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 Matches 2019

The final as been sponsored by mosella uk http://www.mosella.co.uk/ for a third year with some fantsic prices up for grabs

also by Andy Wootton ( commercial indicators) ,with a year supply of floats and clothing for the winner for a third year 

Phil Reynolds http://www.pr-floats.com/ with 6 elastic for the winner of there choice

Alan Lockwood, platforms, Alan as said the platform will be made to the winner specification.

Theses platforms are personalize by Alan and made to your box , Andy Bennett, and Bob Nudd will both vouch for the quality of these platforms ,

Also this year Marucku as kindly joined in to


Ticket fees £35.00 each 

Each qualifier pay outs:

Each qualifier will be 5 pegs sections, each section winner receiving £50 plus a place in the final at Herronbrook on the 21st September 2019 http://www.heronbrookfisheries.co.uk/

There will be a £10 super-pool run on the day at each qualifier { pay outs will be decided on the day ,pending how many enter } 



The final will be held at Heronbrook fishery on the 21st September 2019 spreed over all lakes




1ST £2.000

2ND £1.000

3RD £500

4TH £250




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* Ticket costs are set at £35 per ticket. This cost includes any entry fees at the venue. You will not be asked to pay again. An optional £10 supper-pool may be available at the day.

There be a £20 entry fee to pay on the day of the final.If you can not make the final you MUST contact David Marshall by email:  info@matchanglersmatches.com or by  phone 07714282584at least one week before the final

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Match day:
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Competition Rules:
* Match rules will be set by each venue. Check venue rules in advance to avoid any possible disqualification.

* Breach of any of these conditions or any unacceptable behavior likely to cause damage, nuisance or injury shall enable the venue or event organizers to eject you from the event.

* Only one peg can be drawn per person, per match
Neither  match anglers matches Ltd nor the fisheries involved are liable in the event of personal injury or loss. Safety is at the discretion of each and every competitor and failure to comply to any safety regulations in place at the venues, or lack of common sense from competitor will result in the disqualification of said competitor or any involved competitors.

 photos and videos well be taken through out all are events for us to use only


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