Andy Bennett AKA Bagger

Andy Bennett AKA Bagger


12 March

Catch up from the last two weeks fishing, firstly was the larford silverfish festival where myself and paul went to fish. First day seen my on speci 26 and i had a lovely day catching mainly on the pole to win the match with 34lb so a great start but that was the highlight of my week tbh. Managed a 3rd overall 3rd day with 34lb off match lake but the other two days struggled for 12 & 14lb. What was noticeable was how patchy it could be, on day two i had 1 skimmer on the feeder and paul was 2nd in the match with 30lb fishing the same gb, distance everything the same although he was end peg its hard to believe it could be so different. Ended up around 10th overall but looking back 2lb more on the 2 days I struggled and i would of been 3rd so wasnt a mile off and probably could of done things differently to catch that. Enjoyed it though and will defo be back. On the Saturday our guru team managed to clinch the partridge winter league so we was made up with that after a long hard winter. Sunday was the Bradshaws silverfish final and i drew lake 5 so never really had a chance of winning but had a lovely day catching 24lb. This week i was up at woodlands for the 2nd silverfish festival and i had a really enjoyable week. I managed to catch 32lb first day to win the practise match then during the festival i had 18lb off curlew first day mainly roach then managed too win mallard the 2nd day with 32lb and 2nd overall and the last day managed to win the match with 55lb of skimmers and odd big roach to finish 2nd overall with 107lb just 1lb odd off winning the festival for the 2nd time, my mate jonny was 4th also so a good week for us overall although we could of done a bit better still as we were learning the venue everyday tbh. Really enjoyed my silverfish matches this winter but its time to get my f1/carp head back on now with some big matches coming up. This weekend has seen me attend heronbrook both days firstly for my first fishomania qualifier and i drew canal 1 on Saturday and half fancied it. Started really well catching 30lb first hour but the peg died of death and struggled after that to finish with 63lb for no good but a days fishing. I think if the wind was blowing towards me i would of had a really good chance as the water was quite clear and could of done with a ripple and a few more fish. Today i filled in for tricast/guru team in the teams of 4 winter league and with pegging similar to fisho with 120 people fishing there wasnt many pegs i fancied but luckily james drew me a flier in meadow 45 and iv had a lovely day. Infact never had a peg so solid in march and had a bite a chuck from start to finish. Dobbed around 20 carp plus some f1s on maggots/bread before catching down the edge on pellets then emptied it for the last 90 mins on maggots short to finish up weighing 230lb to win the match. Team did ok too and think they were joint 1st on the day but could be wrong. Wish id of drawn that peg on the fisho yesterday but iv got a few tickets left so we will keep trying. Lastly had some great feedback from our last commercial masters video so thanks for the good comments so long as people enjoy them we will keep doing them

26 February
Not fished a match for a week so after practicing yesterday for the larford silverfish festival this week myself and paul was going to have a day off. Last minute decided to fish the open at tunnel as we was stopping here anyway and we managed to pull out pegs 2 & 4 on jennies. Happy enough with that as we filmed our commercial masters episode 10 on Thursday on peg 7 and there was plenty of fish along that straight plus we had a good day on pellets and thats all we had for bait today too so a nice simple day. Started over on them and nicked 3 fish but the wind was horrible couldnt keep the float still as the wind was pushing the rig through. Had a go down the edge and had a good run on this before it died. Went in the track at 8m and finally felt like some fish had settled catching really well mid match and caught paul back up who was catching well down the edge. Rotated the edge and the middle but soon as me an aiden shared the pallet it was never the same so was only left with the track line really, couldn't catch close so persevered with the track. Come back to 7m as again it was getting harder to hold the float still. It slowed up 4th hour but luckily they come back last hour to finish strong. Couldn't quite catch paul up though as he had another good run when he went longer down the edge. Finished with 47 fish for 101lb my first ton of the year which was nice just fishing exactly how we did on our commercial masters episode 10 which is due out soon. Paul won the match with 113lb so well done to him, i ended up 2nd with 101lb so not a bad day barring the wind. 90lb won the canal john light from around about 22ish. Paul did go for swim but didnt hear him because of the wind so missed the chance of a photo larford festival starts tomorrow so looking forward to that just hope the wind drops a bit.

19 February
Double header of winter leagues this weekend, saturday was the partridge teams of 4 and today was the last round pf the bradshaws silverfish league. Saturday i drew peg 98 on lake 4, had an absolute nightmare match was going ok for two hours nicking an odd stockie then the wheels came off and didnt catch next to nowt for 3hrs felt a bit boxed in tbh as its the narrowest and shallowest peg on that lake. Sometimes it can be ok but couldnt make a bite anywhere and ended up with 20lb for 8th in my 13 peg section which seen me lose my lead in the individual after drawing 42 last round could really do with a peg last round as im now 1 point behind jonny whos on 11pts. The other lads faired alot better though paz won his lake with 57lb micky was well up there with 43lb and con had 39lb for halfway and somehow we won the day as a team which i was shocked about as we had 20 pts probably the highest score to win a round all league. This extended our lead in the league to 20 points with one round to go so hopefully we will go on to win the league now so a good day. Well done to daz shaw on the win with 90lb from peg 1. Today I was at Bradshaws and with me being 25lb clear going into today i felt i needed to catch 10-15lb to do win the league. There was one area of lake 5 pegs 3-6 where i didnt fancy as the fish are really small stamp here and i had my lowest weight since going there off peg 5 12lb a bit back. Iv drawn peg 3 haha couldn't believe it but it was alot milder and i was still confident of catching 10-14lb as i knew i could catch a tiny roach every chuck if needed. Started on the waggler to let my pole line settle and iv had a great start catching some dumpy little roach from 1-3oz and thought i might just be able to fish this all day as if it stayed as it was i could of caught double figures easy. But then the really small roach 1/2oz to 1oz fish moved in and i started missing bites so i had an early look on the pole and caught steady but again small fish. I decided to start feeding 4m so i could hopefully clatter them as they seemed to be on the feed and this worked a treat as it meant i didnt have to break down and could catch them quickly when they were there. Managed a few small skimmers long 2-4oz and a couple on the waggler inbetween but it was a case of rotating these three lines then for the rest of the day. Couldnt catch much long late and the fish went really small so forced it and blew that peg up tbh but it was quicker short and the last hour i just got my head down and caught probably 40 fish including some better 3-4oz roach i between. Had a brilliant day fed around 3 pints of casters in the end which is nice to feed some bait and ended up just winning the lake with 24lb 8oz so i was made up with that. This meant i finished around 17lb clear in the the end to win the league overall so happy with that as i didnt really know much about any of the lakes before the league started and considering the weather we have had over the winter to average 24lb a match over 6 rounds is great silverfish sport. Big well done to jonny on winning the match today with a great weight of 43lb from peg 15 on lake 4 which clawed him back up the league aswell to finish 3rd overall so well done pal. Lastly a big thanks to matt forster and carl lowe for running the series and all the other lads who helped with the weigh ins etc.

Two matches this week, Tuesday14-2-2017 

i drew 110 on lake 5, always like this area as you always get some bites from the smaller f1s that seem to live there so had some good days on it but only when its pegged 107,110,113 when its every other peg it doesn't seem as good, last two times iv drawn it iv won the lake both times and even the match on one occasion. Wind was off my back too so i could fish easy enough too. The lake didn't fish brilliant though and i started really slow catching only 6 fish first half of the match across on maggot. Nicked a few on the bomb and i got the feeling the fish was too my right but long down the peg. Managed a few in the track late to finish with 20 fish for 33lb which is a good stamp for here just needed them smaller ones to tick me over really, ended up getting the section and 5th on the day with 45lb winning from lake 6 peg 140 so well done to dave.
Tursday 16-2-2017 i was on peg 18 and didnt know what to expect tbh as i felt all the fish would be in the wind with the milder temps but its been a coldish wind and they haven't really followed it like i expected. Iv had a slow start nothing for 30 mins then went and had another look on bread upto the cover and managed to pick off 28 fish over the next 3 hours. 4th hour was really slow felt id pushed the fish too far out of the peg could of done with my bomb rod as they was about 17/18m down the peg and the wind was really strong by this point. Last hour they come back and and i had 3 quick fish before another blank 25 mins then last 30 mins they decided to come down and have a feed and i caught another 11 mainly new stock fish to finish up with 42 fish for 62lb which was enough to win the match overall. Well done to ste openshaw who was 2nd with 52lb and all the other framers. Teams of 4 Winter league Saturday so hoping for a steady draw as we have a decent lead of 18 pts at present so as long as we avoid a disaster we should have a good chance of getting one hand on the league title. Could also do with a decent draw personally as I'm leading the individual on there and on the bradshaws silverfish league which is the final round this sunday so looking forward to this weekend.

12 February

Bradshaws silverfish league today and iv drawn peg 10 on lake 2 opposite where i was yesterday. Happy enough with that as 15lb was my target weight today and being a deep lake and so windy it meant if i couldn't fish the pole properly i would have a chuck on the feeder for the skimmers. After no roach feeding yesterday i decided i was going to target mainly skimmers so fed my pole line in that manner and set up 2 rigs a 1g and 2g plus a feeder chuck at 28 turns slightly to my right as thats where they tend to live. Should of done this yesterday but learnt from it and today the feeder was the first thing out of the bag as i wasnt confident catching skimmers on the pole today. Glad i did too as iv had all my fish barring about 8oz on the pole. Caught 25 skimmers plus some roach but not as big stamp as yesterday. Myself and mark harris had a peg to peg battle today and hes netted a fish last chuck to pip me by 8oz to win the match grrrr. Iv ended with 19lb 8oz for 2nd overall but more importantly extended my lead in the league to 25lb now with 1 round to go so barring a disaster its looking like i could win the league overall. Been rock hard for alot today mainly due to the wind and freezing cold weather so really glad i drew lake 2. Put the practise in on Saturday and luckily it paid off and give me an insight to how it would fish otherwise id of probably fished short and long on the pole for a safe weight which would of been wrong today as the lads to my left didnt catch much at that end on the pole infact no one weighed in apart from an 8oz. Well done to mark and all the other framers. Our tricast/guru team did ok at partridge too on the teams of 4 and still lead that league by 5pts with 2 rounds left so a good day all round.

11 February

Bradshaws today for a little silverfish knock up on lake 2. Been a very cold day but it would be a good practise for tomorrows silverfish league so glad i went as iv drawn the same peg i drew on there two week ago where i had 20lb of roach. Iv drawn peg 4 and was made up until i was told it was paper pegged which put me on permanent peg 5 like i said the same peg as last time its a good roach area so that was my target but that soon changed. Had jonny for company on 4 to my left aswell so knew i was up against it as 2-4 is the better area for skimmers but i thought being end peg maybe that could be an advantage? Well it want as no roach have fed hardly and its been the complete opposite to the last two times iv been on there. Had a few bits early then a 3lb bream after an hour and 2 decent skimmers and thought it was going to be good from then on but i never really got them to settle all day. Jonny was catching a few at this point and we was having a good battle but peg 3 was catching really well at this stage. Mid match and i couldnt really get a run of fish just an odd roach and a very odd skimmer this is where jj started to motor and was catching some quality skimmers at this point and catching peg 3 up slowly and he even managed another bream which he held up to me and said there a pain as they take longer to get in than the skimmers. I was going to wrap my dolly butt round his head at this point but hes bigger than me so i choose not too

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