Leon Blundell

Leon Blundell

Sorry about the late blog guys yesterday I travelled to Evesham for the 4th round of the pairs it was on a different venue which was the pleasure gardens after speaking to a few people about the venue I was told you want the first 5 pegs near the bridge and they got it spot on unfortunately for me I drew well away from these pegs and struggled rely I've weighed 5ib dead to beat the hole of the bottom section this won me nothing as you wanted 32ib to frame my drawing arm has gonebut still happy to beat the others around me I suppose that's all I could do a massive well done to my good mate Rob Sreeves who has set a new record with a massive weight of bream of 121ib red letter day the other weights were 80ib then 50ib then 40ib then 32LB my partner Des Nosworthy was 4th on the town with 8ib so still up there with one round to go still all to play for


Well today I travelled to Bidford for a match drew peg 39 which I would of ran to a few years ago it just doesn't seem to be the same peg anymore anyway I've kicked of fishing 13m over bread it was solid caught well for the first hour then all of sudden could not get a bite this happened to a few today I've then picked the waggler up and had a few more roach and couple of chublets this then died I was in trouble lol stayed on the waggler for the last couple of hours had few more fish on this one being a bonus roach that went 15oz I've ended up 4th in the match with 4ib 8oz massive well done to Jim Burton who had a lovely bag of fish on the end peg 60 11ib and Trevor Chalk 2nd with 9ib would also like to thank Paul Newell for a few tips on the waggler that last hour taught me a lot Paul we go again

Today I traveled to Evesham for a match it was based on 3 different venues I've ended up drawing peg 29 at Bidford and all I can say is I've got neck ache from Joe Oakes next door who was on the breamer I've fished for them for the whole match and not had a bite I've watched Joe catch them all day he's done great and ended up with 37ib of them that's bream fishing For you I guess they just seem to love that peg and will not move also big well done to Des Nosworthy who had a nice bag of chub on peg 21 and would like to thank Trevor Chalk and Sean Reidy for a very well ran match we go again

18 January
Well what can I say my good luck carries on today I travelled to the common at Evesham drew peg 11 it was up and coloured so I I decided to fish for one species the bream I've chucked right over just of the shelf and had to give a big bow as it was pushing I've ended up with 3 big bream 5 skimmers and one big roach for 22ib 6oz and another match win so happy with my fishing ATM I just hope it carries on the back weights weren't to good either well done to Mick Wilkes coming second with 3ib 12oz of peg 9 we go again and look forward to Sunday's match

15 January
Today I traveled to Evesham for the third round of the pairs unfortunately I didn't draw my favourite peg 26  I drew peg 9 out the bag that has got a good chance of few skimmers and bream I went to the peg with a feeder and bream attitude unfortunately it didn't work out for me today I've weighted 2ib 8oz which was good enough for half way got it totally wrong today and should of fished for bites big well done to Jim Brockie who won the match of peg 13 with a good weight of 15ib we are still up there as a pair as my partner was 5th on the town we are current 2nd overall in pairs we go again

14 January
Today I traveled to Evesham I drew peg 58 decided to fish the bread short at 7m and a long line at 16m bait dropping maggots I caught some roach and a bonus chub to start with over the bread that then went funny on me switched to the longline caught some puppy chub on this I've ended up with 6ib 4oz which was good enough for 3rd overall big well done to Owen who won the match with 7ib 7oz the bubble continues for mere current 2nd overall in pairs we go again


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