Ian Coxon

Ian Coxon

WARNING - The following blog contains stories of misery and woe. If you are of a nervous disposition, suffer from anxiety, depression or stress you read it at your own peril.

Fishing blog 12th February 2017 - C for Cesspit.

After a lovely week off decorating as the weather was to harsh to go fishing i was back out on the banks of a cold, wet and windy Meadowlands fishery for the 4th round of the teams of three after a disastrous last round the glorious Ginger ninjas are now one from bottom n the league and struggling. Still we have won a few golden nuggets and there was lots to fish for. Now, on my week off i had been researching, researching different methods of fishing, baits, groundbait, shotting patterns and elastics. I had watched videos and read things. I was a changed person and this week Matthew i was.......................Des Ship.

Before the draw we all assembled, most of us in the hut as that was the warmest place to be. Steve Kofi Annan Daley was there along with choo choo, Stibbo who looked like he had put on weight, The evil one, the tornadoes team of Dean Young, Neil Russel and Ian Lillystone revelling in the glory of winning the last round. I promised Dean Young i would mention them.

As always i was helping with the draw so my tam mate happy Kevin Wright was going to draw for us. He put himself on peg 30 on Lambsdowne which had fish on it the last round, Neil Carless on peg 10 on Warren which was not to bad and myself on...........................C. Yes C. for those in the know peg C has recorded 2 blanks so far in this league and ranks as the worst peg on the complex. It is indeed a peg created in the bowels of satan. This peg is so bad they even make you walk up and down a hill to get to it. A hill so steep that i slipped onto my butt 3 times going down and once onto my face going back up!!!!!! I was however rejuvenated by the videos i had watched and was going to win the section with my new methods and new found knowledge.

The wind was left to right and bitter cold so i set my brolly up to counter this only for it to turn round 3 times and smack me in the face! Method rod, Groundbait feeder and pole at 11 metres in 5 foot of water to fish for roach were set up as well as a pop up rig. New secret groundbait had been prepared the night before and on the whistle 5 feeder fulls were cast out at 30 turns. then a pot of special bait at 11 metres, i could only just hold the pole. Method was cast 3/4 of the way across the lake with pellet and a wafter on the hook and i sat and waited. After 40 minutes and no signs i cast out the method but this time with bread hookbait. 40 minutes later nothing and nobody in my section had caught. The guy to my left had a skimmer on the GB feeder so i gave it a try, caught a skimmer then nothing so i put another 2 feeder fulls out then had a look on the pole line that i had been priming with caster and hemp....not a bite. Back on the feeder and nothing so i then cast the method out again. A phone call from Ian boasting Lillystone to tell me he had 5 carp made me feel much much better NOT. Then a phone call from Pete boasting Davies to tell me he had 4 carp!!!!!! and these are my friends. after 3 hours the guy to my left caught a lucky carp on the GB feeder then end peg Philip Canning caught one on end peg E. I cast out the GB feeder caught a skimmer then nothing. Now i needed a carp so for the last 90 minutes i decided to cast popped up bread around the peg looking for a carp. on the first cast the tip moved round then dropped slowly back, nothing there. I cast out again and again the same thing happened. surely this was some kind of torture? O the 3rd occasion it happened i left it just as a huge gust of wind turned my brolly round and it smacked me in the face. The tip never moved again and my heart dropped as i heard the all out. I now have to carry my gear up the hill and did so in a mood of gloom. Fell on my face again but luckily managed to grab onto a tree to stop myself from sliding back down. Once my gear was in the car i just sat there, heaters on full still shivering. Kofi annan drove past and stopped. wound down his window and said. You need to pump up that flat tyre..........i could of cried!

Philip Canning had 3 late carp to winn the section and many congratulations to Ian Lillystone for winning the match off a peg nobody wanted. Luckily Kevin won his section but Neil Carless did not fair to well on Warren peg 10 getting 10 points and i got 13 out of 14 points as there was a DNW in our section also. On a positive note the team went up a couple of places to 10th. Happy days. tight lines and have a great week everyone.

If anyone has been affected by this blog please call the samaritans on 116 123.


fishing blog 4/2/17 - broken heart

Welcome back to the Coxy's fishing blog. unfortunately we missed a week due to illness but i am now back fighting fit and eager to get back on the bank. That is until you wake up at 6am and its 0 celcius outside and you really do not want to move!!!! but as this is the first day of a week off i was raring to go and after a hearty breakfast at the local cafe i was soon on my way down the A45 to Boddington reservoir for the penultimate chuckers league match.

League leaders so far are Shrek (Neil russell) Sputnik (Kibber, casts to the moon) and the DJ (Ritchy Edmunds) with me so far behind i should be fishing a different venue and with me blanking the last 2 matches i was determined to catch a fish this week. Oh and for the doubters i am not last in the league..............i have excelled on last years performance and am now last but one  but i still enjoy myself and the banter is usually top notch especially from the evil little one.

At the draw i was lucky enough to pull out peg 77 (last match i blanked on 79) which had an amazing 5 spare pegs to the right and i was top of the section as it started at 69..........and this is where it all went wrong. Imagine playing football against a team with ronaldo, zidane, messi, best and pele in well that was my section.

Peg 69 = Tom
Peg 71 = Ritchy Edmunds
Peg 73 = Shrek
Peg 75 = Sputnik

Im fooked i thought draining off my pellets that had been soaked for exactly 70 seconds. Its a long time going 1.100, 2.100, 3.100 etc etc. Plan for the day was method with pellet and new secret flavouring which was going to empty boddington with wafter and bread as hookbaits. As usual i will start at 70 meters and work my way gradually further. i would tell yuo what hooks, line, feeders i use but to be honest it would not be fair on the companies that make them, they never work for me whatever i use and its all personal preference. Stick to what makes you confident i say-------alcohol usually works for me!

The all in sounds, well its Lurch's voice actually and we all cast to the heavens, well today it seems everyone is starting about 70 meters out then sit back, relax, have a coffee, read a book, contemplate the meaning of life and dream about hot summers days when the waggler flies under and your scared to take your eyes off the tip. Kibber was first into a fish the Neil lost one then tom had one. 2 hours in and Kiber was on 3, Neil on 2, Tom on 2 and Ritchie and me blanking. I have now spent 2 hours contemplating what i do wrong every week and start tying hooklengths. By the time i have tied 10 kibber is now on 5 fish with Neil the same and tom on 4. Ritchie is picking up a few also. i am now starting to think i have a broken rod because it never goes round. i never even bothered putting my keepnet in this week. Head down, what could be worse, then it happens, a voice, and evil little (loud) voice.

How many fish you had Nige - 4
How many fish you had Carl - 5
How many fish you had Kibber - 6
How many fish you had Neil - 6
How many fish you had shaun - 4

you know whats coming and so did i!!!!!!

The bank erupts in laughter as glen shouts "how many fish you had Ian" i grit my teeth put my head down and start to tidy my method feeder box.

30 minutes later glen again. "Ian, whats that new landing net handle like". I wouldn't know i haven't used it yet!!!!!!!! I am now descending into blankety blank doom, i hate the world, i hate fishing, i hate glen most of all then something strange happens at exactly 14.30 and 102 castizm turns into the lake some stupid fish decides to make the tip of my rod twitch. not once but twice it twitched then it dropped back. I lifted the rod and it was on and slowly and carefully i played the fish hoping that nobody would notice. all was quite until. Let it gooooo, Let it goooo, Ian let the fishy goooo a crescendo of voices sang on boddington reservoir until miraculously the fish after a few hairy moments rested safely in my landing net. Yesss the blank was saved. 15 minutes later the tip shot round and fish number 2 was safely landed. 30 minutes to go and with kibber and Neil on about 8 fish each i now only needed to catch 6 fish in 30 minutes. That equates to a big carp every 5 minutes now can we do it. don't be daft of course we can't.

The 2 fish weighed 18lb and gave me exactly last place on the match with Neil winning the section with 50lb odd. The match was won by about 80lb on the dam wall. Neil now cannot be caught and congratulations to him on winning the league. Another nugget is given to Glen as part of his retirement fund and the long drive home is not a good one.

Tight lines everyone hopefully we will get some good weather soon


Fishing blog 21st January 2017 - the dreaded DNW.

today we are back on the chuckers league at Boddington and when i got up this morning and looked out of the window i thought we really are quite insane. The car was frosted over and it looked very cold i expected boddington to be frozen but in for a penny and after loading the car and defrosting it i was on my way via the local cafe. arriving at boddington it was clear but as we climbed up the steps to teh reservoir we were hit by an icy cold wind. it was so cold it wiped the wrinkles of glens face and made you shiver to the core. This was going to be a hard day. only 14 anglers had turned up this week as the weather was taking its toll on the usually hardened souls. The others were probably at home doing the ironing their nails or other manly tasks :-0

At the draw i drew peg 79 which i was happy with as it was the top end of the section with only Kevin Wright above me on peg 82 Kevin was full of a cold but more of that later. to my left was Nigel Franklin on 77 then glen Maxwell on 73 then andrew on 71. Andrew had set a 6 meter whip up to fish for roach something that on a day like this could win the section and also something that was causing a bit of controversy with the pure carp anglers.

At my peg i set up a link with a .10 hook length to fish for roach, my plan was to feed casters as far as i could and cast the link over them. second was a method rod set to start at 70 meters then move out bit by bit. Bait was the usual wafter and bread. The wind was bitter but iff i turned my back to it slightly and look down the bank i was protected from it. The all in sounded and i cast to 70 meters and started feeding casters with a catty. i was concerned that the guy fishing the whip would cause us some problems but after an hour gGlen lifted into a carp and that was it especially when andrew had one 15 minutes later. i still continued to feed the caster line but now was convinced it was futile. the odd fish were coming out especially on the dam wall where someone had 3. 2 hours in and glen lifted into his second. Is it going to be one of those days. My first cast stayed in 45 minutes then i cast longer, the second one in 1 hour. glen lifted into his 3rd fish and i am now facing the realism that i am going to have to give him another nugget. glen myself and Lee Davis have had a pound club going for at least 10 years and it remains the overall priority to have bragging rights over who wins a friendly rivalry that has stood the test of time. so 3 hours in we now have glen on 3, Andrew on 1 carp and the rest of us blanking. On the 4th hour Neil Russell hits 3 on the bounce to lead his section. ! hour to go and i am looking to have my first blank on the league i have given up on the casters now because i need a carp, i have tried to read my book The pursuit of stillwater trout by Brian Clarke but my fingers were getting to cold thoughts of warm evenings on Draycote reservoir and catching on the buzzer made me smile. Nigel looks down to his rod, lifts it up and a fish is on lucky B$%&£$d. Then the all out sounds and the inevitable has happened. glen destroyed the section and won the match with 6 fish with Nigels one fish second in section as it was bigger than whip boys. In all on a day when the water temperature was 2.5 Celsius 35 fish were caught by 14 anglers unfortunately some were greedy and did not share them out as there were a few blankety blanks but thats fishing for you especially at this time of year. In the league i am nowhere and with 2 matches to go i have picked up no golden pennies but have had a laugh on every round at least i have next Sunday to look forward to when the Victorious Ginger Ninjas will be picking up a heavy envelope at Meadowlands Fishery.

tight lines everyone and have a great week. Oh and a final note thanks to Kevin Wright for this evil cold that i have.


Fishing blog 15/01/2-17 - Bragging rights.

welcome back to Coxy's fishing blog or better known as how to fook it up every time you go fishing. However this week i am still riding on a high after winning my money section last week with a massive 4lb 10oz. This week saw us back at everyone's favourite venue (apart from Andy Edgington) Meadowlands Fishery. This week we have a stand in for Neil Carless who was loved up in london in the form of Lee Abdul Davis who would be fishing Warren pool for us. My team the ginger ninja's are currently lying in 8th position with 21 points on weight. current leaders are Swanns then the Carpetbaggers then Milton Keynes. The weather was cold and wet with rain forecast all day.

As usual being the very helpfull person i am i helped Bigwig with the draw and when my turn came around i drew the usual envelope of death. surely by now i should see the grim reaper looing up at me from said envelope and draw another. I looked at the pegs and thought here we go again. True i had pt Kevin on a good peg in Lambsdowne 38 but 22 in the bay for Lee and 21 on the deeps was just evil its a great summer peg but is rubbish in winter and i knew i was in trouble when Darren Cox showed up on peg 20. with Tony Wickham on 23 to my left and evil Ian Lillystone on 19 it was going to be hard and then everyones favourite drawbag Philip never on a bad peg Canning showed up on 17 it was going to be hard. My best mate Glen Maxwell had drawn well on 15 and with Barry Byrd on A which used to be one of the best pegs in Europe it was all to play for and iff the fish had finally moved up to the far end of the lake i could be in serious trouble.

Plan for attack would be a pop up cast around to try and snare a carp for the first hour whilst resting my 2 14 metre pole lines and a small groundbait feeder at 20 yards. at the all in i potted in 5 balls of groundbait at 14 metres =laced with caster and dead reds and then as i was about to feed my pellet line my pole became stuck at the 5th section oh dear! luckily the very kind Darren Cox advised me to pull and not twist and whilst holding my pole tightly enabled me to pull gently until i climaxed......oops sorry i mean pull it apart ,Out went the pop up at 4ft and i waited, 2 casts and 45 minutes later and nothing so out i go on the little GB feeder with 2 dead reds. 3rd cast the tip moves i lift up and the skimmer is on and i reel in. This is where something strange happened, the skimmer pulled back and then pulled back more and then pulled back so much it turned into a carp and and my sphincter quivered as it took me quickly to the reel clip. Phew i got the line off the clip and another 10 yards later it hit another clip which i did not know was on the reel......and this is where the .10 hook length parted. "tough luck that" said Darren. Ian Lillystone just grinned. Darren was catching odd fish on the feeder now as was Evil Ian, i had 1 tiny wasp after 2 hours and Tony was biteless whilst crafty Canning had had a 15lb carp!!!!! Ian Lillystone was first to go on the pole but it was very slow and only Darren was putting a consistant run of fish together. I know has a couple of wasps a roach and had managed to snare a skimmer on the feeder. It was desperate. Over on the far bank Jason Shirley was chatting to the guy on the next peg when i saw him race down the bank as his rod wrapped round and the lucky B$$$$$d landed a carp i had not seen my partner Kevin catch anything on 38. 90 minutes to go and Darren went on the pole and quickly landed 2 large skimmers. what did you do to get them Daz i asked hoping for an answer. I put 2 large balls in laced with maggot he said and then uttured something about faint hearts and fair maidens. Now i remembered in past matches that ome people had caught skimmers after potting in dead reds so this is what i did and told Darren. "With groundbait" he said, no i replied. "What you done that for"? he replied and i felt like a naughty schoolboy until the float went under and a 1lb skimmer came to the net. The all out sounded and i knew i had done bad, i just felt that i needed to just try and catch a few but then on doing the weigh in i realised that the lake had fished terrible. some lucky people had snared a carp in fact two had snared them the the wrong way, i won't mention any names Johnny! My 3lb 15oz had actually beat 5 on the bank with Nigel Smith winning the bank with 23lb which consisted of 2 carp. Darren Cox won our money section with 17lb and Glen won his with 21lb. i was a little disheartened but to be honest the fish are all in the deep water at the moment and that is where you wanted to be. As i pshed my gear up the hill to my car i saw Wayne Sharman who i always have a pound with, he had been on flyer peg 15 on the warren. i reached into my pocket to give him a shiny nugget which is when he stopped me and said i blanked then gave me a nugget. Unbelievable i thought to myself then Stibbo did the same i was smiling now. Then the smile got bigger as Kevin announced that he had won his money section and Lee had come 3rd on his lake so the day was going well now and we had a 2nd envelope in 2 matches. Happy days.

Back at the pub it was all doom and gloom as we heard some of the fisheries top anglers had blanked it really was turning out to be a bad day for some. Kevin whispered to me that we may get in on the top prize money, i didnt think we would but when Carpet said we had won the day i said pardon, i cannot repeat what he said again. No say it again Carpet, who won the day. now to the room "excuse me everyone Carpet has something to say. Again i cannot repeat what he said but now as you all know i am a mild mannered humble person and never gloat or enjoy anothers misfortune. Well something happened i gained Ian Lillystones evil grin and turned into carpet. comments like talk me through your match Daley, where's Barry blanker. Show me your envelopes Carpet. The futures bright the futures ginger. This is when i got a little bit to cocky and asked Mark Casemore how his team had done..........and then it all went dark!

My hospital bed is nice and warm and they say i might be home for the next match in 2 weeks time. tight lines everyone....ouch


Fishing Blog Saturday 8th March - The Neil russell weather forecast and Carl Barnfield and the piker!

This weeks blog is in two parts due to the weather and everything i have to talk about. starting on Saturday with the I just chucked 100 yds....oh no he didn't league!

At the car park Neil Russell told us that he had walked Boddington the previous evening and that there was hardly any ice just as Ritchy Edmunds ran up to us in a state of panic saying its frozen its frozen. i looked at Neil and said "let it go". Off Neil and i went to have a look and see and Carl Barnfield went off into the sanctuary for a look (the top end of the reservoir) well i can tell you all now that Neil will never be a weather forecaster as the lake was frozen from peg 45 upwards. Oh dear! Carl Barnfield came back from the top of the reservoir looking a bit flustured. Whats it like up the top Carl? Well he said, i couldn't see much so i got to the top and threw a brick in. I heard a splash of water and thought happy days. I threw another brick in and heard it break through ice. Then i shat myself when i heard a voice from behind a tree 5 yards away. "excuse me mate, i'm fishing there" the sound of a disgruntled piker at Carl throwing bricks where he was fishing. To be fair to Carl it was that misty he couldn't have seen the piker.

the only pegs that were free were on the wall so as we had travelled so far and it was a beautiful day we decided to fish. 12 fishing for carp and 4 would have a roach match. At the draw i drew lucky peg 13 with Ian Ian Robert Maltby to my right on 15 and Carl Barnfield on my left on 11 then Jack on 9 and Glen on 7 with Neil end peg Russell on 4.

Plan of attack was a crafty one. As roach would count i decided to feed casters short and fish a link over them and start on the method at 70 metres and keep moving further and further out. Bait would be pellets, orange wafter and bread. First cast out at the whistle and i left it while feeding casters. 45 minutes later i was still feeding casters and the tip lay still. 2 hours later Jack had a carp closely followed by Carl. i decided to play my trump card and a dlicate cast into where i was firing casters with a dead red on the hook and.....................nothing!!!!!! oh dear here we go. i start to cast furthur with the method. 3 hours in Brian 2 pegs to my right hooks and plays the conservationist by releasing what he hooks. Ian Ian Robert Maltby is now on his 4th crack off and every time he casts i duck. He asks me why this keeps happening and why his line keeps twisting. i tell him he's put the line on the wrong way round, he looks at me with a blank expression. Now is when it all goes wrong i am now very bored so start to amuse myself with selfies just when Glen leans forward lifts his rod and starts playing a fish to a crescendo of let it go from me. He lands the fish and shouts many friendly words of thanks to me. Hour 3 and Jack loses one and Carl lands one. 3 pegs in a row have now caught fish and everyone else is blanking. i am now casting 85 metres and as they are paying the top 3 fishing for roach is a non starter not that i can get a bite from one anyway. 45 minutes to go and i am casting over 90 meters, Carl says if you don't get a bite there your not gonna get one just as....................yes you've guessed it his tip flies round and he is playing his 3rd fish! so now we have Carl on 3, glen on 2 and Jack on 1. Its also starting to get cold and the mist that has been hanging around all day is getting heavier. 4 minutes to go and glen lifts into a bite and this fish matters, it will win the match. glen plays it slowly, it's a big fish and thats how it ends. Glen loses the fish 20 yards out, Carl wins with 3 fish for 27lb, glen 2nd with 19lb and Jack 3rd i cannot remember the weight. all in all a nice day out and i start the year with a cheque book and pen. Happy New year everyone tomorrow i am off to Meadowlands for the Teams of three



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