Des Ship weekly blog

Des Ship weekly blog

15 feb 2017
Back to viaduct today, for the silver fish only open. Nice to drive down and see the temp up around 7 Celsius . Drew peg 3 on spring, which is always a good peg for silvers. After feeding my two pole lines, one with GB and the other neat casters, it was out on the GB feeder. Casting about 4 mtr away from the island, with 30 min gone without a fish and no one else catching, a change to corn hook bait got me some good skimmers. This didn't last, so went on the pole after about 1.45. Caught some small skimmers over the GB but it was slow and started catching tiny roach. Managed two more on the feeder, before trying the waggler and corn after 3 hours, this was good and caught 6 good skimmers in about 45 mins. had a couple of 1 lbs skimmers late on the pole,But in the last 45 min caught 12 big skimmers on the waggler and corn to finish with 42 lbs of quality fish and first on the day. It's fished really well again with 34 lbs second and 29 lbs third, loads of weights over 10 lbs, well done to all. GB was f1 and super crumb lake, used a pr 412 size 16 on the feeder and waggler to 012 precision. Once again the pole had been the worst method on spring lake again, weird.

12 February 2017
Viaduct winter league today, my turn on spring lake. Again there has been a full on easterly blowing team draw put me on peg 8, which is near a corner and always worth a couple of carp, if you can get them out anyway the plan was out and out fishing long down to my right probably dobbing bread all match. Even faced my box this way . Basically hooked 8 carp and got 6 out, 4 in the first 2 hours and 2 in the last 45 mins all on 12 mm punch bread. Fished between 3ft and 2ft deep in 4ft of water, caught four at 17.5m and 2 at 19m used 14 dura hollo tightened down, to 0.19 power mainline and 0.17 hook length to a 14 pr 456. Fair play to my M90 fishing like this and at 19m, biggest carp was this big orange belly mirror of 19 lb 14 oz. Team was no good again, just drawing the right pegs on the wrong day. The 6 carp went 74lb which won spring lake and 4 th on the day. Well done to all in such cold conditions. Used a 4+12 margin float with a bulk of stotz a foot from the hook.

11 February at 18:06 ·

Back to tunnel winter league today. Guested for the shop team, they drew me on new lake peg 10, which is normally ok for a days fishing. With some new stocky f1 going in this week, I started on pellets short hopping I was on them. With no bites moved to the right with pellets, had to wait ages for a bite but managed one good f1 and a stocky. Never had a another bite to the right for the test of the match, caught 7 more big f1 and a couple of skimmers to the left on maggots fishing all different lines. Finished weighing 16 lbs, which was prob ok on the lake, as it's been rock hard. Its been so cold today that I struggled to feel my fingers. Fished a 4+12 f1 maggot on all lines to a Preston 412 18 and 9 hollo. Viaduct winter league tomorrow, I'll be praying.



Back to viaduct today. For the silver fish open, drew out peg 11 on spring. The lake today had a creamy colour to it. After feeding the two pole lines, went out on the GB feeder, caught a couple of 6 oz skimmers, but lost 3 off the hook . Had steve Jackson to my left on peg 12. he started on the waggler and caster and he had a great start catching skimmers and roach so I thought I would try my pole line, over GB. Caught some tiny roach before having a 2 lbs skimmer, things just went down hill from there. Had a go on the waggler with corn but nothing, made a decision to start feeding the wag line with casters as Steve was still catching better than most. Started fishing caster on the wag, caught some roach and lost two 2 lbs bream winding them back. Caught a few small skimmers on the pole late before trying corn on the waggler again, managed one two pounder, before losing another 2 lbs plus bream finished up weighing 13 lbs. Steve next door weighed in 18 lbs for the section win, well done mate, should of had 20 lbs really. Bad angling strange again today, the pole has been pants really. We'll done to Romain on winning with 29 lbs and Callum second with 25 lbs.


5 february2017

Stayed local today. Went to windmill fishery, once again it was 0 when leaving home only fished about 4 matches here in the past. Was hoping to get a draw near the car park end, as recently there has been lots of good weights here. The golden peg was drawn and it was 22, this was the peg my brother drew last week and blanked. You guessed it, I drew out 22 , the wind felt like -5 and was quite strong. After fishing the bomb and bread for 40 mins with no bites, went on the pole at 11 mtr where I fed 1 ball of GB with casters and pinkies. Never had a bite, so topped it up with a few maggots, went on my pellet line 13 mtr to my left, had one bite that I missed started catapulting soaked 4mm fin pellets over this line and my 16 mtr line in 3 foot 6. Caught 2 small skimmers over my GB line, then hooked a 6 lbs carp that snapped me. Went back on my pellet line with maggots on the hook, had 6 carp in the next hour, cupping in little balls of micros after every fish. Started fishing my 3 foot 6 line in the last 1 hour 45 and caught about 12 carp to 8 lbs all on double maggot over the loose fed 4 mm pellets and cad potting a few maggots. Ended with 83 lbs for second. We'll done to Chris Davis on the win with a great winter weight of 114 lbs, fished a 4+12 f1 maggot in 3 feet 6 to 0.13 main snd 012 precision bottom, to a pr 434 18 in the deep water fished a 4+16 inter wire with the same end kit. Think I should have caught more but had a nice day in such bad weather. Nice to catch some big carp.

4 February

Stood in for a team at tunnel barn winter league today, they drew me 26 on Jenny's lake. Arrived at my peg and seeing Jamie Hughes on the next peg around to my right,I thought it could be solid. Felt Penned in with nowhere to go on this peg. The day was a real struggle in this area of the lake. caught 3 f1 on pellets across to the island in the first 45 mins, managed 2 on maggots at top 5, in the middle of the match, and thought this was going to be good late on. Tried different areas in the peg but it never got going, caught 3 f1 fishing to my right in about 3 foot 6 on pellets late. Kept trying the top 5 maggot line, but could only get bites from small silvers. Ended up with 27 lbs which was 5 th on the lake, not sure in my big section, but the new lake fished better so prob about half way. Got bashed up from peg 24 to my left who had 59 lbs, so well done to him. Really thought it was going to fish today, as the lake had a lovely colour. Fished 9 hollo everywhere, f1 maggots floats to a 18 pr 412.

1-2-2017 Went back to viaduct today, for the silver open match.
I  Drew peg 24 on spring lake, with the weather being nice and warm, I thought it was going to be a pole match. How wrong was my thinking. Fed two lines on the pole as normal, one with GB and the other with casters. Started on a small GB feeder towards the tree overhanging from the island, after 15 mins had a good skimmer of about 2 lbs. with no more signs, after about 45 mins, went on the pole, straight away started catching tiny roach over the GB, managed one big skimmer but sort of felt It wasn't right, tried my caster line, caught some better Quality roach, but there was loads of tiny roach again. The guy to my left started fishing the waggler with corn and was getting some big skimmers. It was time for me to try the wag, as I fed corn from the start, could not believe that I never had a sign and he was getting loads of bites . To be honest, and looking around the lake, the pole was no good. Started fishing the feeder again and in the last two hours had a great run of big skimmers, on maggot. Managed two skimmers on the waggler and corn right at the death. Knew it was going to be close as there was loads of Quality fish caught. I weighed in 34 lbs which just clinched it, Callum weighed in 32 for second and Gary 31 for third. Totally different from the last couple of matches, as all the big fish have been caught on waggler or feeder, weird. Used a sentient 10.8 Dutch master rod for the feeder and 6lb main line to 0.12 precision hook length and a 16 pr412. GB was f1 and a little bit of super crumb lake. What a great place.


2 nd round of the viaduct winter league today, team draw was terrible. It was my turn to be on match lake, team draw put me on peg 52, which can be ok at times. With my island  slightly off to my right, I set up a waggler, straight lead/ cage feeder. Had one f1 on bread after 15 mins, but then nothing, tried meat for 15 mins, with no bites changed to the cage and caught 3 f1, had to wait ages for bites. Decided to start loose feeding casters to the island and fished the wag, in the last hour and 20 mins started getting odd bite from f1 and also caught 3 small carp. Changed back to the feeder in the last 30 mins as it was raining  so hard I couldn't see my float, managed 3 f1 late on. Tried the pole a couple of times, but it was no good. Ended up with 39 lbs for second in the 19 peg section and won my mini section. Wished I fed casters a lot earlier, but still enjoyed the day. Used f1 GB in the cage and maggots were the best bait. Team done pants and think we are out of the running in the league already used a 10 foot mini for the feeder and a 12 foot absolute rod for the wag.

Fished the preston pole pairs today at tunnel barn, with Adam Wakelin. Adam drew the two pegs and to be honest I thought we had no chance, Adam was on 29 new and me on 16 on house lake. With the ice only melting yesterday it was going to be hard. Could only fish with natural baits as well, started at 11 mtr but only had small roach. Ended up at 14.5 mtr for my first f1, for the remainder of the match fished between 14 and 16 mtr for odd f1 on double maggot. Had to move around a lot in the peg to get odd bite, luckily it was all the same depth. Finished up with about 20 f1 for 29 lbs which was 3 rd on house pool. Adam has done brilliant to catch 43 lbs to win the match, but more importantly our combined weight won the day used a 4+14 f1 maggot in 6 feet of water, 9 Hollo, 0.13 main line and 0.10 precision bottom, to a 18 pr 412. Nightmare at the moment as it feels like you can't feed any bait, hopefully a couple more days of this warmer weather will shake things up.



25-1-2017 Went back to viaduct today for the silver fish open on spring and middle. It was frozen solid and the ice was about 1 inch thick, drew peg 25 on spring lake. Made two cutouts in the ice at 13 mtr, potted in 3 balls of GB on one and potted 100 ml of casters on the other. Started on pinkies over the gb line and caught some tiny roach fishing 4 inch off bottom. After about 1 hour started fishing maggot on the bottom again over the ground bait, caught small hand sized skimmers. Had to top up this line and leave it, had a few fish over my caster line, but late on started loose feeding casters and caught some lovely roach to 12 oz. had to rotate the two lines to keep catching steady. Ended up having a great day and weighing in 29 lbs for first on the day, we'll done to Scott Russell for second and Scott puddy for 3 rd. fished 4 +12 silver float to 011 power and 08 hook length and 5 slip elastic. GB was f1 natural and f1 black mixed 50/50 and half a bag of super crumb lake.

24-1-2017 Went to the southern talent path way today, at Royal Berkshire fishery, near Windsor. Left home at 7am and it was 1 Above freezing, got the fishery and it was -7 only 80 miles from where I live. There was a match here yesterday, so the ice was broken out, but it was still a inch thick of new ice. After breaking the ice I done a little talk on blood worm and joker, then we mixed leam and ground bait. All the guys caught roach on blood worm, they done brilliant in such demanding conditions. Thanks to the fishery, and definitely be going back. Looks like a lovely place and brilliant cafe.

21,1,2017,Back to tunnel barn today, for the winter league, fished for the shop team. They drew me peg 19 on house getting to my peg and seeing that it was frozen, I thought it could be ok. The problem was the ice was really thin and could brake it with the pole. Broke 3 strips out. started on pellets short, but with no bites. to cut a very long story short, managed to catch 2 f1 on pinkies against the reed bed across, had all my other f1 fishing long to my right on maggot, finished up at 16 mtr. Had about 15 f1 for 21 lbs which was 4 th on house lake, it was very hard and could not feed any bait. The ice melted after about 2 hours and it felt like it was -5 all day ☃fished f1 maggot floats 4+10 everywhere and 9 holo, 18 pr 412 to 010 precision. We'll done to all.# Preston innovations /

18-12017 Back to viaduct today for the silver only match. Drew out peg 32 on middle, with the two pegs opposite in, it was a little tight. After feeding two lines on the pole at 14 mtr with GB, started on the waggler, loose feeding casters. Caught a few small roach and skimmers, did have a big hybrid about 1 lb, went on the pole after about 1 hour, caught really well over the GB on casters, had skimmers to 10 oz. tried topping up with gb but it was not right today, had to feed casters past to keep catching, it was really weird today as loose feeding seemed to put the fish off. Had to go to 16 mtr late to get a bite, did try the waggler a couple of times throughout the match, but it never come back. Ended up with 25 lbs for 1 st on the day and 22 lbs second and then two 21 lbs, fished really well as it was freezing again when we arrived. Caught most of my fish on a 4+14 inter wire, but late on changed to a 4+10 f1 maggot. Fished 5 slip elastic.

15-1-2017 First round of the viaduct team of 5 winter league today. Talking to my traveling partner, Chris on the way down, telling him I fancied peg 113 on Campbell lake. At the team draw, I couldn't believe when they handed me the team sheet and I was on 113, Unfortunately 5 minutes later it got changed to 103 on carry as there was a mistake on the draw, My peg is in with lodge lake and not a area I fancied, also it's float only section. To my right on 102 was Collin, this peg is in with carry section, so everything goes. The wind was a nightmare, and blowing virtually in my face. Set up to fish for silvers at 14 mtr, where I potted in 4 balls of GB containing just a few casters, off on a angle, potted in just casters. Started on the waggler with corn, but it was a waist of time, couldn't hold bottom with the wind and tow. After 30 mins went on the pole and started catching some small hand size skimmers. Managed to catch odd fish all day, topping up with GB was really important today, lost a few fish as I could not ship the pole back, as the wind was so strong.

14-1-2017 Fished tunnel winter league today, guesting for team guru, Paul Holland done the draw and put me on 23 house, Adam on 29 new, Steve I think 23 canal and Paul on high pool. Getting to my peg and seeing it frozen with very thin ice, I decided to chuck a breaker in and make 3 cut outs. Knowing this is a good area for stocky's, started on pellets on a top kit plus 3 and cad potting in 2 mm, caught odd small f1 to about 1 lbs on 4 mm sonu expanders. Prob caught 25 fish in 2 hours,by this time the ice Was melting and moving about. For the reminder of the match, started to fish away from me on angles for odd f1 again on pellets, ended up fishing 14.5 mtr down the peg. Ended with approx 40 fish for 45 lbs which won house lake and second overall on the day, its probably fished the hardest I've ever seen it fish today. Team done brilliant coming forth on the day. Used 4+10 f1 maggot on all lines to a pr 412 size 18, 010 precision bottom, and 9 Hollo.

11-1-2017 Went to Shearwater today, drew out peg 10 which is on the road bank. I thought it would be a great area. Started at 50 turns of a 5000pxr with a GB feeder, only managed one bream in about one hours fishing. Started fishing a large Preston method feeder, down the same hole, caught 4 more and then nothing. Went 5 turns farther and caught a carp of 5 lbs, had to keep going out a little further for the rest of the match. Hooked a 10 lbs carp in the last 2 mins and this got me last in the money, 5th overall, the water was freezing cold and it was a cold wind. Had a great laugh with Dean Barlow next door. Ended up with 7 bream and two carp for 32 lbs. there was a 33 lbs, 36, and two 50's from the lawn bank, well done to Vince brown on the win and Ben Hagg for running the match. Fished a 12.8 Dutch master for the method, with 8lbs power max reel line, 30 gram feeder to 0.15 power hook length and a pr 39, size 16. GB was f1 black and natural mixed 50/50


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