Ian Keith Ward

Ian Keith Ward


Age: 52
Lives: Welshpool
Occupation: Fabricator,,,,,,,Sponsor: Frenzee – ABC Baits,,,,,,Favourite method: All forms of running water and methods that accompany. Pole fishing on naturals for bream and roach and taking apart the odd commercial venue.,,,,,Favourite item of tackle and why: Precision FXT pole. Perfect combination of balance with strength yet unbelievably stiff.,,,,,,Biggest match weight: 79lb of roach and dace on rivers. 168lb Weston pools,,,,,Favourite venues: River Wye Hereford,,,,Top tip: Make sure you plumb accurately as this will give you a good picture of the contours of the bottom.

Achieved in angling:
Drennan Super league all winners final winner,,,,,,Regular John Smiths, Shakespear finalist at Evesham on the Avon,,,,,,Angling times winter league winner,,,,,Welsh international,,,Many big open wins on a variety of venues across the country.

SaturdaSaturday the 7th December saw me heading to Shrewsbury for the latest SAMC open and with the water temperature at about 4.7 degrees ypu needed to be on the fish and drawing 83 putter near the erea were they've been,the peg has a deapth of twelve foot shallowing up to ten foot at the end of the peg. Rigs for the day were 8/9 and 10 metre whips a bolo waggler at deapth and and shallow wag,bait for the match consisted of 20 litres of groundbait 70/30 mix of abc match pro river and mole soil for the whip line with three pints of caster and the same of hemp to be fed through it during the match and three pints of maggots for the wag and bolo lines. On the all in I fed four balls at nine metres and fed the middle sparingly with maggots and hemp,after a fruitless 95 minutes the bolo dipped under and my first dace came to the net followed by six more in the next twenty minutes then a swap to the whip saw me start catching steady and by alternating all three lengths of whip ended up with 176 dace for 34-10-0 and second overall.

 3rd of December saw me at my favourite river venue, the Severn in Shrewsbury.

This week I pulled out 62 and thought with the ice cold conditions it was going to be a slow start with the match getting better as the day went on, so with this in mind I set up an 8m whip with a 2.5 grm rig to 0.14 main line and 0.10 bottom and size 18, B520 hook also added to the armoury was a 3.5 grm bolo with same main line and hook as whip rig and also a waggler to slow the bait down.

On the off I introduced four balls of Gb 70/30 soil mix with a spattering of caster, hemp and dead maggots in and fed the bolo line sparingly with hemp and maggot, it took me till half way through the match to catch but then managed to amass 29-9-0 of dace on the whip by putting a small ball in on the whip line every five fish but alas this weight had me seventh overall with the venue producing three weights over 40l

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