This is a question that many anglers ask themselves. They see poles as match angler’s equipment that is best left to the professionals. But that’s wrong.Poles are a real joy to use. Once you get used to using one, a pole will definitely help you catch more fish for a number of reasons.
ACCURACY– When you’re using a pole you can place your baited rig exactly where you want it. You couldn’t ever achieve that with a rod and reel.
SIMPLICITY– There’s not a lot that can go wrong with a pole, and very rarely do you suffer tangles once you’ve had a little practice.
DEPTH FINDING– With a pole you can search the depths with a higher degree of accuracy than you ever could with a rod and reel, helping you to find gentle slopes and underwater ledges.
PROXIMITY– Poles can place your rig within inches of a feature like lilies or reeds. You can’t do that with a waggler or a feeder rig.
CONTROL– You can hold a pole rig back against the undertow of a lake or the flow of a river, meaning your bait acts more natural.
SPEED– if you miss a bite when pole fishing, you can simply lift your rig out to see if your bait’s still on the hook and drop it back in again. There’s no need to reel the rig in and re-cast.
All those things combine to open up a whole new world to the angler, meaning more fish can be caught. That isn’t a bad thing when the reason we go fishing is to catch fish.
But of course it’s not all positives. There are some bad points involved in pole fishing.
RANGE– You’re limited to the distance you can fish from the bank.
EXPENSE– A decent pole and pole package can cost many more times that of a decent rod and reel.
STIGMA– Most people regard poles as a match angler’s tool.
BACK ACHE– It’s true that using poles at their full length can cause back ache, but that’s only because the pole isn’t being held correctly.Tight lines everyone

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