Andy Knell

Andy Knell


I am a keen club angler who over the last few years has started fishing opens and winter leagues. I enjoy fishing commercials and especially enjoy fishing Decoy Lakes, Boddington & Biggin Lake. My favourite type of fishing is pellet waggler or caster shallow on the pole. My biggest weight in an open match is 351lb from Boddington. I still thoroughly enjoy my time fishing with two clubs Wellingborough Osprey AC and JVAC. I like to be as helpful as much as I can to fellow anglers and just like to try and be consistent with my angling results.


  Biggin Silver Fish Winter League 12th March 2017.
I returned to Biggin Lake for the last round of the winter league. I was sitting joint first with 2 other anglers and at the draw I pulled out peg 41 and was happy with that but unfortunately the other 2 anglers probably drew better with 1 on a flyer and the other an end peg but then you still got to do it and I have had my fair share of draws. Anyway I set up a groundbait feeder and 2 pole lines one at 13 mtrs fed with chopped worm and another at about 11 mtrs fed with micro pellets and groundbait. At the start I had a chuck on the feeder with a piece of worm on the hook while feeding my pole lines and had a carp of about 4lb first chuck(shame they don't count) so went on the pole at 13 mtrs caught some small skimmers on 4mm pellet and small roach on maggot. After about an hour I was struggling so topped this line up and had a look on the 11 mtr line unfortunately this only produced a couple of small fish. Went back out at 13 mtrs and tried 2 dead reds and as soon as the float settled I had a positive bite that resulted in a bream of about 3lb then had a couple of decent skimmers along with a crucian. I stayed on that line for the rest of the match topping up regularly catching the odd fish I weighed in 11lb 8oz for 5th in the section but just enough to sneak 3rd place overall in the final league table so well happy with that considering the anglers that fished the league this year. Well done to Roy Coleman on a well run winter league and look forward to returning for this years opens and the next winter league.

March 5th 2017
I was at Decoy Lakes for the 5th round of the DT Floats winter pairs. I was on Willows and at the draw I pulled out peg 21 and unfortunately not an area I wanted to be honest. The area is known as the bay of doom. I set up a small pellet feeder also a small cage feeder. For the pole I set up 2 rigs one at 5 mtrs and another line at 13 mtrs. To cut a long story short all I could catch on the pole was small roach, the pellet feeder line gave no indications at all. All my fish came from the small groundbait feeder with double maggot,the whole lake fished hard and I weighed in 22lb for around 7th in my section unfortunately my partner didn't fair much better so are now currently 3rd and have it all to do on the last round.

DT Floats winter pairs Sunday 5th February 2017.
I was back at Decoy Lakes this week and my draw put me on Elm strip lake with my pairs partner on Horseshoe. I drew peg 18 and talking to a few locals they informed me it would be a struggle as the fish were in the low numbers. I set up a small pellet feeder and a straight lead along with a pole line at 13mtrs for maggot and pellet and a margin rig on the bottom of the left hand shelf. I started off on the pellet feeder for the first 45 minutes and not even a liner made me think this could be a hard day. I then had 45 minutes on the straight lead with corn and same again no indications on this either. I then went on the pole line that had been fed with a few micros and maggots and started catching skimmers on double maggot. A switch to 4mm pellet resulted in 2 foul hooked carp that were both lost and then all I get catch was the occasional skimmer. I had a looked down the inside over the last hour and managed 3 F1s and finished the match with 13lb 11oz as it emerged at the weigh in the lake fished hard all over and I finished 6th out of the 15 on the lake. My pairs partner came 3rd on his lake which did help us a great deal and we are sitting 2nd in the league with 2 matches remaining.

Decoy was a day to forget with over half of the lakes covered with ice 29 anglers were spread across 30 pegs on Cedar, Oak & Yew lakes all situated at the car park end everyone new it was going to be hard. I drew peg 26 on Cedar an end peg but unfortunately the wrong end I set up 3 pole lines, 13 mtrs straight out, 11 mtrs towards the aerator and my left hand corner on the bottom of the shelf. I also had a straight lead for the short chuck to the aerator. Well to cut a long story short I never had a bite on any line and out of 29 anglers, 27 actually blanked and yes I was one of the unfortunate 27. 2 anglers caught 1 fish each and both weighed 2-6. I was not too disheartened discussing the day with my travelling partner on the way home I tried everything I could for a bite today and it just didn't happen but that's fishing. I will look forward to next weekend.


 I was at Biggin for the 4th round of the silvers only winter league. I was fortunate enough to draw peg 47 on the wood side talking to a few anglers before the match thoughts were it would be hard as water temperature was only 2 degrees.
 I decided on 2 lines at 13 mtrs one in the deeper water to the right and the other to the left were it shallowed up both rigs floats were .3 with the deeper line set over depth. Lines were fed via a toss pot with chopped worm. I also set up a feeder rod as
 another option. I started off on the feeder with groundbait and 2 dead reds and 2nd cast had a perch while fishing this I fed both pole lines. After about half an hour I had a look on the pole lines and had a roach and a perch but the whole lake was fishing hard.
 I persevered on the pole for the rest of the match apart from a couple of chucks on the feeder, still feeding with a small toss pot I eventually found some better fish and for the last hour and 45 minutes I had some nice perch and a decent skimmer that was
 taking a liking to a large piece of worm. Weighed in 10lb 1oz to win the section, not taking anything for granted as there are some good anglers fishing this league, but just really enjoying my fishing again now. Decoy this Sunday 2nd round of the DT Floats

 winter pairs.
Sunday 8th January Decoy

 Lous peg 3 with the weather leading up to this first round of the DT floats winter pairs being very cold I was not expecting great things but was pleasantly surprised to weigh 57lb 8oz for 5th in my section.
 I fed a pole line at 14.5mtrs with micros and a few maggots and basically never had a bite on this all day. All my fish fell to a mini pellet feeder cast with a dead red maggot tight to the far bank or a small cage feeder and corn 3-4 ft short
 of the bank oh and a nice 1.5lb perch on the waggler. Struggled for bites in the final hour of the match and watched Osprey Ac master class on the waggler. As it turned out my pairs partner Ray Radon came 5th on his lake so we didn't do too bad.

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