew myself peg21 club. Had a steady match catching off six lines rotating on pellets and maggots. Caught mainly f1s with 4 small mirrors around 4lb each. Weighed 55.1lb to win the lake and match. 37lb 2nd peg 20 Jenny's peg 6 third 29lb Jenny's.

13 February
Fished open at Tunnelbarn today which was due to be on Jenny's pool however it's been moved onto bottom pool  to get out the wind but never worked as wind was awful. Drew peg 21 which is in open water. Rock hard is an understatement had 9 bites 9 fish all on maggots between 14-16m, struggled holding that in the wind. 2 carp and 7 f1s which weighed 17.12lb which got me 2nd in match. 32lb won and 12lb third. At least the sun was warm even if windy.

12 February
Fished open today at Tunnelbarn which has been on extension and club pools. Drew myself peg 21 on canal first time in months I've actually been on back bank. Caught 111 fish 8 f1s all rest stockies at 6-7m on pellets in deep water. Lovely days fishing. I've won my lake and finished 2nd in match so more coin happy days. 51lb won extension pool off peg 21 then peg 8 canal third with 46lb.

Sunday 29-1-2017

Round 3 of Tunnelbarn individual league. I've drew myself peg 25 on new pool. Broke cat ice at start to make myself a channel too far bank as wasn't that thick new it would melt quickly. Started on bread had 4 fish after 1.5hours. Started feeding maggots on 3 lines accross and picked odd fish up. Had a few f1s and four carp biggest about 8lb. Finished with 44.1lb and 2nd on lake and 4th in match. Really happy as 2points collected in league table and moved up to 2nd place with 3 rounds to go. Well done to my travel partner Nath Matthews on the match win off extension 26 with 60lb. Top fishing buddy.


Sat 28-1-2017

Tunnelbarn today for Preston pairs. Naths drew ext 17 for himself and me new 7. Nice peg and fancied it for a few but how wrong I was. Hardly had any bites anywhere and when I did hook an f1 it was foul hooked. Really frustrating day weighed 10.5lb shocking and very disappointing. Nath did well off extension

Fished Tunnelbarn today as a guest on over 50s. Can't win any money just fished it as it's a match for practice. Got third in raffle at start so won me money back. Canal and Jenny's pools used. Last two pegs in bag were canal 8 & Jenny's 19. Lucky for me I Drew Jenny's 19. Broke ice right accross to rushes which was quite thick and stayed all day. Caught a few tight over on bread then fed three lines and rotated for 4 hours on maggots. Won match with 52.11lb. 2nd was peg 14 Jenny's 30.5 3rd was 24.13 off canal 21. Fished very hard for most.

Fished Tunnelbarn open today which was on club pool. Last peg in bag was 23. Had to break ice, made 3 channels out to 14m, was surprised how thick ice was. Sat for an hour before had first bite and a welcome f1. Swapped lines regularly to keep in touch with fish as very unsettled only getting odd bites before having to move. Weighed 44.1lb for the win. 37lb second peg 4 and 27 third peg 8.

22 January
Fished 2nd round of individual league at Tunnelbarn today. Due to rotation I was on extension pool and drew myself peg 22. After seeing the weights that came off my peg yesterday less than 10lb thought damage limitation was in order. Caught f1s and silvers for 26.13lb which was 5th on lake and job done. 7 points after two rounds and 4th now in league so still in with a shout.

21 January
Fished round 7 of Tunnelbarn teams of 4 winter league. My draw was top pool peg 15 so was happy as nice peg. Had to break ice at start so cut two channels to both pots. Caught mostly f1s with 1 barbel and a lot of skimmers to weigh 39lb and a lake win. So house pool fished hard to Jamie Hughes was best with 60lb winning lake which put me 2nd in 26 peg section and 1st in section money so happy days. Team front not sure how we faired as had to shoot off fetch my kids. Need good draw tomorrow for 2nd round of individual league

20 January
Fished Friday open at Tunnelbarn today. Match was on club pool. Drew peg 20. Cleared ice at start although it had gone after hour half. Caught some on bread and some on maggots. Caught 1 carp rest f1s. Weighed 48.1lb for second in match. Well done Paul Paul holland on the win with 64lb of carp and f1s.

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