Daniel Tresigne

Daniel Tresigne

wed 8-2-2017

Today iv been to Packighton , 15 turned up drew peg 23 not where I wanted to be plan was to fish maggot feeder across  and wag and pellet to my right against the island  and set up 4 poles line  line 1 was 14 meters down the edge where it was 5ft ( last hour line ). Line 2 Maggots out my hand 6 meters where's it's 7ft deep  line 3 16 meters toss potting  maggots  line 4  14.5 meters to my right in 7.5ft catapulting maggots   Started on the feeder no signs  then chucked the wag and managed to lose 2 carp
In 2 chucks then nothing tried the pole 16 meters 1 bite 1 foulhooker. Back in the wag had 4f1s and a carp  then that died  back on the pole had 8 in 8 puts till I was skylinned match over !! Ended up with 12f1s and a carp for 35lb and 5th



was the Packighton winter league this week I was on the low numbers  on molands I was last to draw and peg 2 was left for me happy with that. My plan was maggot feeder open water  wagler up the road bank with 8mm pellets and pole 16 meters and 18 meters on maggots first hour was slow and they wasent catchin much across from me either  I decided to keep my cast to 5 minutes  with just 5-6 maggots in the feeder and then the 2nd hour they turned up ended up with 12 f1s  then 3rd and 4th hour only 2 more f1s and a small 3lb carp then the last hour I tried my wagler line again just feeding 3-4 pellets each cast first cast 8-10lb carp happy days next cast foul hooker. Next cast 6lb carp happy days then that's when it all went wrong  next chucked hooks a big fish that snagged up on a branch and totally killed the peg ended up with 50lb  enuff for 2nd in the 15 man section and 6th out of 57 on the day

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