Steve partington,,,
, age 53 from Gloucester been match fishing since 1989, started fishing age  7 on the Gloucester canal match,, achievements have been many,iv  been upper Avon champion,iv  held the 5 hour match record at Ross on wye with 82lb of chub,iv been a daiwa master finalist and was 4th second day with 94lb of roach in Denmark,, many wins on Gloucester canal, Been runner up in longleat champs and kings sedgmoor drain champs, twice been in Evesham Saturday final, turned to commercial fishing in 2007 mainly at manor farm Evesham but have framed at woodlands moorlands and larford,, best weight at manor is 238lb, my favourite methods are pole and banded pellet and worm and soil I'm sponsored by marukyu baits

MANOR FARM 12-3-17
Drawn 20 ash today a flier but with young liam dennick on 18 was going to be pushed started on pellet wag with a white banded 6 MM managed 3 f1s on this but they weren't going mad pole at 13 mtrs with banded 6 MM 4x16 sconezone float 0.14 to a 16 drennan  pinging 4mms this produced another run of f1s but some small liam started to catch slapping so knew I was in trouble tried my edge line which I'd feed with 50 percent marukyu sweet fishmeal and the same of nut crush with dead reds down in front of peg 21 rig was a .5 drennan margin 0.20 straight through to a 14 drennan edge hook baited with 4 dead reds response was instant a good stamp f1 then it was a mix of small and good stamp f1s till end of match but caught none of the big boy carp that reside there had 43 f1s for 91 lb 10ozs section win and 5th in match liam gave me a rite hiding winning the match with 150lb but he had all good stamp f1s and a few carp note must improve on my shallow fishing
Larford lakes 11/3/17
Drawn 48 on match lake at larford which had been a good area of late but the fish had moved a bit further up to the 50s after 2 hours had one skimmer on pole at 7 mtrs on expander no bites on method or down edge 50 and 52 were catching on bomb so made decision to stay on bomb for rest of match fishing an 8mm and pinging 8mms at 30 mtrs managed to pick up the odd carp until end of match finished with 11 for 54lb 5ozs peg 50 weighed 55lb and got the qualifying place for the classic gutted or what ended up 6th overall

Manor 12 Feb 2017
Drawn 18 ash today not happy as this and 20 on ash both had the wind in the face everyone else had wind on there backs and boy was it cold the other pools were island and middle
But ash 18 and 20 are fliers normally in good weather mostly pole on ash but shallow and pellet wag in summer so set up 2 rigs both the new pb inter wire stems 4x16 one short for groundbait and maggot as a lot of skimmers in ash the other 13 mtrs for 4 MM expander feeding a few 2 MM expanders with micros fed the short line with a ball of black marukyu sweet fishmeal laced with flouro pinkies the long line with some micros and 2mm expander started on short line with double red maggot after 20 mins had first bite which I think was a foul hooked f1 which I lost then no more bites went on 13 mtr line which resulted in 5 big f1s in 5 put ins thought I was going to empty it then the skimmers moved in but was a bite a chuck on the 4 MM expander but they were 4 to the pound every now and then would catch a decent f1 but was no pattern to it and this was how the rest of the match panned out ended with 15 f1s and a load of skimmers for 45lb 8ozs and  joint 2nd in match and boy was it cold was struggling to put bait on as my fingers were numb but enjoyed it as I didn't expect to catch what I did in those conditions but that's fishing that's why we do it

Sat 11 feb 2017  manor farm
Drawn peg 4 island today set up two pole rigs Preston f1 maggot and a pb inter both 4x14 to 0.12 with a drennan f1 18 hook and one bomb rod for bread 0.16 hook length 15 inches to a qm1 size 16 fished bomb first 25 mins for no signs so went on pole at 13 mtrs fishing double flouro pinkie caught steady roach with the odd perch at least it was bites had odd tries on bomb but no signs plugged away on pole until last hour back on bomb went round straight away a 6lb mirror then managed another 5 f1s until the all out weighed 30lb for the win

manor farm 4-2-2017
Drawn 35 island the same peg as I won lake in winter league last week fished f1 maggot 4x16 bulked and 2 droppers and a 4x16 chanti strung out 18 drennan f1 to 0.12 swapped between maggot and 4mm expander just feeding micros very iffy bites not really having it and couldn't catch any skimmers or bream most of f1s small stamp ended with 25 for 47lb and 4th in match and last on island as peg 6 was second with 87lb peg 13 won the match 97 lb and peg 23 third 79 lb

29-1-2017 Round 5 out of 6 of the manor farm individual winter league lying in 3rd place with 11 points drawn peg 35 island been a bad area as of late but I'm happy to fish for bites pinkie maggot

 etc ingrained

 from my river and canal days where I scratched with the best of them started on bomb and bread no liners nothing after 30 mins tried pole at 13 mtrs both chanti 4x16 one strung 

out the other bulk two droppers to

 0.12 and an 18 drennan f1 hook and big maggot not a sign then tried 3 flouro pinkies and it buried a 3lb f1 off and running caught the odd roach 3 to 4oz and the odd stockie f1 but was fish going in net was toss 

potting micros every fish then tried a 4 MM expander soaked in marukyu krill juice no roach but more stockie f1s with the odd 2 to 3 pounder swapped between the on drop and bulk rig rest of match picked up a couple

 off 2 to 3 pound skimmers 

and a last gasp carp about 3 lb weighed 53lb to win lake and 2nd in match and 1point which pushed me up to joint first in league on 12 points the last one on my birthday what a present that would be to win

22 January
A frozen solid manor today we all voted to go on windmill can usually get a few bites lads went around and smashed 10 pegs managed to draw peg 29 which I've done okay off in the past well what a days fishing had bites most of the match at 13 Mtrs on 4mm expander soaked in marukyu sf450 krill extract had 8lb of roach and skimmers and 35lb of big f1s for 43lb and the win

21 January
Peg 6 island today rod only job water was only 2.5 degrees and plenty of ice about wasn't expecting a lot had one after 25 mins a 13lb mirror on bomb and bread then an f1 10 mins

later a few silvers mid match on maggot feeder then another 4 f1s in last hour all on bread to weigh 30lb 6ozs and second well done to Chris Cameron winning off peg 2 middle with 54lb

15 January
Peg 11 windmill not much to report 2 f1s a chub and roach bashing on maggot over marukyu sweet fishmeal black for 17lb and third well done Chris Cameron my neck still hurts hope I can draw on some carp soon getting bored of roach bashing but seeing one of the biggest perch I've ever seen chase a 4oz roach made my day

14 January
Peg 23 island again in the winter league water only 3.4 degrees never had a bite on bomb and bread or maggot feeder nothing on pellet at 13 mtrs had to fish maggot was hard to get bites but managed to winkle out 8lb of small roach which included a 1lb plus perch hooked in the dorsal ended up 3rd on lake and now am joint 3rd overall



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