Chris Telling

Chris Telling

Wednesdays 1-2-2017
Manor Farm Leisure
Peg 27 Middle Pool
111lb 12oz
1st place

Finally drew a right flyer.   So fancied it for a few.  It was a simple match, bomb and bread and pellets long on the pole.
Started on the bread, three popped up discs at 4 inches to a 0.152 Spider Line to a 14 QM1. The tip dropped back, a slight twitch on the reel to ensure it wasn't a line bite and no tension, so a gentle strike and clipped up and 8lber in net.  So chucked it in same place, and my rod almost got dragged in and another 7lber in net and chucked it again and had an F1.  So a lot of fish in area, so started to ping 4mm pellets on pole line.  Chucked lead and bread for 10 mintues, no bites.  So un clipped and chucked again a bit further, another ten mintues, no bites.  So chucked it to my right, 5 mintues and no bites.  Bugger.  So onto the pole and it was solid.  Caught F1's really well.  
Come the weigh in, I was surprised to weigh in 111lb, after admitting to 80lb.  It really doesn't take long to do a weight.   These F1's are chunky weight builders.
Loving my new Colmic Airon F66 Pole.



Hillview  21-1-2017

Peg 1
No good (7th)
19 fished

A little disappointed with the draw, Peg 1 hasn't had any form for while.  So take the rough with the smooth, was thinking of not fishing but you never know?!  Helped Liam with the ice breaking, as my peg was completely clear.

Simple match for me as its a corner peg and with 19 in, I am going to get cut off, so therefore it's a pole only match.  So out came the Colmic Airon F66 pole, and three pole rigs.  All I fished was fishing pellet micro pellets and maggots, I done a fish expander pellets.  And planned to "dob" bread to begin with, just to let my pellet and maggot line settle for 20 mintues.

The match

Started by feeding 30 micros and 10 maggots at 13 meters, and then shipped out bread at 14.5 meters to my right with "Dobbed" bread, no bites and fished it in 5 different places with no bites.  Went on the 13 meter line and caught a small


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 6 Middle Pool,,,19lb,,,,Last,,,,21 fished

4th round of individual winter league atManor Farm Leisure. I was unsure what to think of the draw, funny peg to be honest, especially this time of year, but Middle Pool you never know!!

I only caught 6 F1's for 19lb. Lost two. One foul hooked and pulled out and the other pulled out at 5 meters when shipping back. 6 points and no good. Unfortunately loosing two fish has cost me couple of valuable points.

Liam Dennick destroyed the match with 90lb next to me on peg 3.See all the weights below.

Overall I think I'm joint fourth,12 points and two rounds to go


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