Liquid flavourings are normally better at penetrating the maggot’s skin but keeping them in groundbait instead of maize can also add flavour.
By hooking the first maggot through the flat end and the second through the pointed end you can help reduce hooklength spin upon the retrieve. 
If a maggot bursts when you slip it onto the hook, start again. A properly hooked maggot doesn’t just sit right, it’ll last longer.Roach tend to prefer bronze maggots.In basic terms, red maggots are loved by perch, bream and tench, while roach and dace prefer the colour bronze. Barbel and chub are known to like white maggots.Turmeric is a great spice for adding colour, degreasing and providing flavour.A change from single to double maggot can trigger a bite when it goes slow.Tight lines

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