Freddie Hardcastle

Freddie Hardcastle


Freddie Hardcastle
I'm always approachable and offer help if I can...and not too big that I dont ask for it myself on occasion....fished rivers for 44 fished 80s early 90s but became disillusioned with negativity to get points as am always positive with feeding..fished 10 nationals in that time culminating in the disaster of div 1 at Liverpool...icing on cake that

Achievements.....upper swale champ x2 nidd champ...countless wins on swale,ure and top match weight of 105lb can only count sstrippin down to kegs and unravellin a barbel from a branch when landin net snapped....thankfully in the era b4 mobile phones Spent winter last 4yrs tryin to get to grips with the Yorkshire Ouse.....would say float fishing is my passion....backed by colmic woodlands to a small degree but open to offers....and would say to any young or any inexperienced anglers looking to fish matches on rivers"its a hard game...dont be disheartened by poor days/draws....everybody suffers them,just make the good ones pay"...its done me no harm..

Saturday 4-2-2017 ,
,saw me trundling to 1 of my old winter haunts on the swale at salmon hall....was always good for bites off silverfish even when it was out of sorts as it was this wknd....2ft xtra and chocolate at start but colour thinned.....all week the threat of heavy rain and high winds had done nothing to the levels on swale........till Friday....however cod beck that runs thru Thirsk and into the swale at catton(just above salmon hall)had burst its banks Wednesday and spewed sum proper crap in...bradford have recently taken over the fishing there and were havin an rather than pay into eddie bridons benevolen fund on the Ouse I opted for that....poor turnout du to conditions of abt 20.....drew peg 11 in middle field and set up a small Gb feeder rig((16g) to fish for d/backs) a 3gram dh No4 bolo in 12ft and a 5g cralusso ray on a top 5plus went 3balls of dynamite roach x and molehill soil..........cut a long story short I had 4roach 4dace achublet and a gonk all on the flattie for 1.14........alost bonus on lobbie tail cost me the section......10lb of chub won in early pegs somewhere and 4.6 2nd and 3.2 time I got back it was all done but there was an optional blind pairs that self and lad in 2nd won so got wedge back..was nice to go back after a 20year absence on the calendar  however it started to rise on Saturday evening which just happened to coincide with me avin a slurp and that put me off the Ouse Sunday  that was won with 9lb o bleak.....nxt wknd see,s me Ouse Saturday and swale at Morton Sunday and if it stays cold steak will be back out

29 January at 18:49 ·
Northallerton ac swale Morton/scruton 35
1st Ian kirton Yarm 31lb,,,,,,,,,2nd don McAllister stainforth 27lb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3rd Keith mottram airebrough 23lb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4th terry Morgan airebrough 22lb,,,,,,,,,,5th john Wilkinson airebrough 20lb
Better than respectable weights from a river carrying a foot of steely coloured and very cold(2.Degrees)water and I wasn't alone in thinkin it was gonna show its arse,usually that level and colour in winter means hard times,yet quite a percentage of the field had bites,however I keep sayin we know nowt.....ian drew peg 43 at Morton and caught 9 chub to stik/mag to win from don on 18 at scruton with 7 chub to bom/wag and caster then Keith nxt down from don with 6 to bom/ draw put me at btm of tweddles above the oppo on pegs that are either better without Xtra water or a load....trundled a stik down middle for nothing on and off thru day and fished bom an maggot towards far bank for 2trout(although am convinced it was same fish twice)the oppo fared only slightly better snarin a chub out of the blue to stik/mag.

Ad a double header on Yorkshire Ouse this wknd guestin in Leeds winter series...Saturday 21-1-2017  result,,,,44 fished
1st David David Armitage 11.15 p287,,,,2nd Ricky bonas 11.1 p219,,,,,,3rd kev pybus 10.15,,,Jt 4th Phil Austin and Andy hampson 10.6 "punky" fished pole over g/bait at btm of Linton from Ricky in form peg 219 where he had draw put me at middle Linton p268 on a wknd where I was aiming to make pole work as its a method I,m lackin in....4 balls at 13mtres and 50 mins with no sign grabbed long rod and ran a bolo float over the top,feeding hemp n maggot....catching odd roach till end for 4.9..

Sunday 22-1-2017 result,,,,,52 fished
1st Eddie Bridon 11.1,,,,,,2nd Jody bywell 8.15,,,,,3rd Pete baron 8.12,,,,,4th Stan Haigh 8.4.Eddie fished pole over g/bait at widdington 37 for roach and dace I think from Jody in same section fishing same I drew peg 227 at btm of bungalows and put blinkers on half knowin bream wouldn't showas thered bin a proper dip in temperature and most of flow and colour had gone,add that to the fact me and bream dont get along  pole out of equation as btween 11 and 13 mtrs its a snagpit....set a slider up for a third across in 22ft and boshed in 4balls of Gb in....caught very small roach steady until this fucker turned up and knackered him on his 4th fish fair and square in scissors....started gettin odd fish after another half hour then its grandad turned up...were a proper croc and that was end of play for the day finished with 4.5 and a proper hike back to me wheels....bizarrely enjoyed wknd

15/1/2017 Northallerton ac swale morton/scruton 30pegs
1st Freddie?? Colmic woodlands 41lb,,,,,,,,,,,,,2nd kev weighell dh angling/colmic 33lb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3rd Charlie Burnside Durham 27lb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4th nick smith airebrough 8lb
Difficult day for most on a low cold clear river where only top 3 found a few chub....bin a while comin on swale has this result and tbh when I drew the peg this morning I didn't see it coming,however I always say we know nowt in this game and today rang true....drew peg 20 at scruton which is usually a reliable extra water peg closish in....very deep and lot of force down middle so was always gonna b a tip job....went 1st hour with the bait menu for nothing so decided to bang sum steak right over....resultin in 4lumps nxt hour......then steady away indications to finish with 10....kev drew above the railway bridge and had 9 to wag/mag from Charlie below railbridge with 7 to same....done the ritual and picked up sum vino for my better half.....she looked shocked



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