Josh Tunbill

Josh Tunbill

Bradshaw silver fish league on Sunday 5-2-2017 

with nearly 50 on these have all been good matches and this was no exception. I drew peg 1 on lake 2 which isn't normally a good peg but peg 2 wasnt drawn so today this was a great peg. Last week was won on the tip from peg 2 so the plan was to chuck the tip as close into peg 2 as allowed. A pull round first chuck I thought I was in but missed the bite and then nothing for 45 minutes so decided to have a look on the pole line.
With the warm weather the fish must have moved onto the pole as I started catching as soon as I went on it. I used sensas lake sweet fishmeal groundbait and put some worm, caster and a few dead pinkies in at the start, so I was catching quality fish. The peg started to fade so began loose feeding casters, this was working well but with an hour and a half to go I was catching steady but stopped catching skimmers so decided to put some more gear in and stop loose feeding. This was a bad idea as I caught a trout 2 pound and then nothing and with an hour and 15 to go I had blown the peg as I only mustered 3 small perch on pinkies for the rest of the match. I ended up weighing 26lb 6 which won my section and 6th in the match. It ended up being a really good close match with 31lb winning, 30lb 2nd and 28lb 3rd, kicking myself as a bad decision cost me getting in the frame. Still had a great days fishing and absolutely loving fishing for silvers in winter, can't beat it!!


22-1-2017 Fished Bradshaws silver fish match today, gone and drawn another good peg in 13 on lake 4. Fished GB at 14.5mtr and loose fed casters at 11mtr. A slow start but I manged to catch some small roach from the off on my caster line, after an hour tried my GB swim and caught some small skimmers and ide on maggots before the line died. I then just alternated the two lines catching 3-4 better fish on GB swim then resting and catching small roach at 11mtr. With 45 min to go both lines had died so I decided to pot some more GB in and leave for 10 mins, I then went back out and had 5 decent skimmers in last 30 mins. Ended up weighing 19lb which won my section and put me 5th in the match but just ounces off 3rd. Great days fishing anyway and lets hope the good draws keep coming!
15/1/2017 Bradshaw silver fish only match today, drew peg 3 lake 2 which is a good ares for some bigger fish. Fished groundbait long and had a bream first chuck then 2 more big fish in the first hour. The rest of the match was a struggle as everyone on the lake found it hard and half the anglers didn't weigh in. Managed another bream before all out but felt like I overdid it a bit with

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