Elastic Rating 1-2: {No1 to No2 Elastic} – This is normally fished through the top section of a fine match kit. An elastic that’s good for very light work, catching small fish on the canal. Were the main stay of fish are up to 4ozs. As for rigs I would fish a main line of no more that 1.5lb with a light hook length of no more than 10ozs and small fine hooks of around 24 to 22.
Elastic rating 3-4: {No3 or No4 Elastic}- As with the no1-2 elastic this is fished through the top section but can be through the top two, I normally set this up with the top two. I normally fish No4. My rigs are from 1.5lb to 3lb lines depending on the diameter I use .10mm to .012mm the hook lengths are normally 0.10mm with the .012mm and 0.8mm with the 0.10mm so the hook length can range from 1.00lb to 2lb. This type of set up is for fish up 1lb and just over, this set up can be good for skimmers and roach up to 10ozs. I tend to use this set up in the winter when the fish can be less energetic and if you hook a large fish you may have a chance of landing it. Hook sizes from 22 to 20 medium gauge hooks i.e. kamasan B520 or B510
Elastic rating 5-6 {No 5 – No6 Elastics} this is defiantly elastic that I would set up through the top two sections. Main Line 0.13mm to 0.15mm 2.5lb to 3.5lb, the hook lengths of lower diameter from .12mm to .14mm. Hooks medium Gauge 20 to 16. This set up is good for fish up to 3lb mainly silver fish like bream and good roach and rudd and perch, with the odd Tench, if small carp up to 3lb are on the cards then I would look towards an 8 to 10 elastic.
Elastic Rating 8-10 {No 8 – No10 Elastic} – I normally set this through the top three sections. A Good strong line 0.14mm to 0.16mm – 3lb to 5lb – good strong hook but not fully forged, I tend to use Kamasan B980 sizes 18 to 14. This set up is good for fish up to 5-6lb in weight and ideal for carp up to this weight, but if bigger carp are expected fish up to 8lb then 12 – 14 elastic should be used with lines from 0.16mm to .20mm 5lb to 7lb and hooks up to size 10 and match carp hooks are good for this, I tend to use these types of lines straight through but that’s my choice. And if expecting huge carp of 10lb + then its elastics up 20+ and heavy match lines and some people use braid with forged hooks. But I feel that if you take your time you shouldn’t need to go any higher than 14 elastic.Tight lines

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