Darren Cox

Darren Cox

12 February

A tough old cold day on the Bigwig TO3 at meadowlands today. Just about got the feeling back in my finger ends! I drew peg 9 on Lambs which is a decent area but not likely to win the zone. Quite surprisingly there were quite a few Carp caught again on the lake. I had one on the wafter and hybrid feeder after 30 minutes and one 30 minutes from the end. In between I managed a few decent skimmers on the feeder and only perch on the pole. Lots of carp moving around today as many of us had liners at times. I weighed 24-3 which was 5th in my 14 peg zone. Happy with that in the end. Team wise we crept up another place in the league so steady result again. Well done to Ian Lillystone for paralysing the section off peg 23 that nobody wanted. Tough fishing in such cold water on big open lakes but st least you always feel you might have a pull or two from something worth catching!

Barston Masters on a very cold day after a lot of ice thawed in overnight. If ever there was a day to draw sock on then today was it. Called Wayne Colloff a draw bag when he drew 56 and then went and drew 57 next to him! We both kicked off really well with a carp each first chuck for me on hybrid and wafter, about 8lb. Wayne's was 9-6. There were a few Carp caught on the lake early but then they obviously stopped feeding. I decided that I needed to try and catch some skimmers on the '3 square'. No skimmers but I caught 5 bream!. Baz Byrd on 51 fished a good match catching more skimmers than everyone in our section but I just pipped him for the qualifying place in the final and 2nd in the match with 25-8 to his 24-6. Well done to Carl Barnfield for winning the match! Meadowlands T3 tomorrow, more good draws needed please


22-1-2017 One day only fishing this weekend which was Saturday on the Garbolino Individual Silvers League at Meadowlands. When we got there it was solid with ice but Phil and Tony from the fishery did a fantastic job breaking it all up and the wind soon cleared it before we started fishing. I drew Lambs 12 which is a very consistent area and only one peg away from where I won the section and 3rd overall last round. I knew it was going to be tough so set my stall out to catch on my favourite little Garbolino 20g 3 square cage feeder at 28m. I primed my pole line with quite a lot of dead maggots, casters and pinkies in 6 balls with the idea that I probably would not fish it for 3 hours. It was a slow start for all but eventually I started catching skimmers on dead red maggots. Bites were shocking and almost non-existent even with a glass tip but often they were on when I lifted into the merest indication! I had a great few hours and was well clear in the section but despite moving out a few meters at a time the feeder just died and I could not keep it going. The pole line only produced micro perch for most on this lake and that made it clear there were very few skimmers to be caught on it. Richie 'the Heron' Reynolds on peg 9 and Stephen Bowen on 8 started catching really well in the last 1 1/2 hours and Richie sneaked ahead of me to win the section with very credible 15lb on the day. I had 15 skimmers and 30 tiny perch for 11lb 8oz which was joint 2nd in the section. so still in the race and a really nice days fishing in such cold conditions. After 2 rounds I am lying 3rd but there is a long way to go yet!
Full results sheet for the league to date and winners pictures are on Garbolino UK
15/1/2017 Round 2 of Bigwigs Teams of 3 at meadowlands this Sunday and on paper I drew 2 out of 3 very good pegs. Andy Andy Kinder poor lad was on 30 for us which was never going to be good in such cold conditions and I handed Stephen Bowen peg 5 on Warren which is normally a mega peg. I sat on 20 on Lambs which is a peg I love and was in great company with Ian Coxon on 21 and Ian Lillystone on 19. I only had a short spell for a carp long as I thought it would be very hard but I should be able to catch skimmers on the feeder and pole. The pole wasn't that good but by plugging away in the feeder I scraped together 17lb 6oz of skimmers for 4th in my zone and a £50 section win. The team bombed and we dropped from 4th overall to 7th but all the points are incredibly tight. All to play for.

7/1/2017 A bit late as I have been straight out tonight to see Daniel receive his age category winners trophy for 2016 in his swimming club. Proud Dad!
First round of the Garbolino Silvers League at Meadowlands today and I was pleased to draw 11 on Lambsdown, deepest area in the lake and after the big freeze and an ice covering up to last night I thought it might be hard but the depth may help. Caught 7 small skimmers early on the feeder at 27m but then it went on me completely. There were a few fish being caught on the pole but I had fed 6 big balls with casters, dead reds and a few pinkies at 14.5m so wanted to leave it to settle as long as I could. It was really iffy all day but had some good little spells of decent fish to end with 18 skimmers for 23-12. Thankfully that won the section and the lake and gave me 3rd overall! Lee Lee Mushy Farmer, Roly Mceneaney and Phil Bardell who was next peg all pushed me right to the whistle in a very tough section. Warren fished really well and Steve Steve Hemingray won the match with loads of small skimmers for 27lb. Good start for me in the league so all to play for

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