james stevenson

james stevenson
~Fact file~
I enjoy fishing full stop from canals to commercials I will have a go at any venue, fishing for F1s to roach, I started my fishing on the rivers on the Trent and the Derwent when I was a kid then started fishing local club matches the progressed to the open scene starting at Lakeview, and Codnor park fishing against some of the country's best I really struggled my first year but due to the lads that took me under there wing I improved ementsly also time on the bank helped and I started picking up the odd result.
I love fishing commercials pellet fishing also I am trying to add bloodworm fishing to my Armoury
This year I've entered some major leagues i just want to improve year on year

James Stevenson Match Blog~


Lakeview 05.03.17

After a couple of weeks off I thought it was about time I did a little practice for the final next week so I decided to go to Lakeview, maybe my luck has come early I've drawn peg 14 on the canal a very good area even though 15 was in, I've set 3 rigs up 1 down the track 1 at 3ft and 1 tight accross, I've started on the 3ft line dobbing with maggots I've caught straght away in different areas of the peg, maybe eight fish then when I've chased them out of my peg nothing onto the line down the middle I've caught steady for the rest of the match on 2mm and 4mm bait-tech expands over micros I've ended up with 49 lb for 4th in the match and a section win hope my luck holds out for next week, best rig was down the track a carpa deck .05 to 0.10 and a gamakatsu pellet size 20

Lakeview Fishery~11-2-2017

Today I've decided to go to laveview Fishery at melton, to fish the autumn/winter series qualifier, the match was to be held on stream, not knowing much about the lake all I new that you needed a corner peg 20 was a good area, at the draw I've found out with there not being meny there and the ones that are there have qualified so all I had to do was catch a fish easier said than done in these cold conditions, I've drew peg 8 I've opted to fish dobbing bread across in 2ft 6 to 3ft of water against the reed beads a line  infront of me at 7mtrs fishing maggots, a line fishing pellets at 13mts at the bottom of the far slope at 10oclock and a line with ground bait 50/50 super g dark and pro natural breem with some pinkies in it out my peg to my right.

I've set up a carpa silver 0.11 main to 0.08 hook length to a green gamma hook for down the track.
And a dobbing rig 0.12s main to a 0.10 hooklength 808 18s hook
A light maggot rig across 0.11 to to a 0.08s green gamma again

All my plans were sent into disarray when two minutes before I started I've slipped and fell through my no4 and no5 section of my pole ooouucchh! I telescoped them and off we went lol dobbed about and a f1 about 2lb yes I've had the odd f1 every now and again on all my lines caught best over the groundbait with pellets 4mm bait-tech expands, I've ended up with 11lb to qualify for the final happy days.

Aston park Fishery      28/01/2017
Well well talk about two different days today I've ventured out to fish the silverfish league at Aston park Fishery after taking a look at the water and the temperature and rainfall I new or I thought it was going to be hard, I've drew on the Lilly peg 9 after getting to my peg I've set my stall out to fish bloodworm and joker for roach, so I've set 3 rigs up two for maggots and one for bloodworm, the maggots I would fish at 13mtrs and the bloodworm at about 10mtrs.
The maggot rig ps were a 4x12 and a 4x16 Preston chianti 0.11 main to fluorocarbon 0.8 to a silverfish maggot.
The bloodworm rig 0.11 Preston PB Inter 0.6g and a 0.08 hook length to a green gamma.
In a nutshell I've been smashed to bits both sides fished totally the wrong bait maggot s has been far better Leon to my right has had 20lb odd and the lad to my left has caught big ide shallow for 21lb and the section win I've had 9lb wrong bait !
Barnbrough Fishery      27/01/2017
Another new venue for me on possibly one of the coldest days I've fished in for a long time I've decided to go to a l lovely little complex run by the best looking man in angling Gary Jubb after being made to feel very welcome with the lake still frozen I've drew on top pool peg 26, the peg looks very fishy with a big reed bed at 16mtrs In front of me dobbing city.
So I've decided to set a dobbing rig up at 16mtrs to fish bread along the reed bed on the deck and half depth I would say I have a depth of about 3ft but it's very clear, I've also set a rig at the bottom of the near side shelf at top two plus two sock Infront of me and then the same depth to fish pellets at the bottom of the far shelf, then I've set another rig to fish groundbait and dead pinkies in the deepest bit 8mtrs to my right after being told there's loads of skimmers in the place.
So the rigs my dobbing rig is carpa f1 shallow 0.13s to 0.10s to a tubertini 808 20
My pellet rig is a carpa silver 4x14s 0.12s to 0.10s green gamma
My maggot rig is again a carpa silver 4x12 0.11 to 0.08 green gamma nice and light
I've started off with a ball of 50/50 Super G Green and Pro natural dark and some dead pinkies to my right and 8 mtrs then I've picked my pellet rig up and flicked it in two plus two it's not touched the bottom and a f1 in the net not another bite in that line, dobbed around in the deep water catching two more f1s, then I dobbed the reed bed for a hour nothing, onto the groundbait line were I've caught in total 9 f1s and 10 skimmers and two tench for 15lb and a match win, great day out in freezing conditions.


Today's outing was a cold trip to Sherwood Forest farm park, with most of the Sherwood lake still frozen in the early numbers I was again praying for a end peg, I drew peg 12 which wasn't a very good area in the silverfish match on the Sunday, but as I had drew next to my new found friend Fred the bread I new at least the crack was going to be good.
I set up three lines two at 13mtrs and one at 14 1/2 mtrs which I was going to feed micros and fish Bait-tech 4mm expands over the top, for the 13mtr lines one I was going to drip feed maggots over the top and the other to feed 3 balls of 50/50 Bait-tech Special G Green and Pro Natural dark and a quarter a pint of dead pinkies boshhhhhhh.
The rigs I've set up are a Preston f1 maggot to 0.11 main line and a 0.8 hook length to. 20 silverfish maggot which has a strung out shot, also a Preston f1 maggot 4x12 bulk and two droppers same lines and hooks. For the pellet rig a heavier float and slightly bigger hook a 18

I've started on the negative line fishing with the tosspot and pinging the odd maggot over the top with the catty, after about 20mins I've got 6 roach I picked the light rig up which I like to set up with a piece of line about a meter and a half between the float and pole so you can flick it past your feed I've flicked past the feed as it's falling through the water it went under a big ide and two better skimmers to follow then I've had to change rigs again and put about a floats body depth on the deck fishing pinkie but half a section past the feed a bite a chuck only roach, Fred to my left is catching maggot fish this as gone like this till the last two hours then dead, so I went straight to the pellet line a run of fish on pellets and pinkie, the groundbait line at 13mtrs the last hour is solid one a chuck some better ones as well, I've ended up with 4kilo 600 there's been a 7kilo end peg so I've won my section and second in the match there's been three 4 kilo 500s all in all a good match and I've done my mate Fred the bread off the next peg


Today I've took a trip to Sherwood Forest farm park it's been freezing, with the lake partly froze and the spinners on the different layers of cold water mixed with frozen I new it was going to be tough with every peg being in I said before the match I would take any end peg.
I drew peg 15 in the first section so you were always competing against a end peg, I've decided on three lines with not having much room two lines at 14.5mtrs and a line at 16mtrs.
I've set up a slow falling rig to search the layers of the water which was a 4x10  Preston F1 maggot on 0.11 rive rig line to 0.08 fluorocarbon to a size 20 silverfish maggot also the same rig but a Preston 4x12 bulk rig same lines, both to Preston solid 5s, the pellet rig a 0.3 into carbon float Preston 0.12s main line to a silverfish maggot and a Preston dura number 7 for skimmers.
I've started off feeding one line with Bait-Tech Super G Green and Pro Natural dark 50-50 and some dead pinkies two balls then the other 14.5mtrs line with a ball of pellets.
Then I've gone straight to the 16mtr line my train of thought is they catch the odd fish on waggler here so I've caught a few roach on this line dripping maggots then it's gone. I went to the groundbait line fishing pinkies a steady run of fish then I've really struggled nothing on the pellets both end pegs have been in the main frame 5kilo 600 and michel Elliot and emense 10kilo I've ended up with a poor 2kilo must try harder!

20/01/2017 Wetlands animal park

Today's outing was a trip to the wonderful wetlands animal park, I've drew peg two not a great area which has a island running along side peg one which would of been ideal to chuck a bomb along side, (Had I took a rod big mistake) haveing won on my last visit with 15lb of skimmers on the pole and groundbait and the drop in temperatures that's all that was in my mind (how wrong you could be).
I decided to set up two rigs up a Preston F1 maggot 4x10 strung out stozs and a Preston innta carbon 1 0.4g both to 0.11 main Line and 0.08 fluorocarbon to a 20 silverfish maggot.
I started of fishing to short I no that now started at 12mtrs should of started at 13mtrs anyway I've fed one 250ml pot full of ground bait loose with it only being 3ft in depth at 10oclock then 3 balls at 2oclock both with pinkies mixed in then a pellet line at 13mtrs,
Lesson learnt
I haven had a bite for the first two hours were everyone was getting the odd bite and liner on the bomb and corn or bomb and pellet.
I needed to start on this until the skimmers turn up after catching the odd roach on the 12mtr line and going nowhere I decide to get two sections out my bag and fish a long pellet line so at 16mtrs I've fed pellets topped with ground bait in a toss pot 10 seconds later under it went a skimmer about 5oz I've then caught steady for the rest of the match and ended up with 8lb of skimmers and the odd roach nice day so I thought lol.
Lesson learnt
Make sure you read the rules before you start although the guys were perfectly fine about the situation it's a 14 1/2mtr limit Lolo


After a damp and cold start to the day I decided to go to Sherwood Forest farm park, I've drew 26 on the sherwood lake this peg is a funny peg with a reed bed that stretches across the peg at 13mtrs out and is about 6-8mtrs wide,
So to start I've set up two lines one in front of the reed bed at 13mtrs and one at 16mtrs at the back of the reed bed, the rigs I've set up are the new Preston F1 maggot 1x 4x10 and 1x 4x16 on 0.11mm rive rig line to 18s silverfish maggot to fluorocarbon. To 5s solid lagging in the top kit for skimmers lovely:
I started the match by feeding thee balls of Bait-Tech Super G Green filled with dead pinkies at 13mtrs, and a ball of 2mm Bait-tech feed pellet at 16mtrs at the back of the reed bed,
I started the match catching the odd roach and Rudd on the 13mtr line but it was really slow, so onto the 16mtr line were as soon as I've lowered a 3mm pellet in its gone straight under sound a skimmer about six ounce then I've caught steady for the rest of the match feeding about 10 micros every put in, haveing to hook the Fish then Gide them round the reed bed was interesting I caught all my fish on 2mm or 4mm Bait-tech expands. I've ended up with 7kilo 500 for 5th in the match great day to be along side Fred the bread

Aston Park Fishery

The latest round of the browning silver lite silverfish league, with the water temp being only 2 degrees I new it would be hard, I've drew Lilly 5 not a noted area and with venue expert Dave hooper next peg and one of the front runners Matthew batham who's doing really well in my section I feared the worse.
I've set thee lines up two at 14mtrs one at 10oclock and one at 2oclock fishing maggots and a bloodworm line to my left at 12mtrs out of the way this has been a good back up line on this league.

The two maggot lines I've set up a 4x12 and a 4x16 chiantis with the 4x16 rig I've learnt to put a floats depth of line on the deck to try to entice a bite and the 4x12 rig the stozs strung out down the line with a size 20 silverfish maggot. Preston 5s solid laggie ideal in the pole
On the bloodworm line a nice lite float and a 20s green gamma hook to 0.8mm hook lengths
I've started the match by feeding two balls of raw joker on my 12mtr line, also a 250 ml pot of maggots on one 14mtr line I leave that for about a hour, I then go on the other line drip feeding maggots through a toss pot and pinging maggots over the top 4s and 5s not a bite lololo
I've gone on the bloodworm line thinking I was going to catch with it being so hard lowered the rig in it dinked straight away a roach then two more to follow then dead.
Ive ended up with 6 ide and a splattering of roach not good at allI've ended the match with 5lb 8oz and second in the section beating Dave hooper which made me happy he is brilliant on there Matthew won the section and another step to winning the league well done pall

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