Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Iv been to tunnel barn twice this weekend yesterday was the teams of 4 and Iv drew peg 16 on Jenny's which was very hard going Iv ended up with 9 f1's on maggots for 25lb so not bad in the end:)))))))And today Iv drew peg 22 on canal Iv had 18 f1's on both bread and pellets mainly in the shallow water then Iv had a great last hour putting 14 f1's in the net on maggots out my hand to weigh 61lb 11oz which was enough to win the lake:))))Well done once again Paul Holland on winning the match with 89lb from club pool so well done m8.............The fish definitely showed signs of waking up a little this weekend so hopefully it'll just get better every week now

29 January
Iv been on the 3rd round of the individual league at a frozen tunnel barn farm again today and went for my weekly fix of Aqua bingo:(((((((Today Iv drew peg 28 on extension and with the past couple of weeks form I wasn't really looking forward to it!!!!!!!!! Iv started on bread for 3 f1's then Iv had 7 more on maggots with 3 of those out my hand to weigh 18lb so not a bad day fishing:)))))) Well done Nath Matthews who has won the match from extension 26 with 60lb mainly on bread and a few on maggots so well done m8

 Been to tunnel barn farm today on the pole fishing pairs with Simon Mottram and on paper we had 2 really good pegs mine being extension 21 and Simons being 33 on new pool but the fish had other ideas!!!!!!!!Its been a real struggle for bites on anything today Iv finished up with 7 f1's all on maggots for 12lb and Iv had to put 6 carp back which unfortunately don't count:(((((((Simon has finished up with 8 f1 and a few bits and pieces for 15lb oh we'll always next year now..............Roll on summer

 Iv been on the second round of the tunnel barn individual league today and have drew peg 1 on extension after spending half an hour clearing the ice I decided on a simple bread match today Iv dobbed across in 3ft of water to finish the match with 15 f1's for 23lb which I think was about 6th on the lake...........But on a better note Iv been next to my dad today who has been on extension 38 and he has also fished a dobbing bread match too and has finished up with 53lb which was 4 carp and the rest f1's which has won the lake and the match overall so I thought I'd get a catch shot of my dad today :))))))))))

 Iv been to a frozen tunnel barn farm today on the teams of 4 and Iv drew peg 27 on high pool:))))))))Iv started on pellets for 10 minutes with no bites so Iv switched to dobbing bread across and to the next pallet then Iv had 20 minutes on maggots too finish the
match with 32 f1's and 2 barbel which weighed 45lb 12oz which has won the lake and was 3rd overall:)))))))) Back tomorrow for another go just hope for a good draw on the individual league

 Iv been to tunnel barn farm again today on the first round of the individual league and with it being spread over new and extension I was really looking forward to it!!!!!!!Today Iv drew peg 13 on new pool and to be honest i thought it would be good......... How wrong was I Iv fished all over my peg today to finish up with 7 stockies which weight 8lb and iv not seen a proper f1 all match:((((((((((((This is definitely one weekends fishing I want to forget!!!!!!!!! Well done Paul Holland on winning the match today with 44lb from extension 17 so well done m8

Tunnel barn 14/1/2017

  teams of 4 for me today and Iv drew peg 24 on high pool and what a terrible match its been Iv had to wait 4 hours and 15 minutes to put my only f1 on the net today:((((((((Iv fiahed all over my peg with maggots today looking for any sign of fish Iv hooked 5 all day with 4 being foul hooked and all have come off!!!!!!!!! Back tomorrow for another go on the first round of the individual league hopefully the drawbag is a bit kinder



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