Paul Holland 

This was the first time I've fished a M.A.M match. Qualifier and final both at tunnel barn farm. Both matches were run superbly and its nice to have another must fish match in the calander. Im sure this event will go from strength to strength. Make sure you get on it next year. I'll be trying my best to qualify again!!

Mark Taylor

Well what a fantastic series of matches that David Marshall has ran through his Facebook site- MAM if it wasn't for people like David running matches like this and with help on qualifiers like David James and Lee Rilley we as match anglers wouldn't have great matches to fish so a massive thank you goes out too you lads!!!!!!!! And also what a fantastic cause David ran his matches for as well to get the next generation of young anglers on the bank and fishing so well done to him he should be very proud of himself. And as for the fishing I think David picked venues that provided the most fair and even chance of people qualifying to fish for 拢1500 and also the final venue being tunnel barn farm.........well what can we say this must be the most fair venue in the country and the lakes in which the final was organized round made it even more even in that he tried to pick the most similar lakes as far as the winning weight would go so once again David thank you for your organization and hard work and roll on next year and hopefully another crack at winning

Ste Rambo hart ,

I was impressed with the first m a m match I fished tunnel barn farm which was pegged spot on for the amount off anglers there I won my section which was all u had to do so was very happy with that to find out I couldn't fish the final due to family reasons but the day was well organised and ran by Dave even the weather was good for us overall was very impressed with m a m were a lot of time had gone into it and u could tell great day and cya next year that for sure

Andy Bennett

This was a brilliant run competition, massive well done to Dave and his team of helpers hopefully it will grow into a success as more and more people support the event. From the qualifiers to the final it was well organized and the venues gave everyone across the country a chance to have a go so well done Dave and the MAM team keep up the good work.

Gavin Bridge

This year I had a chance to fish the MAM qualifiers organised by David Marshall. After all the problems w fisho this year it was refreshing to fish in a well organised series of matches leading to the final at tunnel barn. With the online entry fee system it was very straight forward and also encouraged anglers not to be no shows. Had a great time at tunnel in the final. This event would not surprise me if it doubled in size for next year. Well done David for all of your hard work.
Cheers Gav

Graham Nelson

Well done David Marshall for all the mam matches only joined the group about six months ago very well run matches had one on tbf and manor farm excellent well put together good banter and hopefully get on them next year well some all the winners from the finals

Phil Reynolds 

Would like to say David Marshall has done a fantastic job organising M.A.M qualifiers . The format itself is a so much of a fairer way of doing it with the winners of sections a qualifying to the final as we all know when big matches take place over several pools they can fish so differently so this format is gives everyone a chance . I will definitely be fishing next year's qualifiers and hopefully make to final. Well done David and wish you ecery success and hope this event grows even bigger.
Phil Reynolds

John Urruty.
Now that the dust has settled on the Match Anglers Matches final, I'd just like to thank David Marshall for all his hard work in setting it all up. The format was good with qualifiers in the South, Midlands and North where anglers could qualify on their local waters and then fish the final at a top venue. It was good to meet up with anglers from all these different qualifying venues for the final which was fished in a very friendly manner. Now looking forward to next years qualifiers and final, maybe a team match could also be run in the final where the qualifiers from each venue would form a team with the result on aggregate, just a thought. John Urruty.

Peter Boggiano 

The MAM event 2016 was brilliant, i fished the manor farm qualifier which was really well run, a top day and met some sound guys, i was lucky enough to qualify for the final at tunnel barn farm which was another great day, really well run and was a great experience getting to fish against some big names in a final on a class fishery. It's also nice to know some of the proceeds get put back into juniour angling which is one of many reasons I'd recommend giving it a bash. Massive thanks to David for running the event, a true gent! Looking forward to the 2017 event already
Chris rust

MAM Was a brilliant competition and I enjoyed every minute of it. Dave done a fantastic job in running the matches. Thanks mate, I'll see you again next year! Chris rust

Andy wootton

Just thought I jot a few lines down in praise of the top job Dave Marshall has done with MAM ! The whole thing has been from start to finish a resounding success and I for one am proud to have been involved ! Dave has worked hard above and beyond to make an event for every angler regardless of skill or sponsors , making this a true event for all ! .I can only see it growing in size and stature and both it and David deserve and warrant our praise and thanks ! Top bloke top job

Gezrenrald foley

I first heard about Dave Marshall and M.A.M. was when I was tagged by an angling friend on Facebook and directed to the page. I read the titles and page ideas and straight away thought that this was a great idea it was. A quick check on the dates and venues against my already busy match calendar showed that I could make a couple of the local venue qualifiers and the final too if I was fortunate enough to go through. Chosen matches were Tunnel Barn Farm, a venue which I had already targeted as a place I needed to get to grips with and Manor Leisure which is not so far to travel to and one that, although I had never fished before liked the idea of and I knew a few of the regulars there so thought it could suit me and that I could get a bit of inside knowledge for. I paid up on paypal and soon it was time for my first qualifier at Tunnel Barn. I drew Peg 21 Jennys which I was quite happy with although the lake had been a bit iffy to say the least leading up to the match. There was the feel of a big match atmosphere at the draw and on the bank with anglers who had travelled from far and wide to compete. To cut a long story short I caught 90-5-0 of mainly f1's and a couple of carp at about 8 or 9 metres shallow feeding caster. Edges and short lines were not very good. Long edge got plundered by the ducks. Ended up winning the lake 2nd in the match and winning the section and qualified for the final. 拢50 in the old sky rocket. Happy days. This also meant that i didn't need to fish the Manor Leisure qualifier and a refund was smoothly arranged with David. On to the final and there were a number of named anglers competing .Fishing across Club Jennys and High pools.again at Tunnel Barn Farm. peg 19 on Club pool was home for the day . caught plenty of fish. All shallow down the middle on caster, or across on pellets both shallow and tapping. Weighed 111-8-0 for a lake win and 拢130-00 from the super pool.. Really enjoyed both days and going up against some real quality anglers. The main frame weights came off jennys and High pool and some money was raised for a youth fishing charity along the way. All in all I enjoyed the whole experience and hopefully next year's dates will allow me to have another crack at it

Josh Turbill

Have to say I enjoyed the MAM matches this year, both the qualifying matches were pegged fairly and ran very smoothly, with everyone walking off the bank happy. The final was a great day and a great experience for me to be sat next peg to the likes of andy bennet. Really like the format as gives everyone a chance to make the final and fish against the best there is. I will definitely be attending next year, and i'm sure this event will go from strength to strength. Josh Turbill

Neal Chard

As a club angler and fishing the odd open here and there I decided to take part in MAM . Run by a man that has since became a good friend .
I joined in 2 matches first being tunnel barn then herronbrook both matches where full and it's was good to see a good turn out has a lot of big contest don't. The matches where run really well
and all I needed was to beat 4 anglers to get to the final , it didn't happen for me this year but I will definitely be trying my luck again next year .
Well done David Marshall keep up the good work .

Tom Atkinson

2016 has been a year where I have broke away from the club matches and entered a couple of the bigger events on the match Callander. Not having high expectations of qualifying for the final of any of these events but just to gain experience, fish new venues and get my head back into fishing after having a few years off from the sport due to discovering night clubs and Jagger bombs.

In the last year I have really got back into fishing mainly due to having to buy the Mrs a drink now a days if I go out I've decided fishing once if not twice every weekend is a far more sensible option.

Anyways even though I'm a noodle I applied for a few of the bigger matches and managed to get a couple of fish o tickets, 3 Maver match this ones and a couple of feeder master tickets. The 3 Maver qualifiers that I entered are the only ones I really did OK in managing 2 section wins. One at Lindholme lakes and one at the second qualifier help at partridge lakes this year. In the first Maver qualifier at partridge I managed 4th overall with 114lb but needed 122lb to win and qualify. All three of these high profile competitions I enjoyed having the experience of fishing in and will defiantly apply for a couple of tickets for these event next year.
Another event I had a go at qualifying for this year was the match anglers matches run by David Marshall. With you only having to win your 5 man section, the great pay out on the final and a ticket only being 拢10 more than the normal Lindholme open, I tried my luck and entered the last qualifier held on bennies lake.
Lindholme is a good hour and a half from my house so I've only fished it 4/5 times but it is heavily stocked with all species of fish even I can catch a few. On the day I ended up drawing peg 3 and finishing with 102lb mainly catching 6'' deep fishing shallow at 8meters and at the end catching well on my top kit straight in front of me. This was only good enough for 2nd in the section though as the lad on the end on peg 2 had 105lb. I was abit gutted but it was a great day out catching around 180-200 fish.
The match was very well run with a nice laid back atmosphere compared to some of the big money qualifiers and there was people dishing out banter through out the match to there fishing mates which I always enjoy having a chuckle over. Next year I will definitely be entering a couple of m.a.m qualifiers this time and hopefully over the months to come I can actually learn how to catch fish so I have a chance of making the final next year.

Thanks for running such a great event Dave.
Tom Maden-Atkinson

Damian Mearman

Fished the M.A.M qualifier in 2016 and I thought the way it was organised and run on the day/s was excellent, these qualifiers are for all anglers from beginners to experts, other anglers will offer advice if asked,really enjoyed it cheers Dave see you in 2017.

Hatim Tall

After an 8yr absence from fishing and coming back a couple of yrs ago I decided to try my luck in the fishomania draw but I failed to get any tickets. This year however I didn't bother and David Marshall got the MAM matches off the ground with the help of lads local to the heat venues. I decided on Bennies at Lindholme and all I can say is what a great well run match it was! Unfortunately I didn't make the final but I enjoyed the experience and challenge! I won't bother again with fisho and opt for this national comp instead. Well done to David and all the local organisers for the heats! Top job and see you next year. Hatim Tall


Hi David,
I'd like to thank you for running the successful MAM series of matches this year. The format was spot on with the small sections used to sort out qualifiers and I look forward to taking part next year. It was great to see some of the funds raised used to promote youngsters into the sport, something we should all get more involved with. I wish you every success with your matches in the future and hope your hard work pays off with more anglers getting involved.

Kevin Folwell

Ryan Whilton

Tunnel Barn MAM Final Well the 23rd July 2016 had arrived the first MAM final held at Tunnel Barn Farm. On arrival at the venue, I had no idea what to expect at all, as I haven’t fished the venue since representing Barnsley Juniors in the Junior National. Anyway at the draw I pulled out peg 15 Jennies, which meant absolutely nothing to me, as I had only ever fished House Pool and Extension Pool before. Anyway a quick call to Gary Jubb and he told me that I had a great chance of winning the event. From the information that I had gathered from the Jubb. I set up four rigs. A rig for on the bottom just past the middle at around eleven meters a 4x16 Preston Chianti with a Bulk and one dropper. And three shallow rigs two were RW Shalla Slappers, one set at one foot deep and the other a foot and half deep with a simple bulk. And the last rig I always set it up when fishing natural baits shallow a 3x8 Preston Chianti which was set at half depth for fishing through the water. All main lines were 0.17 Guru N-gauge with hooklengths of 0.13 Drennan fluorocarbon, hooks were LWG’s in a size 20 for my shallow rigs with a medium bait band for banding a caster. And a 16 LWG for my deck rig for hooking a piece of worm. At the all-in I set of with a large kinder pot of worms and casters with a small piece of worm on the hook. After around 15 minutes in I knew this wasn’t right at all in the deep water. After kinder potting four lots of bait in and only one F1 in the net. So I really attacked the peg and starting loose feeding casters to commit to shallow fishing all match. At around the two hour mark I was catching steady. But I didn’t feel like I would win the match fishing shallow at eleven metres. So I changed completely again to fishing shallow across to the reeds with casters. Well this completely changed my match I caught literally as quickly as I could for the last stages of the match. It was a simple case of firing a full pouch of casters and a mixture between slapping and lowering the rig into the feeding fish. The best depth on the day was between a foot deep and a foot and half deep. Which I found quite strange as when normally fishing to cover shallow you normally can get them sucking in the reeds. Anyway the all out and I was disappointed at first because I felt if I knew the venue better and changed much quicker to fishing shallow across. I could have done a mega weight, however I heard people talking on the bank that the venue had fished quite hard to usual. Anyway at the weigh in I weighed in a total of 175.12, which I was quite surprised about as I didn’t think I had that at all. The F1’s certainly weigh on that lake. This was enough to actually win the event! Which I was delighted about. Anyways I few thank you, a massive thank you for David Marshall for running this event and all the people who helped to do this. In my opinion Match fishing needs more matches like this that contribute money to charities, and have qualifying matches all across the countries best commercial venues. Also a massive thank to Andy Jones-Wootton who has kindly given me a 12 month sponsorship of floats and to Phil Reynolds who has kindly sponsored me with hollow elastic and pole silicon. Also a massive thanks to the Jubb for really giving me some top information, and thanks again David for a really productive and well run event.

Kind Regards,

Ryan Whilton.

If anyone would like to add to this list please Email me (david marshall at ) mam@matchanglersmatches.com

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