Always use fresh bait. Freshly turned casters and worms that have been kept cool are far better fish attractors than older bait.
Always work your bait by lifting and dropping the rig. You can also try dragging the worms about the swim to induce bites.
Always chop some of the worm feed very finely to create a lot of attractors in the water around it.
When the water really cools down feed some chopped lobworms to hold better fish in the peg.
Use a round-bend hook that holds the worm on well. You need to leave plenty of hook point showing to hit fast bites.
Loose feed casters over the top of the main feed to help attract and hold more fish in the swim.
Use a worm’s tail when you want a very active bait but never ignore the head section.
Because you’re looking to target better fish with worms don’t scale your tackle down too much.
Find a decent depth to fish in. A depth of two to three feet is perfect as you’ll be able to hold better fish there.
Make sure you choose the right size worms for the species you’re targeting. You can’t go far wrong with dendrabaena worms most of the time.
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